Easter Egg: Halo 5 – Soccer

Easter Egg: Halo 5 – Soccer

(theme song) Jeremy: Hey, what’s up everybody? Jeremy: It’s Jeremy and Matt here… Matt: Hey, how’s it going? Jeremy: …in Halo 5 Guardians Matt: Ooh, I have not played this yet. I downloaded it last night. Jeremy: Uh, but don’t worry, this is a footy easter egg. Matt: A little footy? Jeremy: Footy. You know, like soccer. Matt: Oh like, ohhh soccer. Jeremy: Or, or football. Matt: Futbol, they call it. Jeremy: Right, futbol, right. Jeremy: So this is mission 4, which is like a hub mission, there’s certain missions where you don’t fight anyone, you just talk to people. Matt: Who’s the Tron looking dude right there? Jeremy: Uh, oh, I don’t know, who is that? That’s uh, that’s the governor. Matt: Oh, the governor. Jeremy: Yeah, so you talk to, talk to him a few times. But if you run left past him, you’re supposed to go around and talk to people, instead, there is this vending machine right here. Matt: Ooh, there’s a lot of vending machines in this game. Jeremy: There is, we have a Blu soda uh, easter egg already where it pops guns out. This one’s Oranj. Matt: Ahp, Oranj so-, who loves Oranj soda? It’s me… Jeremy: Oh god, do you remember that Goodburgers (unintelligible)? I was so happy. Matt: Oh man. Dude, it was, it was really good, it was good, seeing (unintelligible) back together. Jeremy: Uh, so basically this one’s the same thing, you can click activate. But you gotta click it 10 times. I think it’s 10. Matt: That’s a lot of Oranj soda. Jeremy: Uh, it might have been 9, or 11, or somewhere in there. Around 10. And uh, when you push it enough times, that Mongoose on the left there… Matt: Uh huh, ahp, whoah. (soccer crowd goes wild) Jeremy: Ayy. Both: (laughter) Jeremy: Just pops up a soccer ball. Matt: Just pops a soccer ball. Jeremy: Also, you’ll hear a whistle and a bunch of people cheering. Matt: Oh, that’s awesome. Jeremy: So, now you have a soccer ball to, uh, kinda play around with. So I was uh, kicking this around, and noticed there’s actually a second part to this easter egg. Matt: Oh really? Jeremy: Yeah, just by accident actually. Cuz I was just kind of fucking around with this ball. By the way, you can’t melee, you can’t shoot. Matt: Oh, you can’t do anything to it. Other than just like, bump into it. Jeremy: Well like, in this mission in general, you can’t melee, or shoot, or ground pound. All you can do is the like, boost thing when you hit B. Matt: Could you get in the Mongoose and push it? Or is that like- Jeremy: You can’t, you can’t get in vehicles, that’s just kind of scenery. But there’s actually these 2 sets of traffic cones like, (chuckles) at the end of this area by a big metal door. Matt: Uh huh. Jeremy: And if you push the soccer ball and it goes into the cones… (Yay! Buck: Goal! Goal, goal, goal!) Jeremy: Boosh! Matt: Oh, that’s awesome! Jeremy: And they, and they shoot fireworks out and it makes the uh, Grunt Birthday Party noise. Matt: So, could you effectively play like a 2 v 2 soccer thingy? Jeremy: Absolutely, you definitely could. Matt: Oh, absolutely should do that. Jeremy: And I think we may have to do a Things To Do in that. Matt: Absolutely. Jeremy: Because it works every time. Both: Boop! Boop, boop! (laughter) Matt: That’s so awesome. Jeremy: Yeah, it makes the Yay! noise. I hit it in a few times to see if it would like, do anything. Jeremy: Like if you get to 3 it does something. Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah, a certain amount of points. Jeremy: Nope! Just stays this way for the entire duration of the level. Matt: Dude, you get that Pele move right there. Jeremy: Yeah dude, Buck is actually really good at it. And by that I mean he’s a prick. So he hits it out of the way all the time. But yeah, so this is an easter egg in mission 4, if we find any more, you’ll see them here on Achievement Hunter so make sure to subscribe! Matt: Yeah, check back. Jeremy: Bye! Matt: Bye!

100 thoughts on “Easter Egg: Halo 5 – Soccer

  1. I can just imagine Matt's line of thinking "Cool a soccerball think Ill just play around with it for a while." (some time later) "Oh I can totally kick it in between those cones." (fireworks go off) "wait what."

  2. How the fuck did this turn from fucking around on Halo 5 to a verbal culture war based around extremist political stances? World War III taking place right here.

  3. I love how Matt agrees about doing a Things To Do in it; as if they'd include him now that they've successfully extracted the only entertaining part of the duo. (Yes I mean you Lil J)

  4. Oh wow, I did this by accident and thought the soccer ball was just there by default xD I got really happy because of the H2 reference.

  5. Anyone else try to scan that barcode on the ball? 1:22 is a good angle if you pause just right (play at 0.25 speed on a 60 fps quality to make it easier).

  6. Football, soccer who gives a fuck lets just hate on how much Matt and Jeremy suck instead!
    jk Jeremy I love ya no homo:)

  7. If you press the vending machine as Buck he has this line of dialogue where he screams about wanting a drink. It's really funny.

  8. You mean to tell me that in the new Halo game there is a level where I don't fight anyone and just go talk to people? Good to know we left the Halo franchise in possibly the worst hands. Chief of Duty: Guardians, order today!

  9. Pretty sure this is a reference to Rocket League. Especially since it spawns right in front of the mongoose specifically.

  10. So this isn't AH finding easter eggs its 343 telling them the locations and the tricks right? This game just came out it would be damn near impossible to find them now. What is the point in hiding them? Now they aren't really easter eggs anymore.

  11. This looks like it would make a great things to do video. It would double as an Easter egg and a mini soccer game. Good for co-op, if the mission is indeed co-op.

  12. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    That was a pain in the ass to type into my phone with my off hand.

  13. "I tried it 3 times…"
    Despite the fact that so many other parts of this game have you doing things 10 times…
    (Though, I really doubt they'd go any further with this particular easter egg)

  14. Guys try to activate the 4 terminals at the same time in coop on this map, i think something will happen if you do so.(couldn't test it yet bc noone in my fl completed the story yet :,( )

  15. This is what I like about Achievement Hunter. It's a shame that they didnt stick to their original purpose which was to upload Achievement guides, easter eggs and first looks into games. Now they make pointless videos that belong on the Lets Play channel in my opinion.

  16. Big fan of this game, only 3 complaints though. These hub missions are nonsense, there's about 4 or 5 missions in the game where you can't even shoot, you just walk around. Why even add those in the game? Second, what's with the major split favoring Spartan Locke in the missions? I like him and Team Osiris, but there are 15 missions in the game, and only 3 of them you get to play as the Master Chief. I was expecting an even split like Halo 2, but nope. Finally, where the hell are all of the game modes? The arena launched with 5 game modes, 4 are just variations of slayer and the last one is just a playlist of those 4 slayer variations. They got a lot of things right, but man did they drop the ball in some areas.

  17. The name of that place is liang Dortmund too and Borussia Dortmund is one of the largest clubs in Europe. Nit sure if there is a connection there or it is just a coincidence

  18. I got a crowd cheering "oley oley oley, oley oley" and Locke and Buck talking about how Buck was a football player in his days when i clicked it

  19. that Easter egg is in halo 2 so I thought that the soccer ball is also a reference to halo 2

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