Dragons fight over jaw-dropping multi-million pound business | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Dragons fight over jaw-dropping multi-million pound business | Dragons’ Den – BBC

100 thoughts on “Dragons fight over jaw-dropping multi-million pound business | Dragons’ Den – BBC

  1. In another pitch the dragons got angry because the guy owned 10% and didn't bring the other shareholders

  2. so you lost 450k this year – you intend to lose 450k next year – you have no idea when or if you will ever break even…..and the dragons all fawn over you for 3% lol.

  3. Hello I'm Jenny welcome to Santander. No we don't do wonga or anything. I just sit here looking busy. The leaflets are for customers only. Hey you seen my pen. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.110c34d68e6ea43149ea3cfb87fbcb45&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fl0Iy6Y1K2rCSqvyPS%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=FTsDnHE4%2b2WXjxAFJv9FEA

  4. I, as a Norwegian, just have to laugh at this. I know these are business people, but England is not the best at business, but it is Norway.

  5. You have to be a special type of top tier narcissist to wear shirts with your initials embroidered on the cuff. Or a dementia patient living in shared care facilities.

  6. This is so dangerous though, we need to screen people and know if they are a threat in any way or a sex offender etc.

  7. Wow. This is such an unique idea and such a simple idea that has made them millions. And the way they have pitched it in the best way possible. They did a 2 minute pitch for 100 000 pounds investment in their company for just 1%. Very clever guys.

  8. I don’t think this is the correct thing to do. Surely employers should know what their employees are all about, any dodgy dealings, nefarious activities etc. You could be applying for a position in law enforcement and your online footprint reveals that you’re a violent racist! Editing out less than favourable stuff about you online potentially risks co-workers and the public in the future. I’m out!

  9. A quick overview of Jennys Principle of how to be a disciplined investor

    Chapter 1: Dont invest

    end of discussion

  10. he really just said that by having no social media at all it comes across as a red flag? surely with the amount of brainwashing blabble you see on instagram and facebook and snapchat, if i was to interview someone who doesn't take any notice of those things, they'd be one of the first people on my list…and don't get me started on people who watch love island…

  11. I started to love Deborah so much. Yes she can be a though btch sometimes but she actually really loves good business and professionalism and that's probably why she made it.

  12. Jenny doesn't like tiny sliver, nor does she takes big chunk…….she likes to make a difference by staying out…..she being in would take the company out

  13. Peter actually got a much better valuation..through future…millions of Dollars/pounds fund raising,peters valuation could have diluted to less than 1% even with the 2.5% equity..now its frozen at 2.

  14. A very good advert for avoiding social media like the plague.
    Thank god there are some wise hirers out there that aren't bothered about squeeky clean posers so long as they can do the job.
    Can anyone see the Construction industry taking on board this Shite?

  15. I feel like Jenny is just the security person here, she is actually a real tough man in a suit who is just there for security

  16. entrepreneurs came out of car,

    Jenny:looks out of window

    entrepreneurs walking to the building,

    Jenny:and for that reason im out

  17. Hi I'm Jenny and I absolutely love this business and just know we are going to make millions together…. So for that reason.. I'm Out

  18. Guys .. "We're here for a 100k investment …"
    Jenny .. "Wow .. Guys .. it's amazing that u can delete the thousands & thousands of negative online comments abt my lack of dragon credentials & clean up my online image .. all for just £70 …
    … & for that reason I'm out !!"

  19. No one:

    No one:
    Jenny: I love the brand, product and what you're trying to offer… But unfortunately, I won't be investing and I'm out. Run me my gin

  20. Hello I'm Jenny. There is a meme running for years on the internet about me so this seriously interests me.
    So for that reason I'M OUT

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