Flat Tire Long Jump Challenge! |Sick Series #32

Flat Tire Long Jump Challenge! |Sick Series #32

There is the bed of nails hey guy´s, it´s us again, sick series and today we have again something special for you we saw a Challenge from Scotty Cranmer, maybe you know him from YouTube it was a long jump flat tire Game Flat tire Challenge and for this we prepaired a bed of nails it looked like good fun, so we also thought to do a little challenge have a look at the nails so we will see some flat tires haha we won´t do it alone, we have some special guests with us our first guest is Vito Köstler some will know him from some other episodes second one is Dominik, our Young Gun Sick Series Young Gun and last but not least Stefan Eberharter vice World Champion in Trials and European Champ bed of nails is ready, we are ready let´s go, see who will get the first flat tire This will be the winner trophy – the golden nail we prepaired a small jump and there you can see the marks we will start with 1 meter Dominik is pretty young, so we don´t want him to jump over the nails we prepaired a “bed of nails prototype” without nails for him this will be his bed of nails so the young gun will start and now it´s time for the real gun haha now it´s gonna be sharp Vito has a small handicap because he is riding a trials bike so he can´t get that much speed but no problem for him good my friend so next step – 2 meters the street is gonna be naily again it was close oh yeah, this one was easy I think he is going to do any trick ok, game goes on – next step let´s change the gun again next one Elias so next round, and I think we will see a flat tire now have fun Vito I think I´ve to risk anything Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the first flat tire Next one Elias over 3,5 meters easy haha how would I have laughed it´s gonna be closer what´s next? 4 meters right? he risks anything I´m friendly to my tire – so I will jump over the bed of nails Vito 4 meters He is nervous so Vito is out We have the first looser see if the next one gets a flat tire he don´t do tricks any more next one Stefan so, again the prototype and we reached the 4,5 meters sick job dude sick, was cool! lesser and lesser 4,5 meters for Elias sick this one was looking good dude so, 5 meters we really reached the 5 meter mark ok, good let´s go! now I´m excited now it´s gonna be excited, because we have the next candidate so now I´m really excited I think we will see the next flat tire now now it´s gonna be pretty far so it´s your turn pretty impressive distance so now I´m excited 5,50 meters this is a flat tire hahah I thought pull pull pull and woooa a backwheel slide on the bed of nails I never thought that I will come that far! I´m excited so we have the first finalist so and now It´s time for Stefan´s try I´m excited so Fabio is the winner again but we all need a flat tire let´s push you until you´ll also get a flat tire until the end haha see how far I can jump so 6 meters, I´m excited let´s go, do it! the distance looks soo far and have a look at this, at least with this mini ramp have a look a this mini ramp and also the in-run is limited because of our bikes yeah, because we can´t pedal faster have a look at this over there is the bed of nails are you ok? slipped away from the pedal and then straight over the handlebar right? I think that was a sick ending sick ending, yeah A short info for anyone, please don´t do this at home, at least not with a bed of nails you can try it over a carton or something like this because it´s a little bit dangerous and for this Dominik don´t get a real bed of nails we have a winner of the bed of nails Game and today I´ll be the men who gives the trophy to the winner congrats Fabio Thank you very much! the golden nail yeah sick, this trophy means a lot to me have a look at Stefans YouTube Channel also Vito, I think Dominik don´t have a YouTube Channel but have a look at his Instagram Page In this case, thanks for watching! Cheers!

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