Five tips to help you win your fantasy football league | SportsPulse

Five tips to help you win your fantasy football league | SportsPulse

– Fantasy football is almost here. (energizing music) Here are some go-to snake draft tips to ensure that your team
makes it to the playoffs. Draft as many quality pass-catching backs as you can, full stop. Even the most elite wide receivers can ghost you for weeks on end,
which can sink your chances for a clear path to the playoffs. Running backs are much less
game flow and matchup dependent, and the one’s that can be a safety valve for checkdowns, like Saquon
or Christian McCaffrey, will be worth their weight in gold. Next priority, go get a tight end. You should try to snag Ertz,
Kelce or Kittle if you can. But if they don’t fall your way, wait until the later rounds. Put it off, this position is thin. Only three players are
really worth reaching for, the rest, just meh. Next in line, go get your wide receivers. The trick is to find
high target slot players. The best players in the draft aren’t necessarily your deep threats. Sure, I love Julio Jones,
but how frustrating is it when there are weeks
that he just disappears. Think of slot players similarly to how we view pass-catching running backs. Consistency is more important than upside. Wait on your QB until the rest of your starter positions are filled. In a pass heavy league, most players are gonna
put up big numbers anyway. The difference between the
5th ranked QB and the 15th, really isn’t all that different. Ignore ADP, sort of. Don’t pass on Mark Ingram just because he’s further in the queue than your gut says he should be. Jump up if you must, and
if a player is slipping, even if you don’t have a
need for that position, draft for value and snag him. That’s it, oh yeah, and have fun. Stick with Sports Pulse, your heartbeat to what’s trending in sports. (energizing music)

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