EURO 2016: Ricardo Guadalupe talks about Hublot’s football strategy

EURO 2016: Ricardo Guadalupe talks about Hublot’s football strategy

To create a buzz around the Hublot brand
we really needed to do something totally different and new that nobody had done before So we started thinking about sports and we noticed that there were no luxury watch brands in football. So we first got involved
with the world of football in 2006 then we decided that the EURO 2008 in Switzerland really should have a Swiss watch brand as sponsor And gradually we realized that football is a tremendously popular sport,
it reaches a lot of people. And not only our consumers,
but also our future consumers because young people really
identify with football today. So through that we though
we would also be building links with tomorrow’s consumers. So football is attractive from two perspectives:
the present and the future. Our idea to really get people
talking about the Hublot brand was to be present on the fourth official’s board. We estimate that during a match we have about 20 minutes of visibility for the brand reaching a total audience of billions. That was the first objective. Then came activation around the EURO 2016. Here’s the Palais Royal the kickoff of our activation with this event: Diego Maradona and Pelé
at the Palais Royal in Paris. Fantastic! We invited over 1,000 people
for the different sites. And what we wanted to do was share with our customers and our journalist friends a little of the unique French art de vivre,
since we’re in France of course. We’ll be able to share amazing experiences with all the people that we invited.

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