Ferris Sports Update TV – Football Assistant Sam Parker

Ferris Sports Update TV – Football Assistant Sam Parker

hello everyone and welcome to Ferris
sports update I’m your host Rob Bentley and thanks again for tuning in on this
week’s show we’ll talk Bulldog football hockey and volleyball all with unbeaten
weekends this past week in league action will start first though with Bulldog
football and joined by assistant coach Sam Parker and Sam an alum of the TV
program here nice to have you back on this side of the cameras great to be
back on this side of the camera it’s a lot of stress on the other side so I’m
happy to be in front of it for once obviously you have to be happy with the
way the Bulldogs have played off to a 6-0 start and unbeaten in the
GLIAC here and 4-0 the season yeah a bunch of uh you know our coaching
staff was talking about the last time we were 6-0 and usually it goes back to
peewee football so we’re all really excited to have the start that we’ve had
and you know we’re really fortunate to have the players that we’ve had and the
health that we’ve had you know last game I played 12 offensive lineman so not too
many schools in the country can say that this past week had the battle at the
ballpark played at Fifth Third ballpark and first college game there since 2009
back when you were a player and I know it’s a lot better to come out with a
with a victory yeah and you know a better outcome than the last time we
were there and you know it’s a lot of fun playing on a different surface like
a baseball field warmups our guys were taking batting practice with the
footballs and stuff and you know there was a lot of energy about the game you
know we came out and we were you know well prepped and it didn’t feel it
didn’t feel like the turf or anything like that really affected us you can see
here Deon Earl’s have one of his best games he was a baseball standout which
is kind of ironic in high school got off to a great start here offensively and if
you’re one of the offensive linemen I like to play in these types of weather
conditions yeah I told the guys beforehand I go
look it’s gonna be you know your pants dirty your jerseys dirty
here’s with all the rain and the dirt and the grass and as you see Jake Allen
there touch the football he’s got his chest dirty it was the first career
touchdown and he’s you know one of the best long snappers in the country
obviously get that offensive score early on and then the defense got the
ball back and a big throw here from Jayru Campbell – Xavier Wade yeah Jayru is
probably throwing the prettiest balls we’ve ever seen at Ferris State feels
really comfortable in the pocket you know even when my guys aren’t playing
well and still manages to make throws and reads like this obviously the offense
was really clicking here but the defensive performance in the first half
very good as well as shut out the first half yeah our defense this season has
walked three point eight points a game in the first half so you know it what
really helps us is we don’t have to worry about being in a dogfight in the
first half but the way they’re playing you know playing physical and claim that
went less throughout and really you know really thanks to coach Brady and coach
Hodges getting those guys ready and Tesla Smith getting his defensive line
guys ready it seems like you’re in you’re out there’s an NFL guy on there
this year we’ve got Austin other words he’s coming up right here at the end of
the first half Giroux Campbell with the touchdown run to make it 28 nothing at
halftime I had to feel pretty confident going into the half with the 28 nothing
Lee yeah we came out of the half and it felt like okay zero to zero let’s go do
it again except this time we were you know using a lot of different personnel
and substitutions and stuff so you know the score might not be as reflective of
how hard the guys played but you understand we’re rolling in 60 plus
bodies about that game which very few schools can you know say I’m this guy
doing this thing obviously after that Michigan Tech score early and a half
Dauphin’s came right back and you’re able to get another score here to
increase the lead again yeah and the you know it’s really a credit to the guys up
front you know they come out every series ready to you know maybe it’s not
always a touchdown but it’s always better than what you did before they do
a great job how important was it for you coaching the offensive line to have so
many guys coming back that have gained so much
experience well it makes my job pretty easy you know we started three seniors
Nick Sawyer Jake rumbler and Devine Johnson and all three of those guys you
have to worry about chasing them to class and to workouts or anything like
that and then you know the other younger guys Tyler Alison and big uns John don’t
past Wally you know are all very professional and easy to deal with guys
makes coaching them you know pretty simple 42 to 7 lead at the end of three
and then final score 42 24 but as you mentioned a opportunity here in the
fourth quarter to get a lot of guys a lot of repetition yeah I mean it’s just
something you don’t see or even think about but you know as the season wears
on injuries progressed and everything like that and you know for us to go out
there and play as many guys as we did and get those guys raps and develop them
and you know have them you know feel good that they get to play in the game
you know at that venue and everything like that it was just really exciting
that was probably the first thing I talked about with my guys is everybody
in here played and played pretty well I know for you as an alum nice to see you
a lot of former players back football alumni day and always great to have
those guys on hand yeah it’s it’s fun um unless you’re working so I’m one of the
guys that’s working and I’ve run into all my old teammates and friends and
everything like that and it’s it’s it makes me laugh because I’ll be out the
parking lot talking with them and then realize like oh I’m sorry guys I’m on
the clock I gotta go back in and get these guys ready for the game but it’s
always nice to see you know guys that I played with from years ago ten years ago
and to see them you know come and support us is it really means a lot
obviously this week big game the anchor bone classic number two verse number
three and certainly a big challenge ahead of you with Grand Valley State off
to an unbeaten start as well yeah I think you know the first thing I want to
say that nobody’s really talking about is all the GLIAC teams in West Michigan
are undefeated Davenport with coach McEwen there who was formerly on our
staff and took what we’ve done here in that culture and has developed it in
Caledonia and you know Grand Valley is undefeated and so are we and so it’s
just really cool for West Michigan being like the mecca
d to football and really you know a lot of football so we’re really excited that
you know we can showcase that and you know pretty big scale this weekend
between these two schools and it’s just really exciting I don’t think it’s as
much of a rivalry as others want to make it out to be you know because we take is
this is number two team in the country doesn’t matter what colors are wearing
you know coach Mitchell’s got a really class act organization those guys every
time I go there and that we’re fair skier they treat me well I talk about
how great our offensive line is and you know show a lot of love and support just
like we do back to them obviously a big game for both teams here at the middle
part of the season and a game that certainly has a lot of implications
riding on the line yeah you know you look at it it will be
playing these guys and you know when looser draw it’s it’s an something
that’s being added to your playoff picture so you know we’re hoping we get
a good win and you know that we are able to play as many weeks as possible on
football schedule it’s not always the case but you know I’m just really
excited for the challenge of they’re pretty good ballclub and so are we and
it’s just any time that you get to outstanding programs it’s just a great
game obviously is it gadgets coached and played in a game like this just talk
about the experience and and what it’s like on Saturday night for the guys
they’re gonna be suiting up for the Bulldogs
yeah and that’s you know being down there at their place is a lot of fun
because they’ve got a great atmosphere they’ve got a lot of fans and you know
they’re razzing you on the sidelines and it’s a lot of fun and they’ve got great
facilities and they do a great job of taking care of you and it just it feels
it’s a it’s a feeling that you don’t get at too many places in the Coulee AK so
we’re really excited to go down there we usually do pretty well down there I guys
like traveling down there and it’s just a lot of fun to play in or a game
especially with the history that the two teams have and you know and there’s for
me at least selfishly because of how talented they are as well as how
that we are well congratulations again on the unbeaten start for the Bulldogs
best of luck on Saturday and great to have you back here on the show
I appreciate it and thank you very much we’ll be back with more favorite sports
update right after this

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