#FM19 | Football Manager 2019 Official Launch Trailer | Create The Future

#FM19 | Football Manager 2019 Official Launch Trailer | Create The Future

Football fans around the world are
paying their tributes to one of the most decorated players in the game.
We can now go live to his retirement announcement and get some final
words from the man himself. Watford have signed a Bundesliga wonderkid. This is a daring move by the manager.
Will it pay off? “I just want to thank the manager!” This kids 19, and Watford have
made him captain? Bold move by the manager.
Do you think it’s going to pay off? I am speechless! *SKY SPORTS*
The unstoppable surge of Watford continues… “I just want to thank the manager!” What a footballer this boy is.
Where would the manager be without him? *SKY SPORTS* Breaking news, the highly celebrated Watford manager has suddenly resigned today. Welcome to Bayer Can he put his injuries behind him
and repay the manager’s faith? “I just want to thank the manager!” THEIR GLORY
IS YOUR STORY …his retirement announcement where we can
get some final words from the man himself. “I just want to thank the manager!” CREATE THE FUTURE

100 thoughts on “#FM19 | Football Manager 2019 Official Launch Trailer | Create The Future

  1. I have never ever played an FM game that's why I want it to be free and here's an idea you could make money of in game purchase

  2. But… have they fixed the "wanting to leave" player complains, the borings interviews (every match), and the horrible conversations with players?
    That's something that htey should improve, it becomes very monotonous when all this happens every match, every season, and for every player. Why do we need to talk to the players every day about their constant form? Why not just make it a group session once a week, or whenever morale goes down below the knees?

    HAving to talk to players, and constantly trying to keep them happy (even though you have won almost all cups) its time wasting.

  3. Heheehhehee!!!!!! 😂😂
    Really FM19!! ?
    Do you really think Watford is going to win the EFL Cup. This seems so unrealistic to me, how can Watford hold on to a player if some giants come calling in??

  4. Brilliant trailer. A shame the game is same old same old though. Constant, tedious media that hasn't been improved ever since it was introduced.

  5. Well done for further ruining a previously amazing game, by adding more rubbish that isn't realistic, thank god the powers that be don't allow any other developers to launch a rival game. Won't be buying a FM ever again.

  6. How hard would it be to jump from FM2013 to 2019?
    I cannot see anything familiar with the game in this very confusing video to be honest.

  7. Positive video! Keep making excellent content and you will develop quickly! Subscribe to our channel and then we shall subscribe back to you!

  8. why i am getting this messege after buying and installing this game (the version of the file is not compatable with the version of the window) please help

  9. Hello, Is there any chance that I can make an inactive team active? Or maybe just switch/replace it with a team in a playable league?
    This inactive team has all players and a manager aswell so this should not be a problem I guess or?
    Thanks for your help

  10. The game is ok but the match engine is totally arcade worthless piece of crap, running and ignoring all the work you done in the tactical and managing team part . DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS, IS A HALF GAME + A PICE OF ARCADE CRAP MATCH ENGINE.

  11. channel Brasil football manager https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7FtrObfYcJmeoLgic9fyFg?sub_confirmation=1

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  13. Awful game, 4 different teams, 4 different tactics, same thing, your all over your opponent, you miss so many chances & they always score with 1 chance, it was the same on fm 2018 & 2017!! 2016 was the Best By far

  14. Very poor game. My centrebacks score more goals than my strikers.Again they didnt get paid. Thats 3 years in a row. Maybe they will earn my money next year.0/10 rating.(fifa god)

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