Do High Fives Help Sports Teams Win?

Do High Fives Help Sports Teams Win?

[Do high fives help sports teams win] You know, non-human primates — the closest ones to us — they touch each other all the time to spread goodwill and to build up
friendships, right Touch is this very old system by
which we communicate to other people and we’re finding in our lab that, wow, we have this rich vocabulary of goodwill and, and also we can communicate negative emotions with touch you know, how do we use that to build up
cooperative communities so we studied the National Basketball
Association. If you just look at a basketball court, there’s all and this touch going on: High fives, fist bumps, embraces. I love how basketball players, like when
they shoot a free throw they have to now they all have to like reach for touch two guys, step back,touch two guys. I mean,
that’s incredible, right and so we took one game of every team in the NBA at the start of
the year and we coded allof the touch that happened during
that game. It took us eight months. Here’s what we found, which is that a game is 48 minutes and there’s kind of summed up about a minute and a half
of touch during that game. The more that a team touched each other
at the start of the year, controlling for how much money they’re
making, the expectations that they would do well
during that season, how well they’re doing in that game that we coded — at the end of the year not
only did they win more games, but they’re really nice basketball
statistics of how selfless the play is, do they help on
defense, do they set a screen and the were playing more efficiently and cooperatively, right, so we think that
touch is really part have how teams do well. Should we get a high five for this video?
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