EXTREME PAUSE CHALLENGE WITH SPICY FOOD || Gymnastics Battle and Funny Challenges by123 GO! GOLD

EXTREME PAUSE CHALLENGE WITH SPICY FOOD || Gymnastics Battle and Funny Challenges by123 GO! GOLD

Oh looks like a rom-com night at
Sophie’s house! Nice! And the snacks are on point Oh I can’t seem to open this
thing! Here Olivia do you want to try? Whoa this thing is on really tight! Is this
thing shut? what’s the deal you is that and they call me just the cab kicking
queen you’re welcome nailed it hasta luego what just happened let’s give it a try
okay let’s go okay whatever I’ll just do it oops can
you kick the cap off Olivia come on oh come on you stupid cap wow this is when
two toes do that be one with the cap wow it actually worked
PAH that thing off oopsies who did that all right muscles we got this hey
where’d it go what it isn’t gonna stay cold much longer okay ladies what’s on
the agenda for today can we just pause banks for a minute Oh finally some time
to myself uh Jessa gimme that let’s give just that a taste of her own
medicine shall we whatever hey wait up uh I’m so hungry any snacks lying around nothing oh man I bet there’s something in the fridge we have eggs I’m sure I can make
something with these come on hurry up and color little does she know just as armed and
ready to attack and pause Oh what you making there Lily some eggs I see
too bad no one’s around to give them a stir huh unless of course I hit the play
button oh no my precious eggs yeah those eggs are gonna overcook
aren’t they no my lunch all right fine looks like you’re gonna be hungry for a
while longer Lily this is just the worst date ever
here take my candy bar oh yeah now we’re talking
finally it’s Friday night mmm YUM we’ll have two slices of mushroom pizza please here’s your pizza man this looks
incredible wait a sec this pizza could use a little kick uh-oh the pause button Lily no BAM you
know what would really spice up this meal yep a whole lie of hot sauce are
you just gonna let Jessa ruin her people like that well that was annoying
if by Annoying you mean funny then yeah I guess I’ll leave it I can barely watch
oh it’s not that bad bol God call the fire department I don’t
think there’s enough coke in the entire restaurant to cool your mouth down Jessa first we have the pros these girls
muscles are strong but their will to win is even stronger and without further ado
meet the noobs nice cartwheel is it who do you think will have what it takes to
be the ultimate champion of we missing someone Amy come on we’re starting leg
cramp stay tuned to see if the pros or the noobs will be the ultimate champions
Hey what are you doing in here oh not again I guess my nice hot shower will
have to wait morning this version of human Tetris will take
place in a doorway apparently I think there’s room in there for you Sofia whoa
you need to have some serious thigh strength for this one nice work
Oh terrible there yes we make a good team don’t we
oh you’re not done yet Sofia what how would you guys even get in here
Oh sighs okay Sofia go slow Oh Sofia’s bite me in his face they did
it now get down quickly before those thighs
give out you may be sore tomorrow but it was totally worth it
hey you don’t leave a girl hanging this exercise is going to take some extra
strength and brainpower an exercise that requires you to sit down and you get to
lay down sign me up hey don’t they need those chairs who
needs a chair when you have a comfy lap to lay on whoa that looks like a bumpy
ride oh man what a workout hey anyone have a towel in a Gatorade all right ladies it’s time to get into
shape and get that blood moving all it takes is a little bit of movement some
good music and enthusiasm of course wow you’re all looking excellent something
tells me you’ve done classes like this before
ever wonder what it’d be like to do your favorite workout in giant sumo suits
well you’re about to find out how not so easy it is to perform everyday exercise
well a little extra weight we’re ready to exercise let’s get movin ladies oh
look at Justin Sophia hopping and bopping around doesn’t look like working
out with sumo suits is all that difficult right this pose requires a
partner basically you’ll be using your partner’s weight as support as you lean
forward okay this one may actually be doable want to give it a whirl ladies
first step find each other’s hands okay ready set lean score that one was easy
oh look how happy these sumo wrestlers are this next move requires both
strength and balance oh man this is hard to do in general let
alone while wearing a massive sumo suit are you kidding me you want us to do
that while wearing these let’s just get this over with
come on you go down to us I want to be the one to fly hey work down okay just
gotta get up on your feet here careful there Sophia you’re gonna crush
poor Jess believe it or not this pose is actually coming together thank you
Oh No please be gentle falling um hello at this point it just looks like Sofia’s
playlng like a dying fish okay can I get up now
that’s it I’m rolling on off with you you

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  1. My mouth's burning just watching this!๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜… Here's new girl Jessa by the way! What's your fave challenge? Confess in the comments๐Ÿ‘‡ and subscribe 123 GO! GOLD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzAa37OHvk6LQTG6M2GcJEA?sub_confirmation=1

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    Apฤƒsasi pe accest buton de neapreศ›iere

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