Dominican Republic v France FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

Dominican Republic v France  FIBA Basketball match  World Cup 2019

mr. Amol hold it for the final few
seconds take that 3-pointer way to get it to go right the buzzer at the end of
the first from Ronald Ramon to finish the first with a flurry from Dominican
Republic they had a nine point lead early on Jordan were able to come back
in level Dominican Republic back to the first braid Duero Batcopter Garcia anda
dr. Solano who takes on the three and eases the pressure venting step to the
side three-point shot rebound Batum water back cuts down on the floor was a
beauty and ye for the pick touch Devon extraordinary now it’s the outlet pass
that beautiful touch pass de colo I think it was on that occasion
Lee Bates was there but just oh yeah goes upstairs for the two
these are the times where when you journey you’ve got to find a way to get
something cheap a little fat dog cat so two misses early on for Germany the
cross over towards the fats get lovely – as well for the LOV gas throw down some
Dominican dynamite exploding on Germany’s second round chances all
didn’t agree with a nice walking down the other in certainly plenty in the way
of offense though from them all buyers oh he moved it onto Vargas who’s great
at megabyte ice and it found the travel before he put the ball on the floor but
there you see the health coming in the beautiful dish off pass and sometimes
your best dude fences here are fans you’d say well if I’d got the call for
unsportsmanlike a huge cheer went up on the far side behind the German bench so I handed inside but here’s Solano coming
down the middle and just stuffing it in needs a little help if whoever’s
guarding the screen oh we’ve been crawling out for that if you’re a guard
and you’re trying to fight over those screen Solano drinking and driving and
looking for teammates three-point shot Montero will go to face
unlike humans blow delivered to a chin of Germany from tipping they come
Republic I’ll have a look at this you see that
the kid get wide open novices downing coach world of brutal had some decisions
to make he yet mismatches on the floor that he couldn’t come up that penetrates
him again the penetration of the dish Makena on to Fournier Fournier on the
verse to the basket used his body created some room the rim by Gober
exactly the same plate to Colo shop top down to the final three seconds to Colo
contest it from the stripe able to move it onto our bitch see who gets it away
in time and beats the buzzer better defense he sits sister Crozier they’re
in a tough shot where BC and this is brain she’s gonna need help no matter
who you are weary retinas 48 creates the room with the spin in the step that
misses the shot loan in Akina grabs the offensive rebound at some buy for three
again automatically their focus right now the winner that
one wins to fool the corm another fast break for France thrown up why a
unloading some French firepower only had two points in Game one one of four from
the field the man who led them in scoring at the last two World Cups isla
saw white finish the less Lasorda’s saw over the top of the defense and that
poster it’s plain sight within the Hussein was avoiding food supply before
all this happened he’s now on it look at that a little bit of a lucky breaking hi
I’m Colby don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more click on
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