Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

100 thoughts on “Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

  1. Other than stanley the manly's dribble the funniest part is oscar reading the classifides probably looking for another job. Too funny.

  2. I'm sorry….not sorry but all of the people that disliked this video….. you really do sucks…. your humor is very sad….goodbye now

  3. Michael: I’m gonna wear some nice athletic shorts to feel free
    Dwight: Wears mask, sweat pants, and a Hentai T-Shirt

  4. I just finished watching all 9 seasons and I just want to say thank you. For months you've pulled out emotions that would've taken wars for me to feel. The laughs, the cries, and gasps, and the suspense all tied together made this show worthwhile. Even though I am sad I've finished it, I'm also happy because you guys ended it perfectly. Thank you

  5. The "what is wrong with me today" line is delivered so perfectly. Anybody who has ever played a sport has heard that and probably said it. It's like a defense mechanism so people know/think you're usually better, and also lets your teammates know you're frustrated with yourself which tends to make them ease off being frustrated with you themselves.

  6. I love watching The office especially the basketball episode. I made a video that compares the Office players to NBA players. I hope you enjoy it.


  7. If you think about Roy was kinda right to get annoyed, his fiance was cheering for the man who kinda humiliated him lol, that that you should ever get violent.

  8. Basket ball = Netball a Girls game, Base ball = Rounders a girls game, US Football = Rugby with body armour and pads for Sissies. Therefore US = Girls & Sissies.

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