Eriskay – The Most Unique Football Pitch In The World? | A View From The Terrace


It’s pretty much if you’re from Eriskay,
you play for Eriskay Eriskay is a small island on the west coast
of Scotland Small Population. It’s got a few unique
features about it Upon the island there’s a pub, a shop, a
community hall, a church, couple of beaches And our football pitch as well Fifa recognised the pitch as one of the most
unique places to play football in the world Bit bizarre but I’m Sean MacKinnon. Manager and player of
Eriskay Football Club I stay in Eriskay, just in a wee housing scheme Over the years a lot of previous managers
have also played So I’ve sort of learned from them. Like
Cherry People call me Cherry, I don’t know why
but it’s been like that since I was a wee boy so I’m Cherry McCauley It’s hard to play football in Eriskay because The conditions aren’t always ideal The pitch is different from most pitches most
people have played on before It’s er, it’s not exactly flat There’s a wee hill in the corner, and the
top half is a wee bit higher than the bottom half It’s right on the edge of a really steep
hill and it’s really exposed to elements as well You can;t slag the pitch off because it’s
a recognised pitch from Fifa so You can play football anywhere If you can’t play football on a wee bumpy
pitch you shouldn’t be playing This time of year when we’re starting to
get prepared for the season The animals have been on it all winter so
first job of pitch maintenance is shit clearance Got to line the pitch as well, and fill in
all the rabbit holes and the goal, Maintain the goals themselves, and the nets
because it gets really windy up there so they can get ripped We play in the Uist and Barra League and it’s
got six teams in it In terms of numbers we’re the smallest team
in the league We’ve got the smallest pool of players to
pick from It’s a struggle for everybody at the moment
because I think less and less people seem to be playing football but The majority of our players are from the island Our most skillful player is probably Dominic
McCally Our youngest player is Liam MacKinnon Our oldest player at the moment is probably
my uncle, Ron Mackinnon Our dirtiest player, most people will probably
say me Sean is like my golden boy when he was a bit
smaller Well he wasnae small but From Ron the oldest to Liam the youngest everyone
is equally as committed Eriskay FC was formed in the late 50s We’ve had some success in the past. Mainly
in the 60s when they won the league I think maybe a couple of times They like to remind us. Quite regularly, some
of the old guys around Come here you little tosser ye Football means a lot to the island It’s good for the community and the community
supports it Not just coming up towards the games but financially
as well Couldn’t run without the community What team on that pitch? Probably get Barcelona down to our level on
that pitch But, probably to keep everybody happy it would
have to be Celtic Majority of us are Celtic fans on the island There’s a minority Of one Rangers fan I think I would have to go for the famous
Glasgow Rangers I do this because I love the club And the Island I’d keep it going for as long as I can

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