Ferris Sports Update TV – Bulldog Sports Network Football Playoff Update

Ferris Sports Update TV – Bulldog Sports Network Football Playoff Update

Welcome back to Ferris Sports Update
Rob Bentley along with Sandy Gholston and Sandy nice to have you with us
here on today’s show it feels good to be back here on the show and it was even
better coming back from a long road trip with a victory advancing to the next
round of the playoffs so really excited about Bulldog football right now
obviously we have a chance to call the games together on Sunday 97.3 and online
just talking about the season as a whole 14-0 and and what the Bulldogs have
achieved thus far yeah you know it’s been a great season right from the start
you know we had high expectations coming in we knew we had a great team coming
back you know there were maybe some questions about who was going to step up
in different positions and the great thing is that a lot of people have
stepped up and when you make it to the national semifinals that’s really
indicative of a great team effort all three phases of the game offers defense
special teams the coaching staff right down to the managers trainers and even
maybe the radio announcers as well everybody really stepping up for a great
cause 14 and know going into the national semifinals that’s quite an
achievement one of those guys that was coming in filling a new role giru
Campbell the Harlan Hill Trophy finalist at quarterback and some unbelievable
offensive statistics that he’s been able to put up to here throughout the year
yeah Jay rue has been fabulous for our program and he’s really come in and
taken on a leadership role in addition to the statistics that you’re gonna see
the great arm the great accuracy the ability to run the football
he really is emerged as a leader for our team in the way that he’s been able to
control things the way he’s been able to bring the team together rally the troops
together so to speak and to keep everybody on the same page toward a
shared goal so he’s really been the complete package for Bulldog football
he’s been everything that we thought it would be and maybe more obviously as you
look at the season as a whole or there were some big games early in the year
and none bigger than maybe that one over Grand Valley State obviously highlighted
the season but tough three-game stretch here the score in the playoffs as well
yeah you know you look back to the win over Grand Valley you know go back even
before that is starting the season East Stroudsburg on a Thursday night great
crowd Bulldogs get the season off to a great start
and when you look at some of the big games throughout the season big win over
Ashland big Road win over Grand Valley great play at the end with the pass from
Javon Shaw to Jamie Campbell to kind of capital with a great victory on the road
and then the run of the playoffs it’s been a tough run in the playoffs in some
ways too real tough games in the first and second
round and in the Bulldogs really put all the pieces together in the third round
with a great win out on the road and so really got to be excited about where
this team is headed it’s been a great ride thus far and obviously we’d like to
keep it going another couple games obviously you had a chance this past
week to travel with the team down to Arkansas just talk about what that
experience was like maybe outside of the game and being around the guys the
entire trip can we start with the warm weather I mean I was really a great
place to start I mean with great weather we got down
there and we got out of the airport down there in Little Rock and you just kind
of hit in the face with this warm air and you’re just kind of whoa that’s not
what we left in Michigan and so that was really great it was also great
camaraderie you know being around the players being around the coaches and a
lot of fans you know you and I talked about it on the air we had a great
turnout of Bulldog fans there to support the team and they were really loud in
that Stadium and weren’t as many is of course well watched top Aptus had but it
was a great showing by our fans and so it was really a great time all the way
around obviously coach Denise mention it in the postgame report that may be one
of the best performances the Bulldogs have had here at a big time in the year
it really is and you know when you think of going on the road against the number
one seed in the region and you know it’s gonna be a tough matchup we played them
the year before and it was a really tough game and so I thought the Bulldogs
really did a great job of rising to the challenge and so that starts with great
preparation from our coaches but it starts with great student-athletes and
we’ve had the good fortune of having some tremendous student-athletes again
in all three phases that really stepped up bought into the what the coaches were
selling and really have everybody on the same page toward that shared goal
obviously now the Bulldogs advance on to the national semifinals and we go from
the warm weather of Arkansas to the cold weather of Mankato talked about this
week ahead and and what’s gonna be at stake here for Ferris Davis well they
talked about the frozen tundra is usually Lambeau Field for the Green Bay
Packers but I think we’re gonna be seeing some frozen tundra when we get to
Mankato Minnesota and so it’s gonna be really fun it’s obviously gonna be a big
change in terms of environment that we played on in Arkansas and then going up
here to Minnesota but again it’s probably more along the lines of what we
tend to see this time of the year and so playing into December that’s a good
problem to have it so I think our team’s gonna be really up for that challenge
obviously here in the second half of the year it’s number one versus number two
in terms of the national rankings Minnesota states at that number one
position most of the season yeah they have and you know we’ve been checking
those national rain all throughout the year just kind of
seeing who’s who and some things that we’re familiar with staying at or near
the top of the top 25 and so when you look at Minnesota State been up there
all year and so it’s really an opportunity for us to knock off demands
so to be the man you got to beat them in and so that’s one of the things the
bulldogs gonna be looking to do here in the national semifinals for unbeaten
teams remaining here in the semifinals and on the opposite side Valdosta State
who has put up some unbelievable point totals this year taking on Notre Dame
College of Ohio that’s had a a great year yeah you look at what Valdosta has
been able to do in terms of the offensive numbers if they put up and it
really maybe not a huge surprise that they were able to jump up and grab that
top overall seed and so they’re certainly gonna be a force to be
reckoned with and then you look at Notre Dame of Ohio
they’ve been playing really well maybe surprising some teams and what they’ve
been able to do to get into that Final Four so great testament to their program
a great 14 field here in the national semifinals and so whoever emerges as the
national champion is going to be a well earned honor obviously the Bulldogs
can’t look ahead but if they’re able to get a win would been son to the Division
two championship game McKinney Texas December 15th the chance to play for a
national title would be something really special yeah and on a minor note to get
back into some warm weather but yeah it’s playing for the national
championship is gonna be a great opportunity if we’re able to do that but
a lot of work left to be done for the Bulldogs but the good news is that we’re
trending upward we’re playing our best football at the right time of the season
obviously last year we had a chance to call the national championship for the
faroe State men’s basketball team some great teams that have really achieved
well here in the postseason for fair state athletics yeah we’ve been very
fortunate we’ve got some great coaches in play some great student-athletes
really across the athletic department and they’ve had some great success not
only in the conference in the region but also nationally and one memory that I’ll
never forget is calling that national championship game it was really an
emotional moment a great week out there in Sioux Falls South Dakota and I tell
you what in a calendar year what better way to cap the calendar year than with
another national championship put you on the spot right here some keys for the
Bulldogs to go to Mankato to take on Minnesota State and come back with a win
well I think one of the big keys for the Bulldogs is again to remain turnover
free you know when the Bulldogs really protecting that football they’re really
a force to be reckoned with I think running the football gonna be very
important don’t know how cool those hands are gonna be and how the hand
warmers are gonna be doing to keep those hands warm and so I think running the
football is gonna be a big key and I think just really being acclimated to
the elements up there in minutes and being on the road I think you’re
gonna be another key for the Bulldogs but you know they’ve been up to the
challenge so far through 14 games and so let’s make it number 15 no team in
Division 2 history has ever won 16 games and finished unbeaten winning the
national title what would that mean if the Bulldogs can come pull out a couple
wins here to finish a historic season well you know I look at it as why not us
why not now and so I think the opportunity is there for our team and
I’m looking forward to seeing how they respond to the challenge so far through
14 games they’ve done it and let’s do it two more times
sandi looking forward to calling saturday’s game live on sunday 97.3 with
you know should be a great trip for the Bulldogs yeah looking forward to getting
some work done here in the office this week but it’s gonna be really excited to
get on the road Thursday kickoff on Saturday 3 p.m. Eastern time from
Mankato we’ll have all the action for you thanks for tuning in to this segment
of Fair Sports update you

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