FIFA and Interpol vow to tackle match-fixing in football

FIFA and Interpol vow to tackle match-fixing in football

“And match-fixing is a problem in Germany,
and match-fixing is a problem in Switzerland, but everything is clean and clear and perfect.
Third division matches were fixed in Switzerland. You can imagine a third division match in
Switzerland what it is. In the Alps, beautiful, you have the families of the players who come
to watch the match. You have the cows, and you hear the bells of the cows next to the
stadium, and these kinds of matches are fixed, so nobody is immune from match-fixing.” “Why does match-fixing spread so thoroughly
throughout the world? We all know the answer. In short, it is about money. This international
business, as you have already heard is also big business. Illegal betting which drives
match-fixing encompasses a market that is said to be in the range of hundreds of billions
of euros per year. With estimates that large, bookmakers have revenues as our chairman has
said, on the same scale, think about it, the same scale, as the Coca Cola company.” “What we have to look at, is from the beginning,
from the lower leagues, from where the kids are starting to play football, and as Ron
Noble said, the most important part in this fight is education. There is no chance we
will change the system without education. If you don’t explain to someone why it’s wrong,
then there is no chance match-manipulation will not just move on over the next decade.”

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