what does everybody welcome back to the
channel hope you’re doing well today we’ve got a pretty fun video with
awesome Austin J Mills Mia Moore and Caleb Nash Feemster and Chris and Jen are
missing out today because I have some money left over from the Carter share
video and I’m gonna give away some money today you guys want to win some money
oh I’ve got $1,000 up for grabs nope it’s $1,000 i 100k so cute 100k okay
guys the way today’s video is gonna work I have ten tricks that you guys are
going to try ten different tricks trick shots things that you need to accomplish
the person that does that trick first wins $100 says $1,000 up for grabs the
person that is able to do the most tricks
here’s ready the bar cañete you tomorrow you will need to catch the marshmallows
in your mouth from a high distance straight hungry question can we skip it
and just give me like five hundred dollars no no okay here’s the first
trick guys trick number one super simple all you need is one juggling ball of a
ROM juggling you throw said ball into the air and
catch it just right there it’s called the blind catch or the butt catch you
should call it the wipe your butt huh thanks Austin
anyway who’s that first okay that’s you have you Butlin Austin doesn’t wipe his
butt one has a bidet and if that’s not working the maid doesn’t
oh hello Tim number one ooh next Oh Mia that was close
that was really close he loves I think Caleb’s tried this before my money’s on my money’s on Mia for this
one I think ooh that was close but oh nevermind my money is no longer on Mia
holy cow yes Oh almost work Ark is definitely important don’t pull Caleb
money please Caleb at the warded one hundred dollars that’s not really I know
what you’re about to do your brother taking a run I love being in these types
of videos okay back inside for trick number two guys before the next one if
you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do so click the button right now and
drop a thumbs up if you haven’t yet I’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday
every Saturday and we have a lot of fun and hope you will join this family okay
back to it there’s a ball a spike small hole what
you have to catch the ball on the spike just like that not so difficult unless
you’ve never tried it before since I’m on the last one can I go first sure okay
I think I’m gonna try to recall how you just did it
whose nose Jinna has done it before Austin I think if you get Austin sorry
sorry it started to bother you for my way out of it
sorry me just got it in first rap yep so if you if you get it first try then you
guys will go to a mic up if I get the ship to put that I am the one the one I
already put it for her though he was not even paying attention
the other before do you want 20s or 100 Wow hey guys ping pong trick shot is up
next you have to throw the ball off the wall and into the cup oh that was a kind
of close first attempt but you guys get the idea
ooh close okay so we’re at $200 for Caleb hundred
hours for Mia thanks for being here awesome you gotta get this one you ready
this is this listen has often been written all over it
100 three quarters boo boo boo oh okay you have to like do to do you can’t like
three separate catches what’s the ordering this one first say to all three
up you catch that one cuz you’re a snake Oh take that back I don’t mean to offend
any snakes snakes do not have slippery skin there’s they’re pretty dry skin that’s the chicken that’s tricky
you guys know like Caleb take all the money no I guarantee you he doesn’t get
it I’ve actually I’ve seen guys do this commercial but this is once you’re going
yeah I don’t know if I actually think he’ll try it I’ve never tried yes dad okay Austin oh you got to know
one oh god be quicker no no no yeah you you
win seven five cents that was impressive good job Austin
hey guys next bobble flip under the leg Gatorade bottle makes a little bit
easier my leg can go that has Chris Wells closed you guys well you guys will
get this you have a rebuttal hold on Austin has a rebuttal me not
congratulations so you have to live surgery Austin has 100 big bills for big
dollars I sign this one’s up next and then the rest will all be outside okay
let me just show the people what they want to see Oh nope let me show just in
case people on YouTube haven’t seen me do this trick before Caleb all the
spoons into the end just like that every single time
write me up very good okay we’re gonna start with five spoons after you nope
nope nope no no no alright okay Caleb now we are shooting the bow and arrow at
this Cup let’s hold on hold on hold on hold on
hold on this Mia is struggling geez she was hit me you touched it yeah if it had
gone in I would have counted it that’s what you get for talking on that
mess boy wait 20 here you go okay guys you ready for the next next challenge
what I was gonna give Austin and Caleb a chance to win more are you quitting so
weird not quitting she has to go to the orthodontist and they charge her $250 if
she’s late so okay we are putting a bowling pin here
they’re kicking a soccer ball from the chair where you’re gonna throw the chair
what are you doing okay you guys have a much better chance of winning now why is
that there it is precipice but he looks a little tired I’m not sure what do you
think not that much weight comes Caleb they’re calling the golden foot foot
your foots getting wet and I’m shoes on nice kick Wow really decent wow that was
bad you guys are pretty rough at soccer no no they said it you’re saying they
say no one knows that everyone says that thank you guys next up is a classic just
a backwards free throw every single punt I make it yeah why do you think you’re
lying admit it you like did I make that one did I make that one
yes that make the first one yes thanks Austin
okay first person to do it wins under dollars here we go wow it doesn’t matter
cuz there’s no rebound cuz it’s a Bucky’s give me 100 – hugs Wow
first dracula austin is already 100k q oh my gosh last competition I’m going to
throw marshmallows off the cliff you guys have to catch them in your mouth
I’m gonna alternate first person to catch a marshmallow in their mouth from
this far win this question yep I’m on a diet
you don’t have to eat it okay I love you first
ready different species of human nice sketching your mouth better time give me the same talk it was a little
bit it was a little bit of short throw I will admit okay hold on hold on hold on
I will admit I gave Caleb a bad throw it was short so they both got at their
first try with really meets one more Caleb ready our Austin Austin ready Oh in and out okay this is for the win
ready hit him square in the face oh okay Caleb for the rebuttal nice often often congratulations you get
the last 100 which is in 20s sorry about that and that’s okay because I can make
it right now there you go oh thanks for watching and make sure you
subscribe if you haven’t yet I’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday
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wow it’s raining money here are my Instagram shoutouts for today
follow me at Roman Josh finds Stanford Jasmine chime chat and click on those
other videos we’ll see you guys later bye don’t have to eat it okay but if you
catch it guys are weird

55 thoughts on “FIRST TO DO THE TRICK WINS $1,000 CHALLENGE!

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  3. Too bad Mia didn’t get to do all of challenges. I had a good feeling she would’ve gotten more. Not a bad day though, nothing to lose, everything to gain on wholesome fun 👍🏻 #generousity

  4. After the behind the back shot, Josh never put the amount of money each player had, so at the end of the video, the money amounts for each player added up to $900 instead of $1,000. Josh said he would do better at adding, but this shows that he still isn’t really able to. 😂

  5. How does Josh get all 5 spoons in demo'ing first try??? You know how hard that is??? Fun vid to watch…missed Jenna calling Caleb Stoooooopid…lol

  6. These looked like fun tricks to do and try! Also not gonna lie I said pretty decent at soccer in my head when you muted caleb

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