Einstein Program| SRF TV| Jamil El-Imad |future of attending a football game with virtuallylive.com

Einstein Program| SRF TV| Jamil El-Imad |future of attending a football game with virtuallylive.com

Here we go! The Soccer European Championship has started The time has come again. Worldwide, nine billion fans will be thrilled watching the 51 games of the European Championship Einstein asks: How can it be, that a simple game can mobilize the masses so much? We sent Kathrin Hönegger on a soccer journey in which she will meet professionals who shall explain to her the power of soccer Maybe soccer can even become more powerful I found a place in Zurich where they think beyond A company which promises that the market will watch a football game from a new perspective. They have the ticket that will bring you right onto the pitch. Their ticket is the virtual reality headset And even if the home fans will not find it that spectacular My 3d view was amazing. Click on the entry where the video wall is. Please allow me a minute, I have to enjoy this first! I have never been in the middle of a soccer pitch before! They are even shooting the ball over my head! This is crazy because I am standing in the middle of a soccer pitch This is the first time i see something like this everything is super close to me. Here, we present to you new medium standing between a real live match and a television coverage For this, we use optical tracking of a match. We capture this information live and process it on our server, and this way provide you with this virtual experience. The experience is great, but i would rather instead of being lonely, to watch it with some friends. Jamil explained to me that friends will also be able connect and watch the match with me. I am a bit scared while standing up on this television platform. people with vertigo will find some difficulty standing on this platform let me get of this platform what i have noticed on my trip is that soccer fans are very traditional they love the taste and smell of their bratwurst the atmosphere of a stadium I am missing this here Well, we cannot offer the scent yet but we can already offer the right weather. You are certainly right, you cannot replace the stadium experience. But remember this, the English league has about 500 million fans worldwide. How many of them will ever get the chance to attend a match live in England ? Probably less than one per cent. And what about the other 99 ? We try to offer them the best alternative possible. Take me to the VIP room In here, you can watch live television coverage. on the left i can see the view of the stadium. The VIP lounge looks so real. can i get back to the stadium ? So when will I be able to sit at home and not watch a match on SRF 2 anymore, but on Virtually Live? That is a good question I will tell you when. If you are a techie in a few months. If you are an interested user of new technologies, in about three years. And if you wait until almost everyone else has it, then a few years more. next , we will go on with 10vor10 and Aeschbacher We will meet again on Einstein at the end of August. Until then, I wish all of you an exciting European Championship Have a nice summer, all of you!

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