Fans launch masses of toilet roll at football pitch (Standard – Anderlecht)

Fans launch masses of toilet roll at football pitch (Standard – Anderlecht)

Anderlecht hosted Stendhal reuse in
Belgium and apparently this is a tradition
unlike any other take a look it in what they should do just prior the sake
is give people a little bit bacteria and they’re not Jess and then everyone has nothing terrible
just saying we ironic inedible real bad bad idea what is that
what I just see TP and so that’s a tradition apparently
and so would be for this game every year they do that
belief so it’s quite a rivalry I believe in Belgium I’d Belgium yeah
I’ll have never been never been a Belgian which you know I’ve
never been to any of the Benelux countries and get the reference I think it just
means Belgium and Luxembourg oh yeah and that’s it and they have a
name for about those countries that’s like that America’s Cup but stable to the US and
Mexico I like that a married a I like that one
either yeah it’s stupid I like you anyhow I’ve
never been I had to those I the college basketball team who does
this every year college baseball fan base it
does every year as well stayed back in throw hundred-point paper on the
court and then after the throat the kids alike
yeah I feel kinda bad actually liver all they can to go out yeah on the
court may pick it up and it takes probably like I don’t know
five minutes just one teacher going all rights we cannot have this daring
they gain get it out now everyone throwing up a pap ok

20 thoughts on “Fans launch masses of toilet roll at football pitch (Standard – Anderlecht)

  1. I'm belgian, Benelux means Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg 
    These 3 countries got together to be bigger during the WW2
    and the TP thing is not a tradition its just a one time thing I don't know why they did that tho

  2. This were Standard supporters. In Europe the home team is on the left and the visitors are on the right.

  3. lmfao @ rick saying "bad joke" lol… seems like a waste of good tee pee to me.. i like how the college kids pick up their shit

  4. This happens in South America in almost every single game when the teams come out… and they sell the little rolls of paper in the stadium so you can throw them when your team comes out!

  5. Apparently you havent watch any south american league games. They do this all the time in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, ect

  6. Benelux is BElgium + NEtherlands + LUXembourg

    Anyway, Americans, you will never get that, to soccer fans in Europe and Latin America & Africa, being a fan is not just sitting on your seat in the stadium, drinking bear and eating sandwiches while watching tha game, it's it's chanting, jumping, dancing, making "tifos", etc… The "real" fans, the "ultras" as we call them are part of the show.

  7. It's not the Anderlecht fans as said in the description but the Standard Liege's fans that launched toilet paper on the pitch.

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