Fierljeppen – Canal vaulting in Holland

Fierljeppen – Canal vaulting in Holland

These picturesque Dutch canals are perfect
for a cow to graze peacefully by, or for tourists to cycle along on the way to a quaint pub. They’re also pretty essential when it comes
to the sport of canal vaulting. ‘Fierljeppen’ as it’s known in the Netherlands
dates back hundreds of years, at first simply as a way to navigate the water-filled land. Now there’s a non-profit organisation that
hosts 22 rounds of Fierljeppen competitions. Jaarsveld, on the banks of the River Lek,
plays host to just one of the events on the calendar. During the event, each competitor is allowed
two minutes to prepare for his or her jump. Each entrant has at least three attempts during
the event. The top three distances in each category determine who’ll compete in the final
– during which Senior Men, Ladies, Junior, and Youth titles are contested. Theo van Kooten took the honours in the men’s
competition, and he says the sport is like a drug. “I think about Fierljeppen every day. After
today’s competition, I’ll soon start to prepare myself for next week’s. Once you get involved
in the sport, your whole life is taken over by it. More than any other sport I play – like
football or badminton.” So there you have it. Next time it pours down
with rain, leave your wellies at home, grab a giant pole, and get vaulting!

24 thoughts on “Fierljeppen – Canal vaulting in Holland

  1. Not a sport from Holland, but from Frisia. It's practiced throughout Frisia, including the South West of Denmark. There's a bunch from the rest of the Netherlands, but it's mainly centred in Fryslân and Groningen. 

  2. This looks crazy challenging because you don't want to run too fast because you need time to climb higher on the pole, so you need just enough velocity…

  3. I'm from Holland but I've unfortunately never done this, and I would do smaller distances though

  4. اية الغباء دة ………..كانك بتنط من الدور الرابع واكثر كمان بسبب قوة العزم والسرعة هههههههههههههه

  5. so this like gold prospecting, after you find your first piece of gold, it takes over your life, you have to find more, you just can't get enough of it. gold takes over your every waking thought, then it takes over your dreams…..i love gold……never seen it before, then i found my first pieces of it.

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