Fights between Ukrainian and Polish football fans at Independence Square (Maidan) | Eng Subs


– And right now there are fights between Ukrainian and Polish football fans. There are enforced police squads at the place. The journalist of Sobytiya, Andrey Kuzakov appeared at the place of accident and now is online with the TV studio. Andrey, what is going on? – Anna, I would like to say that at 20:00 there will be the football match between Zarya Lugansk and Legija Poland at the stadium Dynamo named after Lobanovskiy. And fights take place for several hours already. Correspondingly, when fans went to the stadium, Ukrainian side came to them and threw thunder flashes at them. Then we became witnesses that fans attacked three men. They showed documents, they told that they were diplomats, the Polish laguage was heard. What exactly happened, is not clear, but the fact is that they had tickets for the football match, they were beaten. I.e. there were grazes and bruises, they were given medical care. They were accompanied then by Ukrainian police. And again I would like to repeat that such fights take place in Kiev in various places. – Thank you. Andrey Kuzakov from the center of Kiev. Ukrainian and Polish football fans fought there. We are waiting for our journalist with information about preparation for Independence march. Later in this issue.

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