Eddie the Eagle Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman Movie HD

Eddie the Eagle Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman Movie HD

I was in the hospital for a year when I was a kid. All the doctors said I should give up sports. Where do you think you’re going, young man? The Olympics. You’d better take this. Put your medals in. Thanks, Mum. For as long as I can remember it has been my ambition to become an Olympian. Eddie! You are not an athlete! I just needed to find the right sport. Britain hasn’t had a ski jumper since 1929. I’m going to be a ski jumper. He’s going to break his neck. I’m gonna break his neck. The time to start jumping is when you’re five or six. I heard you were a champion, so I was thinking maybe you can give me a few tips. Give up. There’s one for free. Watch this guy. Number two in the world. And he knew what he was doing. He’s not actually going to jump, is he? You’re not gonna give up, are you? You want your moment, Eddie? You gotta do this for real. Our strategy will best be described as ugly but effective. The Olympics is associated with certain qualities. Excellence. Achievement. They have no desire to associate with defeat. You’re a disgrace to the sport. Good. Personal best! And we’re a disgrace! Mr. Edwards, your jump doesn’t count. Because you just changed the rules. Don’t I have a right to represent my country? No. My dream’s turned into a nightmare. It’s a world that doesn’t want to know ya. So what’s new? The British Olympic Association is trying to stop me. I have to do this. The press all want to hear your story. I was kicked off every team I was ever on before I even got a chance to prove myself. I take jumping very seriously. Nearly as much as proving people wrong. Where do you think you’re going? The Olympics. I thought you might need this. It’s higher than you’ve jumped before. Faster than you’ve gone before. You’re going to break bones. You’re lucky if you can walk again. As your coach, I think you’re crazy. But as your friend… Fly. You’re Eddie the Eagle.

100 thoughts on “Eddie the Eagle Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman Movie HD

  1. I got goosebumps watching this is remember the jump live and everyone watched because they thought he would crash. inspiration the Eagle

  2. I am only going to watch this movie for the following reasons
    1. I've watched kingsman a billion times I have fallen in love with eggsy. literally, I love him.
    2. bc of the storyline
    3. again, because "eggsy" is in it and he was so hot in Kingsman and he was swag af I love him

  3. Eddie the Eagle was great he was a true sportsman. they were a guy called john from port glasgow the spitting image of Eddie the Eagle poor john the moaning git lol was called Eddie from then on. the kids used to shout at John Eddie Eddie and the Eagle at him every were he went john drank Babycham and martini in the same glass lol

  4. Bit confused generally, and by trailer with mobile phone ringtone ski crash! No one had mobiles then except yuppies with brick phones? Was crap trailer! In cinema 15 seconds! This trailer is good! Film was really good! Didn't know his story! Superman died!

  5. I thought this looked terrible. I was wrong. Amazing story, well acted and very inspiring. Worth going to see.

  6. I remember watching Eddie when I was a kid. Seen this movie today. Excellent feel good movie. I thoroughly recommend it and wonder if it will inspire any other British kids to try and beat Eddies British record!

  7. Honestly I felt sorry for Eddie while watching this movie but when he succeeds giving his country his all best I genuinely gave a huge smile. One really good underdog movie.

  8. a very simplistic story, with a HUGE HEART… some times we dont need a sophisticate one… only a story told with basic feelings: do what you heart tell you…

    another movie like this? WARRIOR

    watch it

  9. I saw the real Eddie The Eagle talk today and he said he loved the movie so much. I have to watch it now.

  10. Freaking watched the trailer a long time ago and I didn't know the actor Taron Egerton till I watched Kingsman secret service and now I'm probably gonna watch this next

  11. Am I the only one who got chills from this trailer?
    Btw the movie is amazing and so inspirational. Taron and Hugh are of course incredible.

  12. Saw the greatest showman, knew I recognised Hugh Jackman from somewhere and then finally realise that it was from this movie! What a legend!

  13. Eddie the Eagle…..love the trailer….love the movie as i saw it on the big screen and it on my personal favorite films of all time, get goosebumps every time i seen this trailer

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