Finger Football Board Game – A DadLabs Video

Finger Football Board Game – A DadLabs Video

Daddy Clay: Remember as a kid all the hours
you spend folding up little footballs and playing finger football? Well finger sports
have evolved. I’m here with Spun Alford with the finger sport collection and he’s
going to tell us all about his great games dads can play with their kids. So how do you
play? What’s the fundamental game? Spun: Instead of the triangle piece of paper
football we’ve replaced it with this ball bearing with plastic wrapped around it. You
just put your fingers on the mat and you just strike the ball and it travels down the mat.
Now what happens is that you kick off. Let’s say he kicked off to me and it went into the
end zone. It’s now my ball on the twenty as in real football. See, there’s the scrimmage
line. Daddy Clay: Okay, first and ten.
Spun: Now the defense rolls the dice. Now when the defense rolls the dice, they tell
me I need to go to Zone 2 run although a choice tells me that overrides that….
Daddy Clay: A blitz. Spun: So I can do what I want to. So I’m
going to the run circle… Daddy Clay: Stay low. Good wide stance.
Spun: Successful. Now it’s the second play, first down. Second play of the first quarter.
He rolls again. Touchdown – I have to go touchdown whenever the TD is rolled. So I’m
going to corner of the end zone. The rules say I cannot go out of the back of the end
zone or it’s his ball on the 20. So I’m flicking’. Horrible, came up short.
Daddy Clay: Spun, you can do better than that. Keep your head in the game man.
Spun: Third play of the first quarter, second down. He rolls again. Okay, the rules say
Zone 1 pass is behind me. Daddy Clay: Alright kids, I’m bringing one
of these home. And you know what oldest? You’re in trouble buddy, I want you. Household cleaning
football championship tomorrow. Spun: There you go.
Daddy Clay: We love it. The finger sports collection. This stuff is fun.

23 thoughts on “Finger Football Board Game – A DadLabs Video

  1. Really like your videos. In a next couple of months, you'll see a new table hockey game. A good mix of Stiga table hockey, crokinole, chess and billiard. Finally table hockey with out slots..avery players can go everywhere on the ice…FINALLY!!

    More infos: [email protected]

    Regards, Ben

  2. I like the old school game with the paper ball better. You could play anywhere that had a smooth table top

  3. They made a fun quick game to play in spare time a time consuming advanced strategy game stupid in my opinion

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