Exercise Ball Magnus Effect: HELIUM VS. AIR from 200m!

Exercise Ball Magnus Effect: HELIUM VS. AIR from 200m!

All right three, two, one, go! Go you good thing! So we’re just at a mall in Maseru, Lesotho getting some helium. It’s one of the most random things that we’ve done. What the heck. I’ll get ready with the pin. Three, two, one Yeah. It’s definitely not floating. Should find our Taxi. Let’s do it, let’s get moving. Right-o. We’re gonna do something pretty crazy today. We’ve got this amazing location, and we’re gonna do another Magnus effect video. But there’s a bit of a twist. Half the balls are filled with helium. So which ones we got helium? That black one, this yellow one, and… I think the one in your left hand?
Yeah, this one’s helium. *Full* of helium!
So we’re gonna go at the same time and see if helium makes much of a difference to the Magnus effect on these different sports balls. The helium should go … much further shouldn’t it? I mean that’s the guess. Like helium’s lighter…
It should… But we’re not scientists. Oh the things we do. Alright Scotty, we need to do the same spin.
One, two, three. Yeah, no that’s good. So just to clarify,
yellow has helium Yellow has helium.
Helium! White does not have helium.
Maybe it just takes off into space. You get that rolling. We’ve got a drone up there somewhere having a look. Tell you what, there’s a few birds having a look too. Look at that Ryan, can you film that? *laughter*
It’s like a swarm! Live on, Mavic! So I can just throwing it just over the edge, but you gotta really rip it. Yeah, I mean what hope have I got with the whitey though? You got helium in it. Well, that’s the whole point, Scott! Is it like literally on touchdown or like where it actually finishes? Nah, touchdown. Oh man, I just wanted a sniff, you know? Go the white. 1, 2, 3, Go. Oh, helium is killing it, I reckon. Go helium! Helium all the way! Oh hang on, touchdown. Ohhhhh… There wasn’t much difference. It wasn’t. Tell you what, it wasn’t much different. It wasn’t a lot. I reckon maybe 20m, 10, 20 meters?
It’s hard to tell from up here. Maybe by the time we get to the gym balls,
it will have a bigger… Because there’s so much more helium in that thing
than in the soccer ball. You’re not wrong. It’s gonna be fun finding them as well. It’s a good battle though. Okay, thank you. Race number two, Stanford. Can I have the helium one?
Yeeahhhh… okay. Share the love. I’d love to beat you without helium. Shall we get a bit closer? Oh heck. All right, cool. Trust that harness. All right, here we go. Go the black. 3, 2, 1, go! Ohhhhhh, no! Get going! Go helium! Hit it! Hit it! Ohhhhhhh. Looks pretty even. Look mate, the truth is I gave that a little extra berries
at the start, and you still beat me! And I was coming back, too. There was a little bit of difference, but let’s be honest. You’re here for round three, it was probably the thumbnail, and here it is. You’re on the cross same? Yeah, get maximum grip. Alright 3, 2, 1, go! Go, you good thing! Go. Oh, mine is off! Goooo!! Look at him go! Look at it! *laughter* Wow! Oh my… That is going…
It’s still going! Oh, that was amazing. Flipping incredible. Okay, well, the helium was a comprehensive winner. Nah, I really kicked butt with that one.
Smashed it. That’s going about three hundred meters, I imagine. That is *so* far away. Is that down the river? Yeah, it’s heading down-river too. We’re gonna go get that. All right you and Scottie you’re gonna go collect them. Yeah, we’re heading down to the bottom.
Go pick them up. People do always say, “Oh, you just throw them away,” but no, we pick them up. Nah, we’re going to get them. We collect them because we keep nature beautiful. And let’s just say, it involves hours, not minutes. It’s a big hike down there. It’s a long way. What are we talking about? Look the exercise ball’s cool, and now, if you guys have seen it before, but to add helium in… Oh man, how good is that mate? Very good. 44 club – Thanks for watching our craziness.
Glad you’re sticking around ’til the end. Absolutely! Like, subscribe!
Oh, and hit that bell! The bell’s gotta be on!
The bell! We’ll see you next week! We forgot to do the commtest! Oh, no! Should we just throw it in now? How long did it take to fill these gym balls up (this exercise ball), only one, with helium? Yep, we did time it. And if you were closest, We’ll pin ya!

100 thoughts on “Exercise Ball Magnus Effect: HELIUM VS. AIR from 200m!

  1. The scientist in me is irritated that you didn’t throw them the same way to get accurate results, but the kid in me is like “awesome, throwing things from a super high place!”

  2. I can't stand the symmetry here. Same shoes and socks, short shorts, harnesses, t shirts with no branding, sunglasses, hats underneath helmets.

  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know, those harnesses are super duper expired. They are about 5 to 8 years past their expiration dates.
    The figure eights knot look super loose and tethering with a tubular sling and a square knot in it is about as safe as having nothing at all.
    Made me laugh out loud when you said "trust these harnesses".
    (I'm a climbing instructor.)

  4. “We’ll pin ya” sounds so much like “Wilpinnia” which could be a random NSW country town!
    I’m aware of Wilcannia, but I’d love it if Wilpinnia also actually exists.

  5. The camera angles from the drone are pretty much worthless. Instead of giving a side angle view to see what you can't see from the launch point. You just have the drone way up looking down at the balls, giving basically the same view as the launch point.

  6. See how far you can throw a boomerang from a great height. Maybe it will do a corkscrew the whole way down?

  7. How ridiculous can you guys do competition between all of you and see who can build a device that would keep an egg intact and drop it from the tower and dam.

  8. For some reason today i wont to know if a ball with helium would flot.so i looked it up and seen that you guys did it. i joind some time last year and i did not know u did it.love u guys you should do some more of these.

  9. I'm really glad Scott didn't need to use that harness and rope…the hoops on the side that he's clipped into are NOT designed to take a fall, only to hold quick draws and other gear, that was terrifying to look at, haha

  10. You guys need to collab with Mark Rober to develop a robot that will launch both balls with the same power and backspin.

  11. The gym balls weren't an accurate test. The helium ball was released into a much more horizontal pitch this giving it more forward momentum and aiding the Magnus effect and distance. In order for the results to be validated you need to find a method to replicate launch angle, speed, revolutions, height. Though fun to watch I think you need to tag up with Mark Rober to engineer a solution to perfectly replicate and test the effects. That video would get 500k likes for sure. Cheers from Qatar. American Expat on location in Doha.

  12. 1:09 Herron, you're doing an experiment – are you sure you're not scientists? And what the heck, I'll guess 4 minutes 44 seconds on filling the exercise ball.

  13. I'd bet someone else mentioned this, but I wonder of they were filled to the same pressure? That would be substantially more hydrogen atoms, and I'm interested to know if you weighed them.

  14. Just in case, the weight doesn’t matter, but the shape the object has. So if it’s the same shape but with different weights it will hit the ground at the same time

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