First News Today – Football claims & Fantastic Beasts

First News Today – Football claims & Fantastic Beasts

Hello this is James Moyse from Sky News
with First News Today on Thursday the twenty-ninth of September.
FOOTBALL CLAIMS: The newspaper that filmed Sam Allardyce discussing how to break
the rules when buying and selling players has released more material.
Barnsley football club has since suspending his head coach Tommy Wright over claims he took a £5,000 payment to help place players at his
club. It follows the resignation of Sam
Allardyce from his role of England manager after just 67 days in the job BYE-BYE ROSETTA: Final plans are being
made to crash a spacecraft into a comet now that it’s finished its
mission. The Rosetta probe took photographs of the comet after taking 10 years to
get to it and costing 1 billion pounds It was never designed to land though and
is running out of electricity because it’s too far from the Sun to get solar
power. FANTASTIC BEASTS: The final trailer for
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out, ahead of the film’s November
release. It’s an all-new adventure returning us to the wizardly world created
by JK Rowling. Eddie Redmayne takes the lead role in the film directed by David
Yates. ROYAL TOUR: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been continuing their
tour of Canada including a short history lesson about the history of Northeast
Canada known as Yukon as well as meeting thousands of well-wishers who turned out
to see the royal couple, they met children learning Native American

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