DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball Review

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball Review

I am been Edwards and we have three
kids that play soccer. I think we were probably one of the first of maybe 50 or a
100 families to order the DribbleUp when I first came out. I remember when I
saw the website I was pretty intrigued and I called them up and I asked a bunch
of questions and gave them some suggestions and after I hung up the phone I ordered two, a size 4 and
size 5 because we have kind of spread of ages for our kids and we’ve been
using them ever since. So, one of our favorite things about the DribbleUp
smart ball is it lets us create an environment a competitive environment
for our kids. So one of the best ways that we found to motivate kids in soccer
is to have them compete and when your team training is kind of built in your
with your teammates and your going head to head but when you train at home and
individually you lose for that motivations from the competition so what
we’ve done is we have to use the leader board to come up with the smart ball to
help our kids compete against each other so one of the stories that I share is
that the summer after we got the dribbleup balls my wife and I were kind
of saying okay guys wrap it up, time to head to bed and they didn’t want to
go to bed and they were each kind of saying: one more playlist! one more playlist!
just one more, more touches and so it was driving us crazy but at the same
time it was cool because they just wanted to keep training because they
were competing in a they were enjoying it so every summer we have kind of a
contest with the kids and a lot of time with have it alongside the World Cup
and it’s been a lot of fun we’ve actually gotten probably the most use
out of the ball in the summertime during the offseason because during
the season the kids are you know training a lot, they have homework they’re
pretty busy but in the summer and offseason is it’s really great. It helps
them get touches on the ball like everyday in the summers we go on road trips it’s
perfect because you still have the ball in the car and bring along your phone or iPad
and like when you stop at a rest stop pop out, do playlists or like you can do it
in the hallway in the hotel or do it in your hotel room or you know we went
to Colorado one summer and Michigan wherever we stayed they would do DribbleUp so it was cool. It was a cool way for them to kind of stay
involved if they engage, get the touches compete against each other and it’s also
nice because we try out different training programs we don’t just kinda
stick with one there’s a lot of good ones all have their pros and cons but
it’s kind of good to mix them up so if your teacher you don’t always teach the
same way in different lesson plans and different
angles to keep the kids interested kind of the same way that we approach helping
our kids develop at soccer is we want to be entertaining and fun and
so we try different things that’s one of the nice things about the smart ball is
that it adds a different aspect of training so you know some technology it’s cool
that you can track it you can look back over time and there and they know the
names of the the usernames of all other people who were in the top of the
leaderboard they don’t know the players they’ll see their names and they compete
against them so it’s a good way to kind of accept the training I think one of
the things it can be missing at youth soccer is the development of my
technical skills so not all coaches coach it as much as other versions so
one of the things that you can do with this with a smart ball
I mean we’re making any soccer ball you can do with it obviously any ball but
this kind of helps motivate a lot of kids is to work on foot skills away from
practice so it may be that when you go to training you’re not getting as much
on the ball will work as maybe they should be if the coaches worked a lot on
passing or shooting or whatever team tactics the cool thing about the dribbleup is that it gets them the chance to work at home
and get better at their footskills so we noticed that over like this probably like 30 days in a row
they had touches every day and you can see it but in the summer like when they
came back for the fall season you could just see their touch on the ball
was better like their turn with the ball was cleaner and sharper and faster they were
more comfortable with the ball and so that really helped to improve their
confidence I hope he’s helped her the playing field
so it was great because they had a good time while they were training and they
enjoyed it and they got better so it kind of was all around a good experience.
I would say we’re also fans of the company talked a lot to the kind of the
founders and some of the people that are part of the company and they’re really
in it for to help the development of you know the players so they think a lot about what
are the needs of players and families and so they really focus when there coming up
with new app updates or whatever it is they really focus on you know what’s
missing in the current environment how can we make it better how can we help
and so they’re really you know they they’re really good at coming up with new
innovations and new app updates and it’s refreshing to see innovation and soccer
and people coming up with cool ideas and they’re cool they’re good at testing
things out. They’ll try something out have a cool idea doesn’t work no big deal it’s
kind of how we encourage our kids to play soccer you know if you have an idea
or a cool move give it a try might not work work try it out see what happens maybe
is awesome maybe it’s not anyway so they kind of
have a same approach we’ll try things out I think it’s let’s
some pretty cool neat stuff they’ll have some cool stuff coming up so we’ve been
big fans kind of the ball and how it’s helped our players develop over time
and we would definitely recommend giving it a try
and seeing you know how it could help helping up your kid kind of enjoy the
training and help them get better at soccer

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