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What’s going on fantasy football fans I’m your host Huseyin The Brain And I’m your co-host Mike Mital and these are our top 7 trade tips for fantasy football Let’s go. As some of you might know, Mike and I have a podcast we call it CouchCast comes out every early Wednesday morning. You can check that out if you haven’t already. And on one of the podcast episodes, we’re talking about trades–how Mike is the master of trades and how he pulls off these trade robberies. Tell ’em a little bit what we talked about on the podcast–what you did I’m infamous for trading away my productive running backs before they get injured, and what I like to do is trade ’em for elite wide receivers or tight ends OK with that being said, let’s go into the first trade tip we have. A lot of people always look at their team. They ask me: what do I go for, what do I do? The most important thing when you’re doing a trade is to analyze all your opponents. Analyze their teams, look at their weaknesses. Where are they desperate, look at their strengths It’s more about them, the people you’re trading with, the owner your trading with than what you want, and your team The second trade tip is kind of an obvious one… know what pieces you need to strengthen your team. So if you’re like me and you drafted running back heavy in your draft you’re going to need to target some wide receivers via trade or be aggressive during the waivers. Don’t waste your time on teams that don’t have what you need disregard them and focus and pray on the other teams that have what you need. If you like a player on another owner’s team but they’re not trying to buy what you’re selling, if they already have a lot of running backs and trying to sell them a running back, know that that trade is not realistic–it’s probably not going to happen. Trade tip number three, very important one: always try to buy low and sell high There are some exceptions to this rule if you drafted someone in the first round and you see them sinking a little bit and it’s still early, you can still salvage them and get a good trade off that’s the exception but most of the time you want to buy low, that’s when someone is underperforming you know they’re going to perform better that’s when you trade for them, and when someone is performing at a high level and you know that they may drop off, that’s when you sell them right when they string together 2-3 games boom sell them buy low sell high just like the stocks Trade tip number four: don’t propose too many lopsided trades or trades that may be deemed as suspicious. If you’re sending trades that are is laughable upon first glance, don’t do that because you’re going to lose credibility, they’re not going to want to trade with you like Jeremy in our league Everyone has someone like that you just look at the trade for them you’re like wow this is not going to work and then just you don’t want to work with that person anymore. And trade tip number four and some of the ones we have later on you keep doing these, breaking our trade to rules and you’re more likely to get vetoed and declined right away and be labeled as that jerk in your league nobody wants to trade with you anymore Bad karma. Trade tip number five: super simple, when you trade always look at the future so if you’re going to probably make the playoffs, look at the player you’re trading for, look at his playoff schedule. If you’re still trying to make the playoffs, you have like three weeks that are must wins look at those weeks like week 10, 11, 12 13 and look at the player schedule Always think of the future don’t just think hey there performing good now they’re going to perform good later doesn’t always happen. Trade tip number six is something that you should pay very close attention to. I know you’re very excited to do a trade but look at who you’re trading to–you never want to trade with a team with the best record or near the top the reason being you don’t want to give them any more firepower to beat you and also the rest of the league. We made this trade tip number six, it’s not as important, but let’s say you’re trading with somebody who’s in first place second place third place and you know there’s a good chance you’re going to face them in the playoffs like you don’t want to give this got on and give Mike a running back he’s desperate running back that he comes back week 14 beats me knocks me out because of the running back i gave him–don’t do that. And the final trade tip, trade tip number seven: don’t get too cute with your trades don’t try to trade three or four players now this works well with somebody you know but if you’re trying to get a trade off, trying to get it off quick it’s a higher chance that it’s going to get declined, it’s going to get vetoed if you trade like six players or five players. Also if you try to trade like defenses and kickers and a bunch of weird stuff there’s a higher chance it’s gonna get declined, you’re going to get laughed at for this year the next year get kicked out of the league possibly and get your trade vetoed so don’t do it Those are all seven of our trade tips hopefully this helped you out leave a comment below guys let me know if you liked this video if you didn’t like it if you want to see more videos like this also make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel you’re going to click our couch logo right here someplace that appears. Just click on that also make sure you check out our other educational videos to help you step up your fantasy football game and become a champion. Make sure you guys follow these seven fantasy football trade tips so you can be a fantasy football champion like me… haha uh I don’t know Nothing fell oh wait it did It like scared me… and it showed on camera

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