Even the Most Talented People Have Shortcomings | Talk With Rutgers Football

Even the Most Talented People Have Shortcomings | Talk With Rutgers Football

– You don’t know your passion ’cause you haven’t done shit, Billy. (clicks) How much shit have you actually done yet? Not much, my man. So like you got to go try shit. (audience laughs) Not just Billy, all you fuckers! Like you’re just happy you weren’t Billy. (cheering) You guys want perspective. (audience applauds) Just want to be happy,
don’t you want to be happy? So this is just a fun, fun morning for me. A couple things. I’m gonna shoot it a little bit here, give a little context
but the reality is I want to take advantage of the fact that we’re actually here together and so I’ll create a
little bit of a framework but I’d love to do as
much Q and A as possible. So if anything of stuff you’ve seen or context you’ve had in the past or anything I touch on here, you know, I think the Q and A part
is the most valuable thing. I think, you know, I think
about leverage a lot. And so the biggest
thing that I think about when I’m in this room, especially for all the kids in the room, for 95%, 90% of you right now may be the most leverage you ever have. And I want to start there because it’s super important to me. When I think about being a college athlete in a place where the
sport is so looked at, you know, the truth is
the percentage of people that are in this room
that go on to the league and make enough money in the league to take care of their whole
life is remarkably low. It’s just fucking remarkably low. Meanwhile, you know, I keep thinking about this former Louisville safety that played for the
Jets for a couple years. And I DMed him a couple times on Twitter and talked to some of his homies and I kept saying the same thing, which is, you know, I would hit him up because I’m a Jets fan and
his homies would hit me up because they knew what I was
doing in entrepreneurship. But we never connected, he never made the time to chop it up. And I remember one time I DMed him when it was very clear to me that his career was gonna be short. And I literally just DMed him and said “Yo bro, you’re fucking up. “Because right now I’m dying
to have an hour with you “in a world where people pay $100,000 “to have an hour with me “and in a couple of months
you’re gonna get cut “and I have no time to
fucking even reply to you. “‘Cause the leverage you
have with the logo right now “is my biggest passion in the world “and the day you don’t wear that logo, “I don’t give a fuck about you.” And the reality is that’s
exactly what happened and then he hit me up nine months later. And because I’m a good dude, I replied, but with a reply of “I’ve
got no time for you.” And that’s how I think about this. Not to come harsh or what have you, I just know because I’m a Jersey boy and I know the business
world and the world that there’s a fuckload of
people that are Rutgers alums that are super interested in you right now and the second you don’t have
that big R on your chest, they’re not. And how to balance, bless you. And how to balance that with academics, with film work, with practice, with doing what you’re doing
here is super interesting to me because it’s a fine line, right? One of the biggest things I
hear from a lot of coaches, both, actually all three levels. High school, professional, and college is kids, especially with what I talk about and what I want for you is like
how do we find that balance to let kids build their brand
on social and marketing? I think everybody in this
room knows, you know, the thing that worked out for me as somebody who loves
athletes is 20 years ago, athletes didn’t give a
shit about entrepreneurs. Now the top 100 athletes
in the world are DMing me on a consistent basis. So it’s crazy to watch
entrepreneurship blow up even when you guys were kids,
even as young as you are, you know that this entrepreneur
thing is really just five, 10 years old where people really,
really fuck with it heavy. And so to me, finding that balance of how you leverage where you
are in your life right now while staying focused
is the number one thing I come into this morning on. Because the reality is I
want you to leverage it because I want your life to be happy, and for me, I think it
starts in a couple of places. So the biggest thing that I’ve observed when I’ve talked to teams and
now speaking to a lot of kids, the top top for me is how
many people in this room when they go to class or
on campus are in a place where they’re headphones
in, focused on their shit, given that you have
the leverage right now, and the reality is the kids around you that want to say what’s up are gonna have the leverage in a decade. I think about this every day. I think about like, you know, it’s funny. When I talk, I always think about, it’s funny to have AJ here. By having a brother
who’s 11 years younger, I kind of got a lot of practice
early to like spit wisdom or try to be a mentor. I think about what I would tell AJ if he was dramatically more athletic and was sitting in this room. And I would say like
“Yo bro, like you know “this is just the math around it, “yet there’s 100 people
on campus right now “who are gonna be the biggest CEOs “or players in New York
City in seven years “and right now they’re dying
to take a selfie with you “but you have no time because
you might be caught up “that you have the leverage right now “and that’s the biggest mistake.” It’s the biggest mistake. I call it the high
school girl rule, right? A lot of people didn’t want
to talk to certain girls in high school but six years later, they really want to talk to them. But they fucked up the leverage because they were a dick in high school. And I think about that a lot and I think a lot of you are
in that position right now. Please don’t underestimate
or take for granted. Obviously if you’re in
this room, you know, for the far majority of you, you had leverage in high
school too from your athletics and so you’re used to that by now, whether it’s one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven years. That leverage is everything
in society, it’s crazy. I watch it every day. The whole social media thing? Watching the biggest most
famous people in our society only five to seven years
ago be slow to Instagram because they thought they were fancy and they were celebrities,
so they didn’t go on and they made fun of Instagram models and they made fun of Instagram comedians and they made fun of people. And now where that is the
currency and they’re not on it? Just watching the most
famous people in our society grabbing at straws, hitting
me up of like how do I do this when just five years ago,
they had all the leverage. And now we forgot who they were or don’t give a shit, it’s fascinating. That is where you’re at. Right now, for a lot of you, this is the most leverage
you will ever have. How you figure out how to use
that to connect with people, which are the only
leverage in actual life, is probably the biggest thing
that I want to get across. That’s it, think about it so much. A couple other things. Coach, without knowing all the rules of how you think about
social, what have you, so take it for what it’s worth. Communicating and engaging
with people is enormous. And again, you know, anytime I go into somebody’s living room, I come with massive respect, right? Make sure you take your shoes off, make sure you don’t step
on shit, like you know, I think about it. So I come here with a lot of respect but if you find time to balance your time, you know, I always think about
like instead of that hour on Fortnite or Call of Duty or 2K, if that kid at that
university spends 20 minutes replying to people on
Twitter who are talking about their school’s
program in that sport, what that actually means in life. I think people are very confused about serendipity and communication. Like literally just go into Twitter search or go into Instagram
and searching hashtags and putting Rutgers football. Somebody says they’re
excited for the Iowa game and you say thanks? It just blows my mind that that
is actually your internship, that is actually your career. I think about that every day. I see it every day. And I see it with kids that follow me that don’t have leverage
the way you have it. That are just doing it randomly, hoping, yet you’ve got all the leverage that they are actually super interested in what you do right now. So to me, that, you know, it’s funnier. I was driving here this morning, I was like what do I want to get off? What do I want to make sure they know? And that’s it. Like you know, I was trying to conjure up like a second, a third, a fourth
thing to take up the time. And I’ll do that, I’ll
improv on you right now. But the number one thing
if I leave this morning that I hope is for people to realize how much leverage they have, how you just like weight room and film, you’ve got to put in work
to get what you want, and how what social media
and the internet have done is given you so much
opportunity to take advantage of who you engage with
around what you want. You know, if you just
deployed the leverage you have and the way you think
about sliding into DMs on girls with it, if you
just deployed that strategy to business and life on social media, the reality is the far majority of you would get so much more ROI of the number you have
on your back right now for the next year to three years. It’s crazy and it’s real. It’s crazy and it’s real. A couple other things
I want to talk about. I’m real passionate about patience. I think the biggest
vulnerability to this room, including the coaches and
us old guys, is patience. I wish the coaches over here
knew how young they were. Watching 30, 40, 50 year
olds completely confused by the context of time is one
of the most fascinating things I see in our society. Like people always come up to me and like, “Gary, when you gonna buy the Jets?” And I’m like 25 years
and they get sad as fuck. Like they want me to have it tomorrow. And I’m like I just don’t
build wealth like that. I’m just like one brick at a time. I’m not gambling out here
or hoping or dreaming. I already fucked up by
passing on Uber twice in the angel round, that
would have made me my billion. So I missed that shot. So the reality is is that
I’m just building blocks. And so you know, whether you deploy this, what I’m talking about right now, to like how you’re thinking about cracking the starting lineup or why you’re pissed
you’re on special teams but you should be starting or whatever bullshit
excuses you come up with in your own head, the reality is patience as an overlay is remarkably important. It’s remarkably important. Like you’re gonna be done with school, you’re gonna be a professional, whether in the league or CFL or XFL or whatever your major
is or your passion is or entrepreneurship. You’re gonna be done here, do whatever I just said for 10 more years, and then be 32 and young as fuck. And the reality is you
have no concept of that now because you can’t because the
way time works in our brains. I remember when I got out of school, I couldn’t wait in
Springfield, New Jersey, not far from here either, to work in the wine store and blow it up like I said I was going to and I did. And I remember walking
in, my cousin worked, you know, this was family business. My dad’s first cousin worked there but the way their grandparents were, he was closer in age to me than my dad. Or in between actually. He was 30 and I was 22 and I remember that first month
working with him every day, I was like this guy’s old as fuck. And he was 30. And I’m 43 right now, thinking about how you’re
thinking about my age versus yours and I feel young as fuck. Right? And I think about that. I’m like how the hell do
I communicate that to kids that you’re gonna live, like I’m double the age
of the majority of you. Double. You’re gonna live an
entire another fucking life and still have your whole
life in front of you. Yet everybody’s impatient as fuck. Shortcuts, it’s what kills everybody. It just does. Shortcuts because you decided in your own head focus group of one that you deserve something. Think about that a lot and I think about that in athletics a lot and I see it commonly. People start cutting corners, getting themselves into trouble
by not putting in the work or doing dumb shit or
whatever the fuck it is. Because listen, four of
your friends in your dorm or from back home gassing you up on what’s supposed to be happening versus what’s happening is the biggest mistake everybody makes. And the amount of heads
that just shook their head makes me feel excited
that I hit that point. Four or five people in
your family or friends or from back home or who
you’re in the quad with, gassing you up by the way it
should be versus the way it is is the biggest
vulnerability athletes have, entrepreneurs have, businesspeople have. I just see that, parents,
see it every day. Results speak and the reality is coaches have that subjective call. You might be right. They just might like a skill set from somebody else a little bit more in the way it works on
the overall or who knows? Or maybe most likely, which I see a ton, they just don’t like the
way you’re handling it. So to me, I would rip
both my arms and legs off to be as fortunate as
you are to be at this age during the Internet’s
maturity at this age. I’d probably own the Jets by now if I was lucky enough to
have the Internet around at this age. The remarkable nature of that machine, and everybody’s shitting
on it now for hate and all the fucked-up
things that people think. Social media isn’t changing us, social media is exposing us. It’s not Instagram’s fault, it’s not Twitter’s fault
you’re angry or you hate, it’s your fault. These platforms are exposing us. And so I really highly recommend you figure out your relationship with these powerful platforms because regardless of what
anybody’s opinions are of them, they will be the currency of our society for a very long time. You figuring out how to use it? Let me give you a couple
things about social that might matter for
somebody who’s out there and is getting judged because one thing I have so
much respect for you guys is regardless of how great you are, you’ve got multiple moments
of people booing you at scale. Right? Like one thing I love about athletes is if they get to the right place mentally, they’re in a place where they’re
always ready to get booed. I genuinely think the reason
I’m super successful is because I got booed my whole life. I was an immigrant, couldn’t
speak English, got booed. I was a fucking terrible student a couple miles away from
here, got booed, right? I’m small as fuck and not good
enough at sports, got booed. I got booed at everything which
made me a great entrepreneur because I’m ready to get booed. I love being booed. I love Ls. The reason I love the
Jets and Knicks so much is they haven’t won shit. I grew up a huge Yankees and Rangers fan. As soon as they won a title, I was out. I’m about the climb. I love losses, I love pain. I’m serious, I love it. And so I think once you figure out how to mentally embrace taking an L. But real quick on that front, on social I watched so many kids that I’m looking at watching them progress have a terrible game, throw four picks, delete their shit. Delete it. Hit me up on DM, I’m gonna, “Gary Vee, I’m gonna detox off Insta. “I know we’ve been talking but
like off this game last week, “I’m done, I’m coming back in October.” And I always think about that shit. And we all have to figure out our relationship with technology but here’s how I take it from my purview. I think people get too
high when they get cheered. I think the reason people struggle when people shit on them in comments is because they’re taking
other people’s opinions way too serious. The best way to be able
to help take care of and deal with people shitting
on you is not getting too high when they’re giving you accolades. When I watch videos like that, when people give, right
now I’m on that place where I get so much
love, I don’t hear them. I really don’t. I understand, I appreciate
it feels humbling as fuck, you know, but I don’t hear ’em. I still think I suck, I’m grinding, I’m in the process, it’s early. Which is why when people shit on me, and they do a lot because when
you’re out there like that, that’s just how it is, I can’t hear them either. And so one thing I would consider is actually using social media’s
negativity and judgment as an ability to actually absorb it. Create a framework where
you can actually accept both pros and cons at scale instead of running away from it. Every time I see somebody
shutting down and deleting, I get nervous because I
don’t see it as a detox for 99% of the people I talk to. I see it running away from judgment. And judgment is the
only thing I promise you that you’ll have for the rest of your life and that you have had. So I’m offense. You know, this might be too old
school of a sports reference but some of the coaches
might remember this. Back in the day, there was a really famous
basketball college team, Loyola Marymount, that had Hank Gathers who unfortunately passed
away during a game. It was real crazy in
the culture back in 89. But every time I think about that team, it’s how I think about my life and how I think about
myself as an entrepreneur. They were winning college
basketball games like 147 to 132. They were just run and
shoot, they were just, they just pushed it. Their games were crazy and
that’s how I think about life. I think too many people
are playing defense. I think too many people are trying to win like the 94 Knicks, like 79 to 76, and I’m out here trying
to win 149 to 146 offense. Because once you stop hearing judgment and you’re not actually worried about what people have to say, you can just go fast,
you start doing shit. Do you know how many of
you right now in this room have a real passion for some
shit that isn’t cool right now and so you’re just not doing it yet it’s exactly the right thing? The amount of friends
I had back in the day that loved video games but got off of it because they didn’t see a career for it or even at one time, believe it or not, video games was dorky shit, who now regret at 40 because
they were fucking great at it and they could be the Tony
Hawk of esports right now? They could have been that OG
but they just didn’t see it because they were worried about judgment and they didn’t realize the world evolved. That gets me into my final point and then we can get into
real specific questions. Whatever your, you know,
the biggest eye-opener for AJ going into the football business, like as hardcore fans as we’ve been, is how close we’ve been
to teams and owners. The owner of the Miami Dolphins
is my business partner. Like as close as I’ve been to it, now that I’m really, really in it, I just can’t believe how many of you don’t fully love the game. It’s just your ticket,
it’s just your process. It’s amazing. I don’t throw that as judgment, I think that’s fucking fresh. Like it makes sense to me. Like I love it so much and
I so wish I could, right, that I was naive and did what
I always make fun of people, like focus group of one. It has been eye-opening to how many people actually don’t love it, they were just blessed. See, I got real, real, real lucky. The luckiest shit on earth
is the thing you love is the thing that you’re best
at, and I think that’s me. Like when I was six, I
wanted to wash people’s cars. When it snowed and we had snow days here, I was shoveling snow, not
making snowmen, right? Like literally I don’t know
how many of you follow me but if you see what I’m
doing in garage sale-ing around here in Jersey, like
I’m not doing that for show, I fucking love it. Like I’d rather wake up on
Saturday at six in the morning and drive to fucking, you know, McCutcheon’s town-wide garage sale and buy some shit for a dollar and sell it for 11 bucks on eBay. That fucking gives me way bigger of a high than fucking almost anything
besides watching a Jets game. That is literally
probably my favorite thing except a Sunday in the fall. And so that gets me to my final point. If you’re sitting here right now and you’re real, real fucking
passionate about something that doesn’t have to do with the four walls we’re in right now, you need to lean into that shit. Because that’s the thing
the internet’s doing. The amount of people that
can make a real living around having a podcast or a vlog or flipping shit they love versus getting a job they fucking hate, and they can make as much
or around the same much around having a fucking
podcast around Fortnite versus going and working in finance ’cause they interned this
summer in Wall Street and they think that’s where the money is. That shit I know nobody here believes but I’ve been saying it for a decade and I’m watching it
every day and it’s real. And so I highly recommend,
like I’m really hopeful. Like honestly when I come,
just to put into context, including the left side here, when I come to these rooms, honestly I’m real realistic. I’m just hoping to penetrate
one head, one dome. I’m aware that like I’ll come
in, it’ll be a good talk, it’ll be cool, you know, some
friends that think I’m cool, you think I’m cool, it’s great. I’m hoping. But God, I’m hoping to get
through one person’s head on some of these things because I know I see shit
that other people don’t, that’s been my calling card. And so I hope you’ve been
really listening, I really do. And I hope we can like add on to like, like right now what I’m trying to set up for the coaches too, like I’m trying to set up context. I’d love to like, by the
way if you have context, I mean like what to invest in next, how do I grow my following? I want to create, what I’m doing on this
little rant is permission and safety for you to
ask your actual question that’s running through your head. Because I think the Q and A part, at least three or four
times I’ve done this has always been the part that really has brought the most value and I want to bring value. So, damn, it sucked that bad? (laughs) I get it, I’m kidding. So yeah, thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. (audience applauds) I left a lot of time for Q and A. Like the three or four times
I’ve done this with teams, pro and in college, like I
just get so many DMs after like I wish I asked this,
I wish I asked this. So I’m gonna leave a little more time. I got off (mumbles) so let’s go with it. Three two. What’s your name, man? – [Ron] Ron Edwards. You said we should take advantage of leverage and stuff
and use social media, but what do you say to
someone who’s like lowkey and doesn’t like putting
their business out there? Doesn’t like having everything out there just for everybody else to see? Like what do you say to people like that? – So check me, right? Like I’m putting out 100
pieces of content a day, right? Like I’m really at the tippy-top right now and there’s not a fucking
photo of my family or kids on the internet. Like I don’t share more than half my life. What I would say is you control it. That’s what’s great about
social versus the media. Star-Ledger is gonna say
what the fuck they want. You control none of that. You control your social. Now you may not want to show anything and I’m cool with that too but you’re your PR agent on that platform. Now don’t confuse that with
being full of shit on it because people will sniff that out. Everybody’s faking it till they make it. I mean, people are doing all sorts of crazy shit on Instagram. Like jumping fences at private, private plane places’
biggest problem right now is people jumping fences to take a photo acting like they took a private flight. So that shit’s never gonna
work ’cause everybody, look, you saw Bow Wow get exposed. Like people get exposed. Don’t go there but the good news is if
you’re introverted and quiet, it’s cool. Like first of all, you
don’t have to do it at all. Let’s just start right there. Just ’cause there’s an
opportunity doesn’t mean you got to do something. There’s an opportunity to
make a fuckload of money going to garage sales in
New Jersey every Saturday. Doesn’t mean you have to but it’s real big. And my big thing is like
especially like if I left here and then like AJ hit me up in October and said “Hey man,
you’ve lit a real flame.” And like what do you mean? He’s like “Man, half the
football team is replying “to everybody on Twitter
about Rutgers football.” That would be amazing because
that would really work. Just thank you. You know, a lot of people
can’t think of what to say a lot of times. Just thank you, thanks for supporting us. Appreciate it, you know? So you’re in control. Don’t do some shit ’cause I said so. It’s all self-awareness. However, you’re in control, right? So if you don’t want people
to know your business, nobody wants that. That’s the beauty of
being able to control it. You control your part. You can’t control somebody
taking a picture when you’re out. That’s just the world we live in. But you can control what you have to say and what picture you want to paint. But make sure it’s truth. – [Man] You said you’d been booed and failed tons of times in your life. One of your biggest failures and how you decided to overcome it? – You know, my failures were
funny because I’m an immigrant so I never do shit that’s like gonna put me
totally out of business. I always got a nest egg. I’m always on like third and a half base. Like I’m never doing something
that’s like over the edge and if this fucks up, it’s
like (mimics explosion). You know? My biggest mistakes have been
the things I haven’t done. I referenced it real quick. If you go read my first
book in 2008, “Crush It.” 2008, I thanked my family
and one random person, Travis Kalanick, who
went on to start Uber, who used to, when me and
AJ started VaynerMedia, used to fly around like in Vegas and shit and just hang out with
us ’cause he had no job. He was in between. Starts Uber. I’m investing like crazy on everything. He asked me to invest in
Uber twice and I said no because I just bought an apartment, I was a little less liquid, I thought it was a side project for him. I also thought Uber was
like a rich man’s game. Like it was originally
like a limo on your phone, so I was like, you know,
how big is that gonna be? And I passed twice. We got in a little bit later, you know, so we did all right. But I mean if I wrote my
normal 50,000, $25,000 check, I probably left in the ballpark of 300 to 800 million on the table. So that’s an L. (audience laughs) And on some real shit,
like I don’t even feel it because what I’ve started
to really learn about myself in the last year or so
is I’m about the process, not the trophies. I’m just about the process. I love my game. I love my game so much. I want to win. I’d like to have that W. But money’s funny, right? Like anybody who doesn’t have it thinks it’s the key to happiness
and they’re super confused and then they say, well, easy
for you to say, you have it. And I was like yo, I didn’t
have it for a long-ass time. I lived in the villas
in Springfield Avenue in Springfield and a shit
fucking apartment until I was 28, buying nothing, making 40, 50,000 a year, working fucking 90 hours
a week in a liquor store. So I’ve tasted both. So I made a lot of mistakes. I pass on all sorts of shit. I just don’t know what the mistakes are ’cause I say no so much
’cause I’m so fucking busy. What if that one meeting was, you know? Make a lot of mistakes. My man. – [Tyler] Tyler Hayek. – Tyler. – [Tyler] I wanted to know
what’s the best advice you can give for pitching to investors? – So when pitching to investors, Tyler, the biggest mistake all
the kids are making now is they’re pandering to the VC
so the whole deck is made with like, you know what it is if you’re asking me this question. Every number you’re gonna
pitch me, you’re making up. Right, you have some
finance kid or parents or you looked up on the internet
of how to project numbers. It’s all projections and
people sniff out bullshit. So my advice is going real as fuck and be like yo, I really
want to make this company. I have no idea. I can give you, here, here, here’s a slide that says year one will lose a million, year two will lose five
million, year three, you know. But like shooting it
straight with investors I think really, really, really
is a countermove right now because in my game and
the investment world, like people are just full of shit. Everybody thinks they’re a founder. The biggest reason I stopped investing in the last three years and do
it like once or twice a year is back in ’06 when I,
the first three companies I invested in were Facebook,
Twitter, and Tumblr. That was easy for me because
I believed in social media and the kids were actually founders because they were nerds,
like straight nerds, like real nerd shit. Now it flipped. Now the coolest thing you
can be is a fucking founder. Now an entrepreneur sits
with a rapper and an athlete, so now everybody is one because entrepreneurship is hidden. You know what’s amazing
about sports and rap? It’s not hidden. You could tell me you’re the best but the fucking merit of the
game is gonna spit it out. You could tell me you fucking
got the best fucking flow and you can spit it but
the market’s gonna decide on SoundCloud and Spotify. Entrepreneurship, people are hiding. Like yo, I’m a founder. They put that shit in
their Instagram, CEO, and they’re not doing jack shit. You could be an entrepreneur. Being a successful entrepreneur
takes time to weed out. So real direct honesty,
real direct honesty. Like I don’t know in a
pitch or I’m not sure is the number one thing. Because I take meetings
just to stay fresh, just to do favors, and I laugh when I ask questions
that I know the answer to and they try to front
and I’m like game over. My man. What’s your name? – [CJ] CJ. – CJ. – [CJ] I had a question
about like beginners who are trying to like learn investment and trying to start thinking
of money or (mumbles). – Give me a starting point. ‘Cause the the biggest reason I got into the garage sale flipping
thing is so many people like yo, Gary, I want to make more money. And what they’re really saying is how do I make as much
money as fast as possible? That’s what people really say. Like yo, I got 1,000 but I need 4,000. I got 10,000, I want 100,000. And they want it quicker
because like for example, if you’ve got any money and
you want to be investor, go buy Facebook and
Amazon and Netflix stock. Because the next five, seven, nine years, they’ll be better. There you go. But nobody wants to buy
something at 200 bucks a share and in five years, it’s 300 a share. But it’s guaranteed. It’s better than putting
it on red or black. On the flip side, the quickest
way I know how to make money from like a small base under
10,000 bucks, like 100 bucks, is flip life. Flip life, bro. Do you understand that if you
went to the fucking Walmart or Target close by and just
scan shit on your eBay app and Amazon app, you could find arbitrage, something that’s on the clearance aisle at Target at 25 bucks that
sells on eBay for 60 bucks? But you know what everybody says. But what about the fuel,
what about the eBay costs, what about the work for me how to ship it? And I always reply, yeah, work. Better than working at
fucking White Castle for six bucks an hour. So on some real shit
too, flipping is crazy. Like going to Goodwill and buying a jersey for two bucks and 70 cents
and selling it for 19 or 25 on Facebook Marketplace
or eBay or Poshmark. You know, flipping. I’m fucking pushing it
hard because it’s real. And the best part is
like when I look at this, like you just have to be willing to see, my biggest advantage is I’m dirty. I’m dirty. I don’t give a fuck what people think. Do you know how many people when I put out these garage sale videos, my homies in Silicon Valley and Hollywood and Wall Street like
players are DMing me shit, like half of them are like this is the best shit I’ve ever seen, but half of them are like you know, you’re making yourself look stupid. I’m like to who? To you, fuck you. (audience laughs) I’m serious. To what? You’re judging me? You’re a fucking idiot. I think it’s stupid that
you’re golfing for nine hours. AJ, I know you love golf myself. Like you know? Like I don’t want to golf. Fuck you, Malibu Don, you’re surfing. I can’t surf. Fuck that shit, it’s stupid. I don’t want to waste
four hours trying to surf. I want to go to somebody’s fucking garage like I did a couple months ago and buy a bunch of
Olympic pins for 20 bucks and flip ’em on eBay for 4,000. I bet a bunch of people
here only got 20 bucks, be pumped as fuck to turn into 4,000. On some hours that you wasted playing 2K and listening to DaBaby’s album 10 times. (audience laughs) (laughs) I fucking love that guy. But the best part about
music is you can listen to fucking DaBaby’s fucking mixtape while you list that shit on eBay. You know how much dumb
time you guys waste? Professional athletes in
college, busy as shit? Fuck you, you got time. You know you got time. Fucking chasing skirts
and playing video games. Put in work! – [Man] How do you start
building your brand, branding yourself? – That’s a great question. My biggest thing and
like if you like what, how many people here follow
me on Instagram a little bit? So I really appreciate it. So you might know this. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in last six months to a year, I’ve been showing the old
clips from 10 years ago when I was a little more
chubby, had a little more hair, little blacker hair, and I’m doing that to show people, bro, I’ve
been doing this everyday for a fucking decade and
only now I’m popping. So how do you do it? Put out content of everything. This is, if you start looking, I’m laying out the blueprint
for you here right now. How do you do it? The best way to build a brand when you’re fucking remarkable athlete that got to play fucking
D1 football is to talk about your love for drama,
is to talk about the fact that you love ice cream, is the fact that you’re
really interested in wine, or really, really good
at old-school Nintendo, or really understand fucking
Southside Atlanta rap, and here’s your opinion on who’s next. That’s what I’m doing for the people that
have been following me. Because I really know a lot about hip hop, like I’m bringing Gunna
and Meg Thee Stallion and all these people before they blow and then everyone’s like
why is that old white dude always know what’s happening? Mike Boyd, he’s got his ear
to the street, that’s my guy, but like besides that. So like I think the best
way to build your brand is to put shit out on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, start a vlog. You know, there’s a kid at
the University of Texas, Colin Johnson, I see having
a vlog as a receiver. But you know you see what
he’s like put a blog. But you got to do what’s good for you. Maybe two or three of you start a podcast. Just record that shit
on your phone, post it. Like you got to make, you got to do. You know, it’s fun to talk to athletes because a lot of my analogy
and business class is like you can’t read about push-ups. You can fucking watch film all day. Until you put the work on
the field, that’s the game, and that’s how I think
about building your brand. You can come up with strategies,
you can read all my books, you can watch all my videos, but until you start putting
out videos and pictures and written words on all these platforms, you’re doing nothing. What I’m trying to do
is give you permission to talk about the shit
that’s really in your soul, not what you’re supposed
to be talking about. Give me a 300 pound offensive
lineman in college football starting to make content about opera? That fucking kid’s gonna blow up because it’s not what you expect. So the thing you’re most into or the thing that you know the most about, putting out those posts, you can’t imagine how much
upside there is about that. My man. – [Richard] Richard (mumbles). – I’m sorry, my man, one more time. No, he’s good. – [Richard] I wanted to know,
how did you get yourself through the roadblocks? – I just don’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks about me ’cause they don’t know
who the fuck I am inside. Like how can I value your opinion about me if you don’t know me? Like my mom knows me the best
in the world, she’s my hero, and she doesn’t know everything about me. It’s real easy to not let judgment come in when you have empathy for the other person and know they’re just seeing a clip of you or just one moment of time. They don’t know you. Everybody’s slow because they
value other people’s opinions. I just have no time for that. Mainly on some weird shit. You know what I really, I mean, I was always that way but
where I went to 100 was when all these famous people started dying and we gave a fuck on
Twitter for like a day and then we don’t give a fuck no more. Lot less people talking
about my man Nipsey now. That’s only been a couple months. And it just fucked with me. I’m like, man, I’m trying
to do all these things. Like we’re just human beings. Like my grandma passed a couple weeks ago and like buried her in
Woodbridge and like I don’t know, it’s not on my mind that much today. That’s just life. So it got real easy
for me to like navigate because I’m like what, I’m really gonna value somebody
else’s opinion about me when they don’t know? I got one life. My friends, do you know how
rare it is to have a life? The odds right now currently
that science accepts for the odds of actually being
alive is 400 trillion to one. There’s no shit you’ll
ever do in your life that is more ridiculous than the fact that you even have one. And people out here crying
about what they don’t have or what’s fucked up with
society or what they can’t or what, just complaining. And the biggest thing,
bro, nobody gives a fuck. Like it sucks. You know, one of my
grandfathers spent almost, actually spent 10 years in jail, and one spent a couple months, both for just being Jewish in Russia. You know? And like the reality of
like my parents growing up in the Soviet Union, I realized like nobody
gives a fuck, right? Like doesn’t mean there isn’t
racism, sexism, suppression, it’s just that what? Like we’re just in control of our shit and that’s how I think. I’m in control of my shit and I don’t give a fuck what
you think and I just go. And so getting through roadblocks is easy. It’s, you know, how many
people seen Rocky IV? The one with Drago? Real quick, just raise
your hands real quick, I’m just curious for the reference. Okay. Rocky IV, for a couple of
you didn’t raise your hand, Rocky’s fighting the Russian dude. He goes to Russia, he beats him, right? At the end of it, there’s a scene that
nobody ever talks about. I googled the shit. But for me, I can’t stop
thinking about it 25, 30 years later. At the end, Drago loses
and he grabs the mic, and this is when the
Cold War was going down, like Russia and America hated each other. It’s like terrorism
now for America, right? Like real like shit. At the end, he grabs the
mic after he took an L and he goes fuck all of you basically. He goes “I’m in the ring for me. “This is my L, not Russia’s
L to America, mine.” And that’s how I think about this shit. I’m not worried about your judgment. When I lose, that’s my L. I don’t care about your opinions of my L. I would have been a real good quarterback. Like next play, like I just don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I’ll throw nine picks and
still fucking win the game if you let me stay in, you know? (audience laughs) Like that’s how I think. That’s how I think as a human, that’s how I think as an
entrepreneur, you know? It’s just like I always
think about like the things in the mental makeup that I had that would have made me
really good at sitting here. It’s like next fucking play, what? People boo and what? Coach is gonna yell at
me on Tuesday on film? I don’t have time for that right now, I gotta fucking next play. That’s life. Nobody cares that your
fucking mother was fucked up. Nobody cares where you came, nobody cares. Like of course people care but
they can’t do shit about it. You don’t like it, move. Go to Sweden. (audience laughs) I don’t know that reference
but I’m glad I hit it. Go ahead. – [Man] Couple Swedes here. – Got it. – [Man] In terms of that investment side. If you were to start today, what would be like the comfort
level in terms of bankroll and then what industries
would you look at? – You know, thanks for sitting in, guys. What’s super devastating
about when I hit Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr is I had very little, I had money because this is a good story, this might help you guys. So I wasn’t making that
much money in my 20s at the liquor store. I was pouring it all back
into building Wine Library, so but even though I was making
like 60,000, 55,000, 63,000, I was saving. I was living like I was making 30. And that’s why I had a little nest egg. When I saw my moment, I struck. That’s where everybody fucks up. Everybody lives 25 to
100% more than they have. That credit card fucking game. All, by the way, back
to the last question, because they want to buy the new Supremes to flex on Instagram for people that they actually
don’t even fucking like. It’s the most fucked up framework, keeping up with the
Joneses is fucking broken. People buying chains they
can’t afford to look, I mean it’s crazy, it’s crazy. So I was fucking saving, so my comfort level was every dollar I had on some shit I believed in. I wasn’t an investor when I
invested in those three things. I was just taking an opportunity. Later when I became an
investor and had more money, I got dumb. I started losing because my level of
comfort was greater, right? I was being looser. You know, like when you go to the casino, you win a little something,
you got a little house money, you get stupid. You change what got you there. And so that’s what happened there. I would say your level
of comfort has to be it going to zero because
99% of companies fail. Whatever you are super thrilled to go and have disappear off
the face of the earth, that’s your number. Especially when you don’t have a fuckload. Even when you have a fuckload. That’s how I bet now. I’m rich now but I still bet, when I write that check, I’m like zero. That’s why I’ve never had a crazy failure. ‘Cause a lot of people write a check, like okay, but this is
gonna get me to my million or my Maserati and then they hope. This is the worst fucking
strategy of all time. You like that one? I like that one too. My man. – [Mike] I’m Mike Tverdov. And when you were growing your business, you talked about how
you really like worked all the time and whatnot? When you hit roadblocks, did you have any
self-doubts and if you did, like how did you respond to that? – You know, I don’t want to
bullshit you, I really didn’t. I was on a fucking mission. Like I didn’t care my friend, you know, like all my friends when I got into my 30s started getting some press,
shit started happening, everyone’s like yo, you know, I grew up when there was like no internet so like I’ve high school friends from Northland High
School in Harlan County started reaching out to me saying like, “Oh, you’re so lucky” or this. I’m like motherfucker, I’m not lucky. I’m like you remember fucking 1999 when you went to the Jersey
Shore and banged chicks? I fucking worked. So like I was just in my fucking
cocoon, bro, like for real. You know? Like just in it. And so like I’m trying
to get back to the point that I was talking with my man, like roadblocks are self-imposed based on judgment from other people. Think about, you know what,
this is perfect analogy. Think about how many times
you guys get banged up on plays during games that so many people
would take themselves out and not play at all. Oh, fucking hit it. That you know, when you get
banged, like football’s crazy. You guys are getting banged
up on every fucking play. And think about the tolerance. You guys all know everything. You know the kid in this room who gets chipped up a
little bit and is out and you know the person
that’s on this team right now, they’ll break their fucking back and play. But for normal people like me, I’m like every play would get me out. That’s how I was as an entrepreneur. The shit that I think
people think of roadblocks, do you know what it feels
like to be 26 years old, have people that you went
to high school with come to your liquor store,
look you dead in the face as they pulled up in their BMW, and say “Oh, you work for your dad?” And then you ring them up
on their case of champagne that they’re gonna use for their party and you bring it out to their car and put it in their trunk and they look you in the face with pity? I lived that life and the
way I took that scene was I’ll see you in 10 years, motherfucker. (audience laughs) That’s how. – [Ryan] I’m Ryan Cassidy. I just have a quick question. I know you have a pretty
amazing background, I mean, just to get to where you are now, what were your core values
over the course of that time? I know you don’t give
a fuck about anything. – No, that was one clearly. (audience laughs) I’ve established that. I’ve established that. Yeah. Gratitude. On that 400 trillion to
one thing, I’m grateful. Straight up. Like I don’t know what else to say, like you might have not been born, right? Like your dad could have been late to the apartment that day. Like I’m some real shit. Like I don’t think people
would contextualize perspective like what? Like you’re alive. You could’ve been a tree. You could, like right? (audience laughs) Like this is cool, like life is good. Like it’s cool to have one. That’s number one. One of the biggest things for
me is being the bigger person. I hate conflict ironically. Like I’m a tough guy when I have the mic and nobody else can talk but in real life, I like like happiness and like vibes and like so like I’ve
eaten shit my whole life. Like kids stole hundreds of
thousands of dollars from me in the liquor store, like
literally like I found a way for him not to go to jail for a long time. Like you know, like just
being the bigger person has been a core principle of mine. Not valuing money over family and like happiness has been huge. Fuck money, like really. You can not care about money more when you don’t care
about what people think about your money. You know? Dude, patience. Like I’ve talked a lot of shit and I’m sure a lot of
people like gonna walk away not giving a fuck or flip
life or what have you. Like if you leave with
anything, if I had my choice, it would be holy shit, I’m
gonna live four more full lives and no matter how crazy what
I think about right now is and like what I want to
accomplish on or off the field, like I got four fucking lifes to do it. Like you guys know Grey Goose? The guy who invented
that as an entrepreneur invented it at 78. Sidney Frank, 78 years old, you know? Life is like sports. Like one of the great
moments of my life with AJ is the Monday night miracle
at the Meadowlands with the Jets Dolphins. That shit was 30 to seven
in the fourth quarter and they won, they came all the way back. My cousin left, went home
to Queens, went to sleep. I called him when they tied it at 30 and said can you believe this shit? He’s already sleeping. He left that game and was
already sleeping in Queens. I was like what are you
talking about, hung up, and then the Dolphins fucking scored, they made it 37-30, and we fucking blamed Bobby for waking up. But like that’s life. Like you could do everything wrong, have every dream you’ve
ever had get fucked up, blame it on other people. The girl fucked it up,
that injury fucked it up, coach fucked it up. Blame everybody, have everything go wrong, be 57 years old and still
have fucking 40 years to make it right. It’s crazy, honestly. Like if there was some crazy new drug that I could like inject in you that gave you perspective
of time, you guys too, that’s the drug I would give you. Straight up. It makes you optimistic. People sitting here dwelling already, dwelling already, fuck, I
shouldn’t come to Rutgers, fucking knew it. Of course there’s people thinking that. Like that’s just real life. Dwelling already, haven’t
even fucking started. Man, that’s what I want to change. My man. – [Man] What’s your honest
opinion about real estate? – I don’t love real estate,
AJ loves real estate. Like real estate, my
opinion, doesn’t mean shit. Real estate has proven itself
over the last 200 years to be a wise long-term investment. I just don’t get my nut off on it. Like I don’t like it
that much, it doesn’t, but I would easily tell
you that that’s wrong. It just doesn’t make me happy. But if you like it, it’s a
great thing to lean into, but it’s about patience. You may come out of school
and the market may collapse ’cause it circles, you know? – [Man] I was gonna say like you know how everybody can be like
a guest speaker like you, all the speakers in the world. Like what makes you different? And how did you know that
you were gonna be different from everybody else that speaks? Because anybody can
stand up there and talk. – I think because I didn’t
start talking until I was 34 and actually accomplished something, so I wasn’t talking in theory. I only talk about shit I’ve done, which made me very confident and I only speak about things I’m doing. I think the reason I feel
confident is two reasons. One, I watched so much Eddie
Murphy and Richard Pryor and Chris Rock growing up that somehow I embraced
an entertainment style of when I talk that works. And number two, I stay in my lane. I only talk about shit I know. I watch so many speakers talk in theory, talk from an academic standpoint. Like they read shit, I do shit. And then I talk about it. Like I’ll tell you everything
about TikTok right now because I do it. So entertainment and not fronting. My man. – [Man] What’s the point
in your life before now where you feel like you
had the most leverage? – Right this second. The question is when do I feel like I had the most leverage prior to now? Yesterday. You know, like this is
my leverage point, right? Like I was one of the first 100 people to have a million followers
on Twitter but it was 2007 and the world hadn’t
been on social media yet. So when I repeated it over the last year or
two on Instagram, right? Right now you know that
Instagram blue check, that following count, that’s
currency, that’s leverage. So right now. And my plan, my man, is to make the way I just answered you that
question that same answer until the day I fucking die. Right now, yesterday. Right now, yesterday. But I’m a marathon runner. That kid, by the way, that
came to my dad’s liquor store at 26 and flexed on me, losing. Life is a marathon everybody
out here is trying to sprint. (mumbles) That’s a good
Instagram post, let’s get that. (audience laughs) My man. – [Billy] I wouldn’t say
I’m an unmotivated person but I don’t think I have
quite like similar passion like you talked about, so what would your advice be on finding something like that? – What’s your name? – Billy.
– Billy. I think it’s a game of tasting. Like the biggest thing I want
for everybody in this room is to taste shit. Like do random shit. Like go skateboard, go
cook, go try flip life, go fucking put out a fucking song, like I don’t fucking
know, like taste shit. Like in your 20s, you gotta taste. You know, and that’s the biggest mistake that people, you know, like make. They’re trying to like figure out, everybody’s got so much pressure
to like have it figured out when they come out of school, like it’s time to be real in real life and all that shit’s fucking stupid. 22 to 30 should be experimenting. Fucking travel if you like and people like well, I don’t have money. I’m like you can still travel. You can get a bullshit
fucking plane ticket, you can take a bus, like do shit. So I think you’re not gonna
find what you fucking like. It’s like food. I’m always fascinated by oysters. The amount of people that
think they hate oysters even though they’ve never had one, I see so many people living life that way. You don’t know your passion ’cause you haven’t done shit, Billy. How much shit have you actually done yet? Not much, my man. So like you got to go try shit. (audience laughs) Not just Billy, all you fuckers! Like you’re just happy you
weren’t Billy right now but it’s the same fucking
answer to all of you.

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