Dominican Republic v Lithuania FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Dominican Republic v Lithuania FIBA Basketball Match  World Cup 2019

hold on to it now he gets his isolation
of Argos he’s gonna do it himself but food foul and one youngest Valanciunas
four seconds between the shot clock and the game clock dependent Republic gonna
wind it down three seconds on the shot clock up inside Roberts up man in goes
right at Valanciunas a huge bucket communis inside Villanova’s Villanova
and nice finish there as shot clock was expiring four seconds on the shot clock
Mendoza gonna drive it himself creates a little bit of space but we’re gonna call
a foul two and one great play there by salami let’s go
meatus is over the to go up and it throws it down go get a big man
steps up with a big one handle now have the ball and he’s guarded by kozminski nice throw inside there’s Vargas he
finds it inside the big man who’s on the isolation
oh nice fine there but gonna juice up and end the foul and one and you can see
Valanciunas at any given moment he could have made the spin on Roberts bunker the
juice and man defense now for the clinic in Republic balance unis works inside
just him and gets the roll Dominicans still wanted to play defense here right
to the end four seconds and that’s gonna do it
hi I’m coping don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more
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