Ferris Football Houseman Field Camp

Ferris Football Houseman Field Camp

Just talk about this great event here
with the free youth clinic here in downtown Grand Rapids.
Ya know I sat down and met with some friends here in Grand Rapids and they
thought it’d be a great opportunity to bring our kids down
showed our culture’s about at Ferris and working with a Grand Rapids Public
Schools and some of the other schools in the area and it just turned out to be a
great event we got over one hundred plus kids here and I think everyone’s gonna
have a lot of fun. Obviously you’ve got a lot of your guys here too as well talk
about what this experience gives the current Ferris State players.
Ya know we’re always trying to build relationships with these kids and
give them the chance to grow a little bit and now they get to show some of
their skills and continue to develop relationships and get down here in Grand
Rapids and and show everybody a little bit of what Ferris State football is all
about. Talk about the turnout obviously a great group of kids here today that tell
your players will have a chance to work with. Yeah it’s exciting I mean we
weren’t sure because we did on-site registration but the word got out pretty
well and I think people understand that our kids represent a great program our
coaches are doing a great job so to come down here 40 minutes from Big Rapids
and have over a hundred kids I think says a lot about what we’re doing up at
Ferris. Oh it’s been phenomenal today has been a great day I don’t know if you
guys got footage but the running backs all the kids were talking all day about
how fun the running back station was I mean you just the energy out here I
mean these kids love running love playing football so I’m just happy to be
here and be a part of something like this this is great to give back and
really show what Ferris State football the foundations of what we’re about.
Certainly a chance for you to bond with some of your teammates here on a hot
afternoon. Yeah absolutely it’s great because some of these guys we haven’t
seen for a while so it’s nice getting the whole O-line back together for the
summer and then seeing a lot of the skill guys a lot of defensive guys come
back together and really get together for this weekend so it’s been a great
day and I’m just so happy I’m here and be a part of something like this looking
forward to camp starting here soon in early August? Oh absolutely man,
July it’s been the longest month I think in my entire life I’m just ready to get
going ready to get back at it not sure when we’re reporting but when we do
we’re going to get after it hard really kind of build off that success of
last year and get after it . Yeah it’s great for obviously the kids from Grand
Rapids you know it’s an unbelievable crowd we want to be connected with Grand
Rapids and we’ve had a lot of great players that have come from this area so
that’s one two is back at Houseman field where I did some coaching so it’s
really cool to be back here but three and probably most important for me is we
try to teach to our players to give back you know to just not be a taker but be a
giver and so for a lot of our players being here today and and being with
these young people and having fun and and giving back I think that’s
significantly important so those are the reasons we’re doing it and it’s Coach Rohn kind of organized it and we’re really pleased with with the crowd.
Certainly for your players not only a chance to get back but a chance for them
maybe to bond together as well. Oh absolutely you know it’s it’s cool to
have our guys you know sometimes in the summertime you know obviously I can’t be
around them so it’s a good opportunity for me just to see them here and give
them a hug and you know get excited about the upcoming season and for them
to be together a lot of them are up in Big Rapids but if they’re not you know
they showed up here today and it’s the immediate bond and connection that
obviously is important for us obviously tonight obviously a family night at the
Whitecaps game just talk about that culture that’s been established here
over the past few years. Yeah it’s great you know we’re going to have a lot of
our guys there and you know that the ticket sales for you know just Faris
alum and supporters and things like that has been great so it’ll be fun you know
be fun just to relax and our families you know the coaches families will be
there and and the players a lot of their families and things of that sort so
we’re looking forward to that alright last 30 thanks guys here’s I

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