DO THIS To Your New Football Boots!

DO THIS To Your New Football Boots!

Hey and welcome to a new video! I got the new X 16.1 boots from adidas and with these I’m going to show you how to make new boots- feel comfortable more quickly and how to speed up the breaking in process. This is something I do every time I get new boots. All you need is the new boots and a tap so you get hot water. Let’s check how it’s done! When you start using new boots the upper might feel hard and stiff. That’s why I’m going to use hot water to make the upper softer. Next I’m going to put the water running from the tap as hot as possible. I’ll wet the whole upper of the boots with the hot water. About one minute for each boot. The upper will get a lot softer. This way you can avoid getting blisters and chafing, which you might get without doing this. This is a synthetic boot, but if you have a leather boot, do the same thing with colder water. Finger warm water is good. The leather boot will get totally wet, but it doesn’t matter. So, that’s how you should do it! Really simple and you can’t really do it wrong. Once again, if you have synthetic boots, wet each boot with hot water for about a minute- and if you have leather boots, do exactly the same thing but not with hot water. I guarantee that the upper gets a lot softer and they’re screaming to put them on and go play some football. That’s what I’m going to do! I’ll go test these boots out now, see you at the pitch. Now I’ve tested the boots! They felt really good. No blisters or bad feeling in my feet. I’m sure that the hot water in the beginning helped. I recommend doing this when you guys get new boots. If the video was helpful give it a thumbs up, leave a comment and subscribe if you haven’t already! See you in the next video, bye!

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  1. this id fake .he id uding normal water .just see properly if it is hot water why his hand not burn??.water hitong his hand but not feel anything for him.bleddy fool he is making fool of all

  2. Ilari mulla on adidaksen ACE 17.1 Junior ne vihreet nii kannattaako mun tehdä toi. Ostin noi eilen 100€ normisti 160€

  3. Toimii todella hyvin 👍🔥🔥🔥. Suosittelen kaikille futareille. Oot suomen paras YouTubettaja joka tekee futis aiheisia videoita.

  4. ku kokeilin tätä "häckiä" (en osaa kirjottaa) nii mun elämä valaistu eli kiitos tästä❤❤🙂

  5. sir i want football studs because i am very poor and my family cannot afford studs i have one request to you that ….. can yu buy studs for me so that i can play football.. i think you will buy studs for me

  6. I got the adidas purecontrol boots and they are like a little tight i think nah its just not comfortable i think idk

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