EXTRA TIME EP8 – What’s it like to watch a football match at the SCG Stadium?


Hello and Welcome!! This is “Ricky” and EXTRA TIME with SCG Muangthong United I’ve come to the beautiful SCG Stadium for the match Police (Bec) Tero today’s match will be a lot of fun So follow along with Ricky and Extra Time with SCG Muangthong as we take in the home stadium atmosphere So let’s start by taking a look at some of the activities happening before kickoff So who’s interested in talking with me here? This is so great, look at all the stuff to do…. Oh well what’s this? I think I might go over here and chat with the pretty young ladies at the LEO sponsor booth Hello! What are your names? We are Toi and Oi …….. What is this activity you have here? It’s the LEO ping-ping ball challenge, you have to throw the ball into the hole, and you can win a prize! Oh that’s too hard, do you have anything for free? We have a few prizes, but you have to try the ball! Okay, I’ll try. So win a shirt, but what’s the big prize? We have a flash drive, with the LEO emblem Oh that’s pretty cool. This has a lot of storage on it. 8 GIG of space! Oh, my girlfriend says this has 8 GIG in it! okay, be sure to load in your home address, phone number, bank account …. never mind…I can just tell you.. Now we’re waiting for the team bus to arrive and welcome the players to the SCG Stadium Here’s let’s talk to this fan about why she is here today Your name is Chakkarin? I’m waiting to see Charyl Chappuis! ………….(check back later, subtitles unfinished)…….. Oh, now here we are in the “S” Zone taking in all the action People in this zone are serious about cheering for their team… They’ll cheer all through out the match, the full 90 minutes without stopping GOAL!!! Now the score is 1-1, this is a hard match, what do you think? Here we are in the “N” Zone seats for the second half They also cheer quite enthusiastically! GO Muangthong! GOAL!!! This was perfect. I got to see close up two goals at tonight’s match! Ricky is good Mascot for the team, and SCGMuangthong United win 2-1 over Police (Be) Tero! …. (check back later, subtitles unfinished)…

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