Fohi 1989 football highlights

Fohi 1989 football highlights

certainly Tyson to get exercising more caution around with the memory of that short left hook call should energy spread I’m trying to top that by handing on there I’m below dedup he might be able to do against the fighter is slow and mechanical is Bruna well it’s a fair that bulletin homework look at him the turning into an uppercut there’s another couple rooms I sit down Frank window has Jonas are monumental improvement with the level has his last appearance on HBO against Tim Wood has been a local sponsor five Golders Martin continuing our look back in the 1989 faux high season the Steelers played st. Paul in week three here on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback the score is tied at 0-0 in the second quarter when the st. Paul quarterback is under pressure from Jeff Clark and he throws the ball right into the arms of William III me4 him on the interception Rome’s down the sidelines 82 yards for the Steeler before just me tipped up inside the 20 yard line that sets up this field goal by Billy Marquez it’s good cleaning up in Fontana then later on in the second quarter Nick been at the quarterback unloads a deep pass to Roy Austin he hasn’t 43 yards and a first down inside the 20 once again a few plays later it’s Bobby Sylvester going over for the TD on the 8 yard run it’s 10 to nothing foe high at halftime in the third quarter Nick Bennett once again plates album blue Shea for this scoring toss of 27 yards 17 to nothing full high and the capper is this great catch in the fourth quarter by Canon on the pass from Bennett the final score Fontana wins at 32 14 to keep up its high ranking in the state poll yeah well everybody thought Saint Paul wouldn’t give us a good game because they were Owen – and we were – no and we’re so ranked you know it’s so high but we came out here and we knew they were gonna give us a tough game but we you know it didn’t look like we expected them to play as good as they did they played us a tougher than San Fernando did and Montclair put together that’s what that’s probably one of the best teams I’ve seen in about two three years you know they’re real good but you know what the team we performed you know we were playing too hard rather than you know charisma and for you know trying to save ourselves so we wouldn’t you know get fatigued you know in – in the second quarter you know we got down and we started concentrating on what we were supposed to do and we beat him tonight’s game was st. Paul football getting ready to play Fontana football and it was high school football at its finest you know both teams played extremely hard both teams wanted to win and they made a few more mistakes than we did but boy did the spectators get their money’s worth there were some big plays we controlled the line of scrimmage when the game was on the line when the game was on the line we did a good job blocked the way we were supposed to and in week 4 came the start of the 1989 centrist Boat League season against powerful Redlands but as you can see on esselman for fontana council flashback the Terriers were no match for the super Steelers on the third play of the game held them to a Shea intercepts a terrier pass and races 41 yards for a touchdown that gives the home team a seven nothing lead then right after that it’s Nick Bennett on a keeper around the right side 16 yards for TV 13 nothing for hon when Rutland threatens in the second quarter this screen pass works a little bit no it doesn’t Devin Lundy forces a fumble the Steelers recover and Reynolds doesn’t come close after that but the Steeler offense sure gets wrapped up Montana gives the ball once again to Sammy Jo Valley fie he circles the left side and goes all the way spinning his way into the endzone for a touchdown unfortunately this brilliant 42 yard run was called back by a penalty but it just doesn’t matter because a few minutes later his volley be plunging over from 10 yards out of the draw play then in the fourth quarter the fontana defense comes through once again as Valley fee and Jeff carp combine for a safety on the sack of the quarterback and just for good measure a little while later his Nick Bennett on the keeper going 24 yards in the option play for the final touchdown of the game the Steelers open their defense in their citrus veldt league championship by a roughing pass previously undefeated revelers 30 to nothing William what did you think about your performance in tonight’s game my phone was it was pretty good I played I was in the right spots on safety and we played pretty good they didn’t throw my way down – they didn’t hardly ever threw my way so but they’re just on the house but I did it alright this American video phonics presentation of inland valleys sports scene magazine sponsored by footing the bill – mark you’re a saving place we’ll continue after this Ivo the 1989 season the fontana Steelers hit the road to tackle CBL foe Eisenhower on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback Ike scores on a fumble recovery early in the game and leads six to nothing at halftime but in the second half for high get the momentum back as Lachey intercepts a pass off a deflection by e3m then it’s time for some eat of a leafy to do his thing look at this bouncing off attack he sprints 33 yards for a touchdown to tie the GU 66 then the Eagles have a fourth down and one yard to go but the defense from Fontana comes through as Jeff carp and Bob Sylvester make the tackle short of the first down the Steelers get the ball in the fourth quarter and Hollerith Jones helps them drive down the field with good running like this then from the three yard line is Bob Sylvester plunging over touchdown the Steelers lead at 12 to 6 with only 6 minutes and 7 seconds left and then watch this there’s raw leafy 38 yards for the clinching touchdown the Steelers would have thriller over Eisenhower 18 to 6 a super performance by the foe ID Vince helps the Steelers stay unbeaten defense played very well tonight what was your strategy well just plant coming out plant together at the team you know reading our keys and believing what the coach was telling us to do well we came out strong the first series but after you know the Guaymas taking offense while fumble you know we kind of lost it but we we got to picking it back up so the second half we came on much stronger after great pep talk why the coach in the locker room that was our strategy basically how do you feel about Fontana coming back in the second half well I feel it we practiced and worked for the second half pretty much we just when we come out in the first half that’s all a mental game for us because we’re physical physical abilities we could last two more quarters after the fourth quarter coming out in the first quarter we’re just really surprised how I came out and just they they just rallied on us so pretty much we just had to work for long distance to outrun them in the long distance and in the sixth week of the 1989 season the stainless steel ER has turned in a long-distance thrashing of the Riverside Poly Bears watch it on the eshelman for fontana council flashback on the night of the full moon it was a total nightmare for Pauley starting from the very first play from scrimmage handoff goes to Kenneth cannon and down the sidelines he goes 64 yards squirting into fader 7-nothing fo ha and it quickly becomes 14 to nothing as a wide open Eric Scott accepts this past Nick Bennett and Johnson to the endzone 22 yards then it’s the meets at Valley feet getting into the act 24 yards around the left side that sets up this next play a run by Bob Sylvester for a TV 17 yarders 21 nothing Fontana after one quarter of play next its meets an IEP once again going 27 yards breaking tackles setting up another touchdown this one on Valley fees one-yard run next in the second quarter it’s album Lache in or something a pass and easily walking into the endzone for another TV in the third quarter Samhita Valley fee again there he goes C 64 yards touchdown it’s 42 nothing Fontana the Steelers send in the second string Gabe Velasquez at quarterback he reels off a good run at the end of the third quarter and that sets up Chad Reed’s touchdown run the next quarterback scores from three yards out and that makes it a 46 to nothing game the Steelers bury the Bears the number one ranked Montanans lifts their record to 6 and overall three-and-oh in the CBA Montana Steelers so far have been undefeated how do you feel about that well it’s fun we have a good we’re playing all good as a team and unit that’s what it counts and well our line is really doing good we have to do better on our passion our that’s what I say we’ve have to be passive but otherwise it’s fine we’re doing great I like it well just open a big hose and run a weak side my friend I had a ball seven eight we’re going to his side and then that really that really brought them down and that’s like after that they really gave up and it just this American video phonics presentation of Indian Valley sports scene magazine sponsored by putting a builder’s mark or a savings place will continue after this sports scene magazine sponsored by foothill builders mark in week seven of the 1989 season the fontana football team crushes moreno valley’ during the homecoming game at steelers stadium the domination begins on the opening kickoff when the Steelers special teams units hammer the moreno valley’ return man at the 9 yard line as you can see on the eshelman for fontana council flashback yes it’s another great start for the steelers that on the second play from scrimmage this fumble is be covered by brian sylvester inside the 5 and then on the first play after that it’s kenneth cannon going in for the touchdown 7 nothing fontana a little bit later on it’s Nick Bennett on a 23 yard run he scoots into the end zone 14 to nothing the Steelers are on top Ben Bennett goes to the air he flips one out here to Eric Scott who zooms down the sideline 34 yards before going out of bounds that sets up this touchdown a reverse to Sumeet savaii feet 19 yards dazzling run by Samhita 21 to nothing at halftime and a half time it’s night before getting crowned the homecoming queen at 4 on the explosive action keeps going as Bob Sylvester in the third quarter takes off on this 18 yard run breaking tackles zooming up the middle then it’s Samhita Valley fee on an 8 yarder into the end zone 27 of nothing Fontana we move to the fourth corner it’s the Meads of a leafy number 29 getting 29 yards up the middle very next play William Ephraim comes in he shows off his incredible talents 30 yards all the way down to the one setting up Sylvester’s touchdown 34 to nothing as the score and one more TV okay it’s meats about wee-fee on defense picking off this pass off a deflection by Brian Sylvester Sylvester comes over and throws a great block right here and the leaf he goes in for the touchdown the Steelers in undisputed possession of first place in the citrus Belt League raised their record to 7 and OH overall in the season by crushing Reno Valley final score 41 zip how did you feel about tonight’s game well I felt we played pretty well we played as a team and we were real happy that we we played as a team in we arm we didn’t look ahead to the other games we just focus on this game and went out and got it got a big win well the whole offensive line is a unit we performed pretty well and whenever we perform well I’m happy with without the team Shepard how did you feel about defensive performance in tonight’s game oh I felt that we couldn’t take this game too lightly or else you know Moreno Valley being the underdog team they could have came in and took us we had to play a serious game we couldn’t take this as um there’s a light game because they’re because they’re not that good so we had to pull together as one meaning that if we would lost there would be a tie tie for first place three-way to a you know so we had to pull together as one so we could be at the top indeed the following week the Steelers stayed on top by manhandling Colton to maintain their perfect overall record once again it’s Kenneth cannon getting things going by scoring on too long from scrimmage in the opening period here’s a sparkling 59 yard sprint by cannon on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback in the second quarter samhita Valley fee goes around the left side and breaks into the clear he scores a touchdown easily on this 33 yard – the fontana defense overwhelms Colton completely here’s a punt no here’s a pass no we have ephraim intercepts it for the steelers setting up sylvester’s short run fontana rolls to an easy 41 another thing victory wrapping up a tie for their 4th straight to dispell league championship and clinching a berth in the CIF playoffs for the 16th straight year looking forward to a rematch with Rubidoux which had stunned Fontana in 1988 but why don’t you see what happens this time on the peshan win for Fontana counselor flashback plus full high fired up for this game na bow EP blammo with a crushing tackle on the second play from scrimmage the Rubidoux team had to punt and Fontana on its first play from scrimmage goes 37 yards with one loss patented inside reverses by kenneth cannon then it’s the meet savaii fees turn he goes over the left side 18 yards for another first down for the Steelers now if he said give me the ball one more time and the Steelers dead eight yards touchdown Fontana leads at six to nothing Grubin o then came right back and went ahead 7 to 6 but later on in the first quarter Bob Sylvester goes down to sideline 33 yards but the Steelers back in business and back into the end zone a win on the very next play here’s some eats of Maui yards around the end touchdown we’re team to seven Fontana in the second quarter roubideaux drives to finds one yard line gets topped by Jeff carp on this play Rubidoux can’t score in the third quarter on the opening kickoff william ephraim takes it and runs it back out to the 48 yard line the Steeler offense and defense and special teams are clicking brilliantly Valley fee of course is mr. offense for Fontana he gets 19 yards on this flying run later on for loses the ball on a football but the fontana defense forces another putt by the Falcons here’s the kick it comes down to album Lachey who returns at 29 yards it’s not the Steelers one more time inside the 10 at the 9 yard line and right away now if he bring us over the goal line from the 9 yard mark 22 to 7 Montana’s on top and the full high fans love it in the fourth quarter Rubidoux drives to full high is 8 but on fourth down this pass is incomplete as frankly muddle rushes the quarterback that’s a big play because on the very next play Fontana goes on offense and there goes Samhita he falls great blocking by all the linemen Clay had a BA Marc Bennett Eric Nichols Paul steamer head our Mendes and it’s 92 yards off to the races 29 to 7 the Steelers are on top that Rubio tries to come back but it’s just no good at all Bob Sylvester intercepts this pass returns at 17 yards this is a lot different from 1988 isn’t it Valley fee with a 24-yard run inside the 10 yard line next it’s so Wester through the middle on the very next play 8 yards 35 to 7 the Steelers aren’t crushing the Falcons and it’s not over yet here’s a pitch out a fun ball loose ball recovered by Devin Lundy and Brian Sylvester of the Steelers they just won’t stop now if he gets the ball again see that we fee 252 yards and 12 carries and fire touchdowns the fans are going crazy at Steeler Stadium and capping it all off was this pass intercepted by Brian Sylvester to end the game this was the one that everyone in Fontana had waited a whole year for and they’re loving it final score the Steelers 41 the Rubidoux Falcons 7 this is a big game for you tonight I know Rubidoux defeated you last year and your rival came with this sort of a revenge for the Steelers it was it wasn’t for me because I wasn’t here last year but I heard about it since I came here for almost almost a year straight we worked for this game so I I learned to learn to make it a revenge for our team and how did you feel about your performance in tonight’s game performance in Ty’s game is all teamwork lying blog great as you can see we weren’t especially hard for the running game we didn’t we didn’t expect for me to break all these runs long runs tech the offensive line there they’re real good party a real big part how do you feel about playing with your cousin on one of the San Bernardino counties number one teams well all these years I played football I never play with any family I’ve always wanted to now I got my cousin come down it’s great so do you guys get together and say listen this is what we’re gonna do tonight this is what we’re gonna do they really pull the team together and work together is that basically what you do yeah it’s all a team effort we always try to get together you know do good together he does do it if he does good I do good you know carries off what do you think about all the fans coming out to cheer and root you on they’re a great bunch it’s great it’s great keep giving them money and they’ll come back ok first of all do you want to explain this shirt to all the fans out there it’s pretty original yeah last year that all kinds of shirts when they lost taunting us pictures and everything I thought we should rub it back into their face and you did a good job what does it say says uh you know 351 days goes when the game was we lost 37 nothing it’s payback so this was a revenge game for you and most of the Steelers yeah we’ll come back next year with another one cuz that ain’t enough the fourth consecutive citrus belt League championship and on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback watch as they try to wrap up an undefeated regular season heading into their CBL finale at Santa gorneo some itza valley feed bolts for 63 yards down the sidelines all the way to the 22 of Sanji late in the first quarter then early in the second quarter it’s kenneth cannon going ten yards through the middle for the touchdown putting fontana on top six to nothing Santa gorneo rallies to go ahead 8 to 6 but back comes from 10 as Nick Bennett launches a deep word album Lachey he’s got it 43 yards down to the wood so Lester scores to put Fontana back on top 14 to 8 then the fontana defense comes through the big play as Frank Fujimoto recovers this fumble deep in Sanji territory Bob Sylvester comes right on and scores the touchdown on the two yard run 22 at 8 for antenna leads at halftime Santa gorneo pulls within 22 to 16 but Tomita Valley fees my yard run sets up another touchdown for the Steelers in the fourth quarter and that makes it 30 to 16 against Andy gorneo retaliates cutting the deficit to 32 22 but on the following kickoff William III returns at 72 yards for Fontana to help keep the Steelers out of trouble they run out the clock and complete a perfect regular season 10 oh no with a 32 22 conquest of the Santa gorneo Spartans at the Sanji field let’s listen to the Whiteman we pulled together and we may have made a few mistakes and we tried to show we shut down try to shut down rivers we were keying on him most the whole game but and we just went out there and did our best I think we did we’re good when we finally pulled together got everything moving we became a team that’s why you were in the game well I felt we perform pretty good we missed some hoe we missed some blocks but we all came together we all blocked our rules and stayed with them yeah now we proved who is the best offensive line at CBO that’s us it’s a great feeling because um we’ve been working very hard for this ever since February we’ve been in the weight room and out on the track running and it feels great time it all come together and go ten and oh I think we played we played good night we um we missed some blocks but we also made some good blocks and luckily were able to break up having Buick plays and we’re able to win the game it wasn’t just our offensive line it was a took a team effort – for the whole team – it was like the running backs they just hit the holes any what they’re doing linemen kept their rules and kept the blocks well I thought we played real well and we tried our hardest this everything went together finally oh hi Steelers storm into the first round of the 1989 CIF Division one playoffs and as you’ll see on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback the foreign tenants had a very easy time against Fountain Valley the Steelers led by Samhita Valley fee ran up down around and over that the fuddled barons playing he goes 20 yards for the first touchdown next its kenneth cannon on the inside reverse he goes 48 yards for the next touchdown this is just not gonna stop either good defense by the steelers as richard kavacha messes up this screen pass completely by making the tackle and now it’s back to the offense as kenneth cannon gets himself in gear and goes 39 yards for this TV it’s 21264 on Tenno leads and more is to come billy marquez drills a field goal in the final play of the first half to make it 24 to 6 at half-time in the third quarter kenneth cannon once again his third straight the game this one from 47 yards 31 to 6 the Steelers lead Bob Sylvester then goes 22 yards breaking tackles on this play this sets up one more touchdown its quarterback Nick Bennett taking it himself he goes 25 yards all the way to pay dirt and the Steelers are on top 38 to 6 fountain vallye threatens in the fourth quarter but this interception by Billy Marquez completely stymies the visitors Marquez returns it out to midfield 30 yards a couple plays later William Ephraim comes in he dashes 25 yards that’s a touchdown for Fontana 45 to 6 is the score and evm obviously can play defense quite well also here he makes an interception and that sets up on the last play of the game mr. Michael may a young sophomore join 26 yards into the end zone the Steelers break the 50-point mark that’s right they set a whole time full high record and a playoff game by scoring 51 points to Fountain Valley 6 let’s hear it from kenneth cannon who’s averaging only 16 yards a carry you had a couple of long runs going into some touchdowns there tell us what you were thinking as you’re going through those just getting tanana’s only read my blocks and see what I could make out to play and running off the offensive line plot so they did some good blocks one that was basically it we proceed to the second round of the CIF single-elimination tournament the Steelers were too much for Long Beach Wilson a Steeler defense is in total control here’s Frank FLE mono rushing in for the sack on the very first play from scrimmage on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback it all downhill from there for Wilson after a put in goes to meet savaii V for a touchdown putting the fontana team 7:11 quarterback Nick Bennett makes it 14 to nothing in the second period he keeps it and goes in for the score now if he cashes in another touchdown in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter Bob Sylvester wraps it all up with this short touchdown plunge and the defensive unit of them number one ranked Fontana team comes through once again holding Wilson to less than 30 yards the entire game there’s an interception by magma claimant to clench it now Fontana Steelers lift their record to 12 and overall to it Oh in the playoffs with a we pulled together as a team and everybody came through the coaches did a great job we all pulled together team and came out but we’re all good yeah we had a good practice all week you know and practice really made us do a good job in the game comes to just like we did today in 89 CIF Division one semifinal round foe high plays Edison in an incredible thriller on the eshelman for Fontana Council flashback for I fell behind suddenly 14 to nothing in the first quarter but come right back on this 55 yard run by samito Valley Pete 14:07 but then Edison scores twice more to lead 2807 do you believe it early in the second quarter that’s when Nick Bennett hooks up with album bliss a for this 48 yard touchdown pass making it a 28 to 14 game Edison comes close to scoring another TD on the final play of the first half but Boucher playing at defensive back knocks the ball away from the Edison receiver to the Chargers maintain a 14-point edge at the end of the second quarter but the third quarter is a different story kenneth cannon starts it off right with his 59-yard jut off the inside reverse two plays later Samhita Valley fee takes over on the left side and dashes into painter hammering a charger defender at the goal line watch this Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble boom down you go up go the Steelers trailing only 28 to 21 and then a few minutes after that it’s about week you again guess what it’s touchdown again see down the sidelines for his third touchdown of the night were tied at 28 28 and incredible third down and watch this another spectacular play by how easy this time on defense an intercepted pass but Edison still scores in the fourth quarter to take the lead again 35 to 28 before William Ephrem returns the next kickoff for a substantial game all the way out here in midfield and in comes the crucial play Montana has a

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  1. Baddest football team around "Fontana Fohi Steelers" ,,,Fontana definitely has the crown for the inland valley area for football From Pop waner teams all the way to the high Schools Football, Kaiser ,ABmiller have a legacy respects buuut they doesn't hold the seed in fontana Fohi have a loner legacy there know for pride, hitting,records it's just a different breed and much respects to RialtoIKE ,Redlands,OntarioChaffey,Rev, and other teams building also but give credit where credit is do #FonTana Fooball is On another level #FohiSteelers #BleedMaroon #MaroonAndWhite 75-99🏈27SecYearsInCIFssPlayoffs 77-98 being the Golden Years With the head Coach of Bruich best around by far deserves more recognition than he already haves deserve a book or movie about the hight School football God Legend

  2. Fontana had a great team in 1989. Used the whole time on the clock to drive and score once every quarter in the 2nd round at my school LB Wilson.

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