FC Barcelona Football Stadium Tour


>>RYAN: Today I’m going to live out probably every boy’s dream on this planet I’m going to check out Camp Nou the most famous
Stadium in the world and home to arguably the most famous club
sports team on the planet FC Barcelona let’s go check it out. The first thing you’re going to see as you
walk in to the stadium is the museum it’s full of trophies all the way back to the early
nineteen hundreds old soccer shoes what do they call them? Boots here balls and there’s
even an interactive wall which I’m most excited about checking out. This is probably the coolest interactive display
I have ever seen in my life. And now for the moment I’ve been waiting for
I am actually going to walk out and check out the field which holds almost a hundred
thousand people. This stadium is the most visited tourist attraction
in all of Barcelona, even more than the Sagrada Familia. I can’t imagine the sound the stadium must
make when one hundred thousand people all start cheering at the same time goal! that sounds pretty good I wonder where the the hot dog guy is? I’m in the tunnel now where the players walk
through when they’re entering the field to play the games and this is the first stop
this is the Chapel right here where they pray for some goals then they keep on heading down
the tunnel towards the screaming fans It was pretty exciting to see the stadium
from a fan’s point of view but being down here on the grass from the player’s point
of view it’s absolutely incredible the seats up there are pretty nice but the seats right
here are the ones you want to sit in this is where the players sit but I guess you wouldn’t
want to be sitting here because it means you are not playing in the game. I got the winning goal of course hoist the
trophy yes champions league wow don’t want to drop this one.

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