Don’t Do This! 10 Football Boot Mistakes To Avoid. Biggest Soccer Cleats DON’TS!!

Don’t Do This! 10 Football Boot Mistakes To Avoid. Biggest Soccer Cleats DON’TS!!

100 thoughts on “Don’t Do This! 10 Football Boot Mistakes To Avoid. Biggest Soccer Cleats DON’TS!!

  1. 1:39 explain please so what can I do instead off gluing it together I actually have this problem right now with my hypervenoms ???

  2. Hey guys I do soccer Edit and I would really appreciate you guys if you helped me out by subbing and maybe liking my vid and leaving a comment and if you leave the comment "sick vid" I will sub back

  3. I love ur channel but ur saying everyone should spend over £100 on every boot not everyone can afford that

  4. Worst cleats I've ever seen were on a kid I practiced with one time. His boot was taped at the end (sole separation?) and the end of the boot was gone so you could see his foot. They looked pretty new too. (2016)

  5. I don't get it people say that boots are fake or cheap but who cares about the material.. it's not about the boots it's about the player.

  6. I bought the adidas copa recently, my shoes are perfectly fit near the toes and upper part of my foot but loose near the heal area causing my heal to half pop out at the back, what should i do?

  7. I get leather but for number 5 you say don’t go into the shower with them but on your cleaning video you said to put them into the shower of use some sort of hose type thing to clean them

  8. For breaking in couldn’t you just wear them around the house or on grass? I’m getting new CR7 boots hopefully coming tomorrow or Wednesday and I want to break them in fully as soon as possible

  9. you know its nearly Christmas maybe you could even give a give a football pls b.cos i get kinda jealous when i see youtubers with a ton of boots and i dont even have a fake pair

  10. About the fake boots I’m not sure if mine are fake or not but I won’t use them much there for one match with school and for when it’s wet in PE

  11. i use my adidas copa mundial 17.3 on hard grounds with nearly any grass and the sole has started to rip off of my right pair. what should i do? please help me.

  12. Matts vocabulary
    1.) exactly right
    2.) exactly right
    3.) exactly right
    4.) exactly right
    5.) exactly right
    6.) exactly right

  13. Maybe u have the money to buy original boots or maybe they gift u the boots, but i don't have money to buy original boots or someone to give me a pair of boots, so man don't tell me ain't must buy fake boots 'cause i'm gonna do, i don't have money to originals… Sorry for my english

  14. you said you shouldn't take boots into the shower, but in your football boot cleaning video it is one of the ways. why?

  15. I have a question. Are there boots real or fake?

  16. I think our Shoe-Fix Glue product would be perfect for the sole separation you were talking about because it's a very strong type of super glue that remains flexible after it bonds and it works almost instantly so it could even repair the shoe and be worn again during a game or practice!! It was designed for the shoe repair industry and we use it in our shop!

  17. I believe girls should be able to play football, you just need to find the right kinda girls

  18. You say you shouldn't put your shoes under the shower but how would you clean your boots after a rainy session where the boots are all muddy? Would you let them dry? There is no other way than getting them clean while wet with more water

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