End soft justice on knife crime demand grieving families – News 247

End soft justice on knife crime demand grieving families  – News 247

 They want tougher sentences and a change in the law to allow the prosecution to appeal when defendants accused of murder go free The family of one victim Ryan Passey, 24, backed the call as they took part in the march and a charity football match in Stourbridge, West Midlands, yesterday  A teenager accused of killing the popular amateur footballer walked free last year, although he admitted stabbing him   On the march was Ryan’s mother Gillian and his father Adrian, 55, who said: “I miss him and his smile so much He was my only son and I will never get the chance to just call him up or go to the pub with him ever again   “I go to Stourbridge football club every Sunday and watch all the other lads come in off the pitch But my boy doesn’t and it breaks my heart every time.  “We set up events like this to bring other families and the community together who all have the same dream as us which is to get justice for our loved ones   “As a family we have to carry on and it has made us stronger, but we are not going to stop campaigning for Ryan until we get justice ”  In a final tribute the families laid flowers on a giant football shirt with Ryan’s name on   He bled to death after he was stabbed at a nightspot in Stourbridge in 2017.  But the 19-year-old accused of attacking him was cleared of murder and manslaughter at Birmingham Crown Court last year The teenager admitted stabbing him but said it was an accident. Campaigners were outraged   Also pressing for a change in the law is Emma Caley-Taylor, following the acquittal of the man accused of stabbing her son to death   Jordan Taylor, 25, was killed in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, in 2017.  A 19-year-old was cleared of murder and manslaughter at Bristol Crown Court six months later, after claiming self defence   And Dawn Lewis, 51, choked back tears as she told how her husband Giovanni was fatally stabbed in Birmingham in 2016   He was knifed 22 times but Jammal Chase was cleared of all charges at Birmingham Crown Court in 2018  

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