FC Seoul players’ autographs Soccer ball + Taejoon’s Jacket and [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2019.01.07]

FC Seoul players’ autographs Soccer ball + Taejoon’s Jacket and [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2019.01.07]

Next up, she became a star after being on our program. She is into K League Football. “I’m going to put all my passion into soccer.” She goes to the stadium 1~2 times a week. – She goes to the stadium? / – Yes. We can only listen to the root chants in the car. (Repeatedly listening to soccer root chants) La la la la la la. I wish Mom would learn more about soccer so that she can teach it to me someday. (Oh gee) I remember her. I liked her name too. Eun Hasu. – How have you been? / – Hi, Eun Hasu. (I’m here!) Are you still in love with soccer? Of course. She’s wearing the uniform. After my episode was aired, FC Seoul called me and let me do the first-kick to kick-off the game. I also got to meet my favorite player, Dejan. You became a successful fan. (The amazing moment of the kick-off) She’s good. You’re an honored fan. What did you bring to the auction today? I brought a soccer ball with FC Seoul players’ autographs. An autographed ball. You must really cherish it. Go Yohan signed the ball and threw it to me before the game. I caught it and got all the autographs. It’s so valuable. Fans usually go get the autographs. I gave my H.O.T. CD to Tony. He promised to get every member’s autograph but hasn’t given it back to me for 2.5 years. Say a word to Tony. Tony. You didn’t sell the CD, did you? Please give it back. Please give it back to me. If not, I’d like to use this as an excuse to ask to see you. (I’ll be sure to give it back) FC Seoul isn’t doing so well. You must be concerned. I’m not just concerned. I thought my heart was going to drop. Please say a cheer for them. For next year. Go. ♪ In Seoul ♪ ♪ In Seoul ♪ ♪ Let’s go together ♪ (She’s good) (She sincerely cheers for them) ♪ My love, FC Seoul ♪ That man over there was singing along. I think he’s going to bid for the ball. Right. Let’s take a look at the autographed ball. (The one and only autographed ball!) – Let’s open the box. / – I’m so nervous. It’s a golden ball. (A spectacular golden ball) – It’s fully autographed. / – It is unbelievable. This is quite unique. I want it too. I don’t know much about soccer, but this is… It is filled with autographs. There is no empty space on it. It’s covered with autographs. It looks very valuable. I’d like to ask Eun Hasu. How much do you want it to be sold for? I wish it’d go up to $150, but even if it’s lower, it’s for a good cause. Mom, how did you raise her so well? What did you feed her? I fed her my love. How beautiful. I’ve never seen a better restaurant. A restaurant of love. I think FC Seoul fans might want this, but it may not be enough for some people. So I’ll add my cherished item here. – Your cherished item? / – Yes. What is it? A jacket? Yes, it is. I can tell which brand it is. This is the limited edition. If you purchase this, Taejoon will put it on for you. With a back-hug? With a back-hug. I’ll also add my cherished items. – I like that she has a good heart. / – Right. (What are Jisun’s cherished items?) – SpongeBob. / – She’s a fan of SpongeBob. You really cherished those. Out of my collection, I brought these slippers. I only wore these once. I have the blue ones at home. We can have matching slippers. You must wear this, too. It’s pretty. These are a complete set. Like this. If mom asks you to run an errand, you can wear this with this jacket. And go to the supermarket. (It’s perfect from head to toe) It’s nice. This is real fashion. That’s the fashion insider’s look. (Can’t be bought in stores!) (The insiders, don’t hesitate!) We will start at $10. Let’s start the auction. $10. Many people are in. The bid’s at $20. $20. (Of course the FC Seoul fan is in) The bid’s at $80. $80. $80. $80. We’ll jump to $100. $100. (People are starting to back out) People are starting to back out. The bid’s at $120. $120. $120. The bid’s at $140. $140. (It’s close to Eun Hasu’s asking price) The bid’s at $160. $160. (Some bidders are still in) We are at $160. The highest bidding price is $160. The bid’s at $180. $180. (FC Seoul fan has given up) (No. 98 and 166 dropped out) (Where did all those bidders go?) We have 3 bidders now. No. 37, 20, 7. FC Seoul fan No. 190! You already dropped out? He sang along earlier. Are you only a fan of the song? He’ll sing “In Jeonbuk” next time. (He moves onto another team) Lee Dongguk! Let’s heat things up. Chungha, put this on. Yeah. It’ll look good on you. It looks nice to wear a large jacket. It’s trendy. Heat things up. (Let’s heat up the auction!) It looks good on her. (SWAG) There you go, Chungha! (It’s a loose fit on women) It’s beautiful. (She’s pretty) It looks good. It looks good on you, too. This time, the rapper. Rapper Haon. (Adding the hip hop spirit) Rapper’s swag. Swag. Swag! Rapper! (Ah!) (Here’s the real thing) (Insider x insider) The insider’s items. The insiders. (Getting more interested) We’ll add a new soccer ball and everyone here will autograph it. – Really? / – Yes. Fans of Haon, Chungha and Jisun. Let’s continue the auction. – $210. / – $210. (No. 7, 20, 37 are still in) No. 121. Are you in? I see. She seems to be experienced. We have 4 bidders now. (Unbelievable) The bid’s at $260. All four bidders are in. The bid’s at $280. $300. I don’t believe this. My heart is racing. The bid’s at $330. $330. (I’m out) (A 3-way battle among women) Let’s continue. How about $340? (This is nothing) How about $340? $340. We have four bidders. – No. 187 has joined. / – No. 187! (He’s joining in the bid now?) No. 187. So suddenly? (Not me) Hey! Were you yawning? He was yawning. Let’s ask why they want these. I’m Choi Taejoon’s fan so I want his cherished item. Thank you. I was wavering. Then you added the emcees’ autographed ball. You’re a fan of Hello Counselor? Yes, I’m a fan of the program. Thank you. We have 3 bidders for $340. The bid’s at $400. $400. Do you all agree to bid $400? Yes. All three. The highest bid price is $400. How about $410? $410! $410! One person dropped out. Let’s continue. $450. Both of you are in? I didn’t expect this much. Will you continue at $480? $480. $500! $500. (Hesitant) She’s hesitant. You both agreed to $500. Let’s continue. $510. (Down) (This is my limit…) No. 121 is the only bidder now. $520. Anyone else? Let’s close it out. $510, $510, $510. You got it. (No. 121 got the items for $510) Hasu was hoping for $150, but it was sold for $510. I’m very happy. – You’re satisfied? / – Yes. (The fan of Hello Counselor gets the items!) She’ll donate $510 for Hello Market. (How awesome!) Like this? (A hug for the highest bidder) (A heartthrob) Congratulations. I am grateful to Eun Hasu for kindly donating it for a good cause. I’ll give back the valuable ball to Eun Hasu. (Really?) This isn’t what I was after. Really? That is so awesome. (Her thoughts are so touching) You got our autographed ball, right? (The joy of sharing doubled)

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