Doctor Strange Looks into the Future| Avengers Infinity War

Doctor Strange Looks into the Future| Avengers Infinity War

Blowing my mind, excuse me But does your friend often do that? Strange you all right? Oh god! You backyard Hey, what was that? I went forward in time? to view alternate futures To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict How many did you see? 14,000,605 How many did we win? One.

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  1. I love how the metaphor of strange not spoiling the possible outcome, not spoiling Endgame because it will destroy anyone's life just like in the film #Donotspoil

  2. “How many outcomes did you see?”
    “How many show Ant-Man crawling up Thanos’ ass?”

  3. Tony could have asked for other futures to ease his worries

    -Where the avengers don't lose
    -Thanos doesn't win
    -Thanos loses

    (Don't need to just focus on them winning as long as they don't lose right?)

  4. If you look right before strange says one, he hesitates and almosts starts crying because he knows Tony has to sacrifice himself

  5. This scene is way more sad now. Look at Strange’s guilt man. It’s like “We’re gonna win…but you’re gonna die”. What the hell man! 😭

  6. Strange didn't tell them because letting Thanos win was part of the winning track
    So they would immediately refuse on that idea

  7. I went forward in time to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the final exam.
    How many did you see?
    How many did I get a passing grade in?

  8. Possibilities

    Infinity War too endgame (Iron Man snaps)

    Doctor Strange uses a portal to cut off the arm with the gauntlet

    Turning thanos into a baby


    Thor going for the head

    Hawkeye being on the team

    Stan Lee erases thanos as a character :3

    And slitting was thanos’s throat with Floating Knives

  9. Strange really delivered some of the most bone chilling lines in this film. He was the only one who knew what would happen and all he can go out with is telling them "it was the only way"… Gahdamn

  10. I went forward in time, to view alternative futures to see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict

  11. He obviously cheated and found a rift through the fourth wall. Then he just traveled to Marvel Studios, read the script for Endgame, and single-handedly made sure the entire movie went perfectly. The Russo brothers never really made the movie. Doctor Strange was in control the whole time!

  12. Dr Strange: I looked forward in time about you and your crush….I saw 14,000,605 futures
    Ironman: How many of me did she pursue?
    Dr Strange: ……..None

  13. Plot twist: Strange saw more possibilities where they win but he chooses Endgame just to fuck around with Tony

  14. IT WONT HAPPEN IF I TELL YOU , but Strange truly lied to Iron Man , because there could’ve been more than 1 win

  15. Avengers Endgame – I forward in time to view ultimate futures, to see all the possible outcomes… how many did you see? 14,000,605… and how many did we win?

    ONE… Re-releasing back to the theathers!

    Avatar- Were in the endgame now.

  16. You know I bet he played a gacha game of the different realities to ensure who would get snapped and not, and just rerolled until he got the units right.

  17. Gordon Ramsay: I went to many different restaurants. To taste as many different meals as I could
    Tony: How many did you taste
    Gordon Ramsay: 14,000,605
    Tony: How many that you liked
    Gordon Ramsay: 1

  18. 1 out of 14,000,605 shows how incredibly powerful Thanos was as a villain. That’s a 0.00000007142824 chance of success

  19. What if the future where tony died was like the fifth one he saw and he powered through 14,000,000,600 more looking for a way to save him.

  20. My only question is why didn't Thanos look into the future? I guess he was too consumed with his goal of snapping fingers and then destroying the stones so no one else could ever possess them.

  21. What really drives it home about the amount of weight that is put on Strange's shoulders about Tony, now with Endgame's release, is the fact that he doesn't look at Tony as much as he can throughout his entire explanation. He only really did when he came back and said "Hi" since he was the first person that was closest to him so the first person he'd really see, and again when he had to reveal that they only won in one outcome after a long pause of having to reel in the fact that he's watched Tony die for the sake of the universe in every single scenario, including and especially the one in which they win.

    I fucking love these movies dude

  22. #KundaliniAwakening example scene.
    What’s is that:

    (DoN’t get this confused with “getting possessed “, you know what religion that is… trying to just scare and instill fear in people. Not everything in life is that nonsense negative stereotypes by certain cultures. LiFE have many beautiful side to it, and that also applies to each individuals persons potential to bring out that enlighten side.)

  23. Why do I feel Benedict Cumberbatch was the only one told how Endgame was gonna end when filming Infinity War so he could say “one” with that emotion in the scene

  24. Doctor Strange foresee the future conflict and Strange doesn't want to tell Tony Stark that he's going to die in his future that's why Strange says "one".

  25. The way Strange distraughtly looks at Tony knowing the only way for everyone to be saved is for him to die is very apparent after you see Endgame

  26. So not only did Strange see Avengers Endgame before everyone else… He even saw 14000604 Marvel: What if series episodes…

  27. Dr Strange:I Look At All The People That Are Storming Area 51! Me:How Many People? Dr Strange:2 Million People
    Me:How many Surived?
    Dr Strange:…….One!

  28. I wonder whether he saw the alternate reality where Deadpool kicks Deathstroke’s ass and the “That’s all folks!” Banner.

  29. If they didn't interrupt him maybe he could have seen much more alternative futures where they did win without sacrificing.

  30. (Sees 2 ways to win, 1 we saw in endgame, second is where Strange makes the snap sacrificing himself instead of Tony)
    Ironman: How many do we win?
    Strange: Long pause.. 1

  31. The first time I saw infinity war, I got the chills in this scene. Thanos had a 0.999999928574515 chance at winning

  32. In Endgame Thanos said he was going to shred the universe down to its last Atom I'm wondering if Doctor Strange saw the one where he actually did, my guess, yes

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