England 7-0 Montenegro – Tammy Abraham Post Match Interview – Subtitles

England 7-0 Montenegro – Tammy Abraham Post Match Interview –  Subtitles

It’s a dream come true, I’ve always grown up watching England, to be here today and to get my first goal means the world to me Yeah it’s just about you know maintaining that you know not just the rest of the season for many years you know hopefully God willing, yes I’ve always believed in myself to score goals you know there’s still a lot of my game I need to develop but you know I can’t complain it’s going well, you know of course there’s gonna be a lot of praise you know just have to stay focused you know use some bits but use some bits to lift myself as confidence so just going into every game just go out there believe in myself, block everything out and just focus, to be the top level you need this you know just always believe in yourself even in the tough times just keep going just keep trying, yeah that’s going to be a tough one, I’ve been speaking to Raheem about it you know right now we’re in a good place at Chelsea so there’s no reason why we can’t go there and you know do well and get points, yeah you know what it’s been a dream for all of us you know I remember standing out there in a Champions League pitch in Lille you know talking to Mason ??? playoff finals last year now we’re in a Champions League game together you know you can only dream of moments like this but you know we to get our heads around it we are where we are today because of hard work you know the desire to and the hunger so we have to keep that going, just bigger dreams hopefully you know that’s obviously being at the Euros and winning it, that’s being top four or top two in the Premier League, golden boot you know just believing, the skies the limit really You don’t really want a lot do you? Hopefully you know I don’t want to jinx myself but hopefully a lot

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  1. Speaking as the usual bitter Scotsman, this lad carries himself with dignity and intelligence and is a credit to his footballing country. All the best to him!

  2. given chelsea's history with black players, do they disown Tammy's goals. Man's outscoring his NATIONAL CAPTAIN in the league. looooool.

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