Football 101 | Chapter 5 | How the game is played

Football 101 | Chapter 5 | How the game is played

how the game is played football is a
competition between two teams played on a designated field within a
predetermined time frame offense the offense is a squard of eleven
players with possession of the ball their job is
to move down the field by running or passing the ball the goal the offense is to keep
possession of the ball and score
defense the defense is a squad of the 11 players
lined up opposite the offensive players their job is to stop the offense from
advancing the ball the goal of the defense is to gain
possession of the ball for their offense by stopping the offense not allowing the
opposing offense to score and score when given the opportunity special teams the special teams are
composed of a squad of eleven players on each side of the ball any player who was
on the field when the ball is being kick is designated a member of the
special teams the job the special teams is to
successfully kicked the ball while the opposing team will try to
return or blocked the kick the goal will vary with the kick from
changing field position to scoring by returning a kick or making
a successful kick coaches the coaching staff for a
football team can be any number of individuals with the recommended number been a ratio
of one coach for every six players whenever possible the responsibilities
of the coaches are to communicate organize teach and motivate the players in a manner
that is positive rewarding safe and fun when playing within
the rules of the game of football plus keep a constant positive live
informative communication open with the parents officials the officials for each game have the responsibility of making
certain that the field is in proper condition and marked correctly that the game is
played in a safe manner that all rules are enforced the official
shall verify that all players are legally equipped and in compliance with league rules and
determine the legality of football’s provided by each team coin toss each game starts with the officials and
the captains are both teams coming together for corn toss to
determine who will kick the ball to the other team to begin the game the visiting team always makes the call
of heads or tails for the coin toss if their call
is correct they can choose to kick or to receive
the ball defend one end of the field or the other
or defer their choice to the start of the second half of play
when the call of the flick by the visiting team is incorrect the home team gets to make the choice
the team not making the choice at the start of the game will automatically make the choice at
the start of the second half of play downs the offense is given for opportunities
called downs to gain 10 yards four the opponents and
off the field the offense can gain the needed 10 yards
by running or passing the ball or by a penalty
being assessed against the opposition anytime the 10 yards are gained on any down in the series the process
begins all over with a new series of four down starting
at first down the ball is placed where the previous
play ended or in the case of an incomplete
pass the previous spot for the start the following down when
the 10 yards are not gained the downs progress in order first second third fourth with the yardage needed for a
first down calculated at the end of each play and
identified as second in seven third-and-3 fourth-and-1 as examples when a team needs less than 10 yards to
score a touchdown the down and yardage will be identified
as first second third or fourth and goal on fourth down and if the team is not gain the needed
10 yards they must make a decision to kick the ball or try once more to gain the needed
yards when the offense tries to run or pass on
fourth down and fails to gain the needed yard the opponent takes possession of the
ball at the spot the fourth down play ended huddle following each down the players from the
offense and the defense come together in a
huddle to learn what they are going to do on the next play offense in the offensive huddle the quarterback will tell the other 10
players on the offense the formation how they’re going to line up on the next
play the play call what play they’re going to run and the
snap count when the center will snap the ball to
start the play defense in the defensive huddle one designated player usually a
linebacker will tell the other 10 players on the
defense the front how the line and linebackers will line
up any stunts or blitzes special movements by the line or linebackers and the pass defense the coverage the team will use to stop
a pass both teams will break the huddle line up
correctly and be ready for the next play to begin with the offensive team having the
advantage of knowing what play is going to be run and when the play will begin change of possession change of
possession occurs when the offense does not gain 10 yards in four downs when the team with the ball kicks the
ball away when the team attempts to score by kicking the ball and fails or when the defense gains control
the ball by creating a turnover the opponents offensive team comes on the
field with a new set of four downs to gain 10-yard

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