Dribbling and Kicking Drill for Soccer

Dribbling and Kicking Drill for Soccer

Hello guys ,this is Gabriel Carrera from
best soccer tricks dot com. So today we have a great drill, where we implement
shooting and dribbling okay. We’re going to start with dribbling the ball. It’s like you have
somebody else, you receive the ball from the sides. From this side, or either sides. And you have a man in front of you. We have
set up two cones here in front of me So what I’m going to do is that I’m receiving the ball from the sides…
Sometimes or you can have the ball next to you. So what you want to do when the
practice is the movement movement in you knees you like this, okay and you want to
have a quick movement, like you’re going one side and you go the other way. So quick
movement okay, quick movement again. Let’s go you want to see, I’m bending the knees.
I’m bending the knees, I’m going this side and I go okay. This is going to allow me to create
space and then take the shot okay. It’s really important, sometimes we don’t have
enough time to… You know, to get to have the ball here. So you have to have a
quick movement and shoot it right away. Okay so I’m going to show you, I’m going to
show you the soccer drill. Once you have to be able to to do that step, the
second step would be to shoot. You can either shoot it with the inside or with
the laces depending on how much time you have. If you have no time, you
have to shoot it with the inside if the foot. If you have little more time maybe with the laces
okay. So here we’re going to show it. You dribble with the soccer ball. [Player doing a soccer drill.] Shoot it and then you take another one,
okay. Again, just play with the ball a little bit.
Go again. [Player doing a soccer drill.] Place the soccer ball as close to the
corners as possible, you know. [Player doing a soccer dribbling and kicking drill.] That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed. It’s a simple
soccer drill, but it’s essential because it’s going to make it realistic a little bit,
it’s going to make you put yourself in a position, a realistic position where
you have to take one quick step and shoot the ball. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure
you like this video, subscribe to our channel, we have great soccer videos coming up
so make sure to join this channel and thank you guys for watching. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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