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but I’ll do this opportunity over there really really really enjoyed it [Music] it starts at a club music the class okay let’s talk cinemas you know blames is in passions and it a displeased Moni keep on the scatter internal personal renewal poetic much again definitely cooler on a Saturday the pepperoni or at the veneer the person almost quality which can sa stick officials big wooden arm Evo bhupatiraju tanker squad welcome to your parish training session here a home of red start and see a really important day today it’s gonna be a chance for a session practice before our upcoming eleven side fixture against regester [Music] just want to introduce a few players that we’ve bought in to give us a bit of strength to the squad little bit of French muscle from team chameleon make them feel welcome make them feel part of it they’re going to be playing for your places just like you these guys here are also tango League MVPs only the finest players to join us training out here is freezing the game soft news so we’re getting ready so this session will work with three teams of five players the five in the middle the defending team the other two teams on the outside of try and play through that middle without them screening oh I’m so happy to finally be here being the first female on tango squad feels amazing this session is going to be working with the back five recognizing when to stay in and when to get out you can start with three attackers and if the three attackers failed to school will then put a fourth attacker in and the back four will try and hold out for as long as I can okay big sacraments this session is a finishing session just sharpen up their ball strike in from different angles just getting them nice and confident for the game this final session is a little 1v1 session with Jordan and Declan we’re just trying to test out declan’s agility speed over ten yards see if you can get out defend the first ball you get back and defend a long one at the back George how many calls afternoon by 70% ole Smith you must have been out last night you must be joking I think the biggest thing for me with these players is that can we convert them from that compact tight Street environment to playing on a bigger pitch and you recognize that it’s not always going to be a dribble to be a player it might be a little one to a combination to get around someone can you recognize that you’ve got to take shots you gotta cross the ball so it’s making effective decisions around the techniques are available to you on a bigger pitch [Music] before anything goes this moments like this you need to absolutely make the most of it make sure that when you leave here today it’s a memorable day because you put everything into it in possession complete freedom dominate possession get on the ball keep it enjoy it play it pop it punch it love it play for each other really really really enjoy this it’ll be a brilliant brilliant afternoon [Music] you’re my team hunger squad FC I wish the best for you my favor simple keep the ball and we can win this game but don’t forget if on during the game [Music] [Music] [Music] the ref is wearing yellow he’s wearing yellow it’s definitely his favorite color I don’t know why he keeps getting out yellow cards [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s free toys away just approaching halftime it’s a tough match tight game currently nil-nil about was to be won in midfield we’re getting used to science Joe together Myra side to second half see what a brainless goal or Noble I’m single [Music] I think we’ve got all of their players the fingers phone frustrating to watch for me if the we’ve got six or seven really good technical players and we and we force it unfair Budiman albinism confidently specifically collect a certain let’s say about everyone in here trust everyone’s be when we look like a good team when it’s really Papa Papa Joe smash way I want it causes to repeat you have Reynolds wolf ball your honor um doesn’t meet only few cute visa do much honky no we’re gonna make some changes okay yeah we’re gonna go that side yeah SM Diego said back to now you’re on a yellow card you have to accept it for Jack’s gonna come on for Chi Chi a reprieve up and see if you can get you back on later on Jordan be the work person never pivot see in depth Diego SOS get as much balls into him into him into him and trust him if they’re marked this time give it to him anyway the rest of the stuff for coming on to the game one day concentrate okay pop-up pop-up pop-up okay [Music] come on come on come on [Music] ricky-ricky pop up come on Roscoe Michigan de una una parte de Qi monka solo goal per Perry Jerry [Music] substitution of the year on it as you can see it’s been a very tough match but I think we can maybe score one goal very soon [Music] [Music] [Music] oh come on [Music] better safe gr now Mike Gravel D’Antoni Brassica salad I know I’m a girl mascara hollow they’re not even touching a face de demócrata necrotic is a dirty video caucus are already there I’m really proud of the team we played well against the semi-pro team we’ve done many things right and it was just the first game you can just keep our head up and think about what we can do better that’s the main point John Felicity from good-fellowship or a label pressed as well follow me much also city government Belko plc secret crushes the reasons we can’t really keep cannot be to do wrong some books it the policy be doll as we officially keep in the Demeter is posterior superior could miss on your feeling much consumed in surah Mohammed on especially platonic as a whole we have no no no the shows from the continent this year we’re on a sea do this askance is a puzzle balloon George you know can I see the applicant would control it match the bass pond a bit young nation on the face [Music] psychology my private performance actually you’re just saying Carlos it’s the first time who played together so sometimes there’s just not that understanding that if we try and play the right way yes if you dominate possession of second half yes we’ve wanted to get Golden Week and then we create a really good chance 5 minutes left and we’re exposed to the other end rather that we lost the game Tony I’m trying to get back into it I’m really proud of you the second half was that we can learn from that the concentration was high [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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