DUDE PERFECT Football Skills Edition | FACEOFF

DUDE PERFECT Football Skills Edition | FACEOFF

What’s up ladies and gentleman, welcome to another episode of… Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Face-off! Anyways hey, going through the airport security they took our little ball rolley deal so we got a new way to pick em here we go; Eenie, minne, miney, mo catch a tiger by his toe If he hollers let him go Yes! Assume your roles! Ladies and gentleman I’m Ned Forrester here live from Buffalo with Cods and Gar and we are here with our first competition, its going to be the catch, don’t catch, challenge Once again I’m Ned Forester “The Golden Boy” [Slapping sound] *hmm* I think his pants ripped! “The Golden Boy” Thats me They made an action figure, and the winner is taking it home “Isn’t that a doll?”… It’s an Action Figure Lets get the competition started. It’s going to be a good night The competition? Do we leave frame? For the first competition our two competitors will be given A series of twelve objects. Six of them you should catch, six of them you should not catch Catch a vase; Although fragile. A pineapple, an egg, money; you always wanna catch money You should catch a birthday cake actually. A Tic-Tac. Will challenge you, physically. A stick of dynamite. Never catch a stick of dynamite. An Iron. A kitchen knife. A black snake. A dart. A hot potato. Whoops its hot. Alright. Lets get started. How you feeling tonight Gar? “We’re gunna catch some objects.” But not all. Not all. Some. Why do you look so nervous? “Because you keep hitting me with that dang thing.” In 3, 2, 1. Birthday cake Vase Pineapple Iron Dynamite Plastic Knife Snake Money Hot Potato Egg Dart Tic-Tac! Alright! Very nice Gar, Very nice. “Was I supposed to eat that?” Alright Gar lets walk through that performance. So the birthday cake. Talk to me about that one. Why did you not feel the need to catch a kids birthday cake. I thought it would be messy, I hate messes. I actually caused more of a mess by letting it fall. The pineapple? It’s a pineapple. Pineapple is a pokey fruit I get it, but It’s not gunna hurt you Okay, let’s walk through the rest of this What happened! You were supposed to catch the egg? “I caught it?” Oh you did? “You musta” “No, no, i caught the egg!” It is broke. (I Know I didn’t break it!) Is that a deduction? Let’s take it to the booth. *whispers* “You broke it,” “Don did you step on it?” “I did” This replay shows that when I dropped it, it cracked. If I stepped on it, it shouldn’t be a deduction. “Sorry bud” Whatever. After further review. Garret initially caught the egg, and then stepped on it later which we’ve decided is not a deduction 9 for 12. Not a bad performance let’s get Cody out here and see how it goes. Codes Mgodes. How’s it goin’ boy? doing pretty good, really excited to get out there and catch some stuff. You know you don’t wanna catch everything. “Hahaha ok that’s right.” I really hope you take home that Golden Boy Ned Forrester action figure. Probably not keeping that. So, uh, here we go Let’s do this. Cody are you ready? Iron Money Kitchen Knife A birthday cake Vase Snake Pineapple Egg Dynamite Dart Hot potato Tic-Tac That’s it! Alright Codes. So how do you think you did? Not great, but not good? You caught a dynamite stick! You caught the money that was good He poked himself with the dart We’re gunna go to the booth and see how many he got correct *Mumbling* “So you got six right” After further review, Cody has correctly identified 6 items After round one Garrett is currently in the lead with nine We will continue the competition. Round two, jugs machine challenge Each member is gunna get 3 balls thrown One from twenty, one from fifteen, one from ten. Little plot twist. They are gunna have vaseline hands It’s time to get messy. Make mistakes, take chances in… Do you wanna know a fun fact Mrs. Frizzles my mom! I am the son of Mrs. Frizzle There she is Mrs. Frizzle. That’s my mom, she drives a school bus. There it is! She’s in the school bus. She’s a school bus driver and a teacher. I don’t know why she does that. I love you mom. Haha “why would you say that?” That is a significant amount of vaseline Okay, let’s get started! Alright Garrett, first attempt from twenty yards. 3, 2, 1… Ohhh very nice, very good catch. This ball is, is ruined. Ok, Alright Cody with the first attempt from twenty yards. Oh he hangs on! It slipped, it tried to slide, oh that was hard! What a catch, great job. After the twenty yard catch both competitors performed phenomenally. But we gotta reapply before the second one from fifteen. May the best man win. Ehhh. It got on the back of my hand That wasn’t a good idea. That wasn’t necessary. Yeeeah Garret Hilbert second attempt fifteen yards 3, 2, 1… OHHHHH! No catch! Alright Cody Jones second attempt fifteen yards. In 3, 2, 1… “No catch!” Oh no the little thingys got all over me What the heck happened? He definitely should of caught that. “I should have, I got rubber stuff all over my hands” After the fifteen yard catch nobody scored any points. This makes for a good lip balm right? Oh there’s turf in there. Scooting up to ten yards. The final ball. Speedy like! I’m gunna getcha! I’m gunna getcha! I’m Ned. Garret Hilbert final attempt from ten yards in 3, 2, 1… Oh, ho, ho, ho. Straight through the hands! I actually though it was gunna get it. There’s no excuses Alright. Cody has a chance to even it up, here in his last catch for ten yards In 3, 2, 1… OHHHHHH! I caught it! “It’s a catch!” “It’s like Elmer’s glue!” See you in the final Gar. Forget the fact that it was the absolute ugliest catch Iv’e ever seen in my life. Did he make a football move? So do I get the points or not? “No point!” Hold on let me go to the booth. After further review… After further review we will give the catch to Cody, even though technically he did not make a football move It comes down to the third competition. The sudden death skeet round. We got Coby and Cory down there tossing skeet. First one to hit it, is the winner Don’t forget what we’re playing for. “A doll.” The winner gets the limited edition, Ned Forrester Golden Boy Hey Cory are you ready? “Ready!” Coby are you ready? “Ready!” And you know the Golden Boy he was born ready. So lets get started! 3, 2, 1… Commence Oh no. We’re horrible Commence the toss. Oh, oh good save Cory. In 3, 2, 1… Toss her up. He said I’m gunna catch it in my shirt this time Give her a toss Ohhhhh my Are you kidding me? How did you manage that one Are you kidding me? Those are also, those pieces are there Coby somehow found a way to lose this battle even though he wasn’t participating. Coby Cotton has been removed from the competition. For… Being Horrible. 3, 2, 1.. toss it up a bit OHHHHH! Got it! The one the only champion of the football skills challenge. Hey, can I get a review? *Mumbling* After further review, the ruling on the field, stands! Cody Jones is the champion! And of course don’t forget, the most important part of it all, the Golden Boy action figure With the winner medal. You can’t take one without the other. Congratulations Cod, congratulations. Thanks for being a part of it, really appreciate that I’m Ned Forrester the Golden Boy signing off for now. Thanks for our friends at State Farm for making this possible To learn more about the State Farm Road House, click here. To see more Face-off videos, subscribe to the whistle right here Signing off for now Cory hit them with a pound it. “Pound it!” Cobs hit them with a noggin. “Noggin!” Cods hit them with a Golden Boy high five. “Got it!” Gar, go long, go long! Ned, hit them with your signature dance move. OW. See you guys! OWWWWWW

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  1. If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks https://open.spotify.com/track/2BiK0tUXWGknsxpHBICioO?si=0UV4Y4amRPitL8-lq0pl-g

  2. "Coby somehow found a way to lose this battle even though he wasn't participating."
    "Coby Cotton has been removed from the competition for being horrible." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Ok first of all this is the first ep why do you call it another ep but I still love your vids! Even if whistle is rec lol


  5. Little did they know, Ned would go on to become the host of the greatest game show in the world, when unfortunat.

  6. I like how he does the picking goes left to right then back but for the last one to get pick he changes it so he is in the video

  7. We kind of knew from the very first beginning of the first season if they were going to hit big there’s nothing like watching friends play sports and be competitive

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  9. I don’t understand how Ned is Mrs. Frizzle’s son because his last name is Forrester?? I’m questioning?!!

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