DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

Salut YouTube I’m so excited for this
video I don’t know if you guys watched the video but a few months ago at my Q&A
someone asked me about my DNA so what is my ancestry I mean genetically what’s my
makeup even though my channel name is Not Even French I don’t actually know
that for sure my family history is a little bit complicated because my
grandfather on my dad’s side was adopted and my grandmother on my mum’s side was
adopted and so I’ve got a lot of blanks in my family tree and I’ve never really
known what to say when people ask me okay you’re a New Zealander
but where are you from where were your ancestors from was it England Ireland
Holland I mean what are you? And the answer is I don’t really know and so I
was so curious and desperate to find out that I contacted a company called MyHeritage and MyHeritage are actually famous for their website because they’ve got
over nine billion historical records online if you guys don’t know their
website I’ll leave the link down below because it’s really incredible you can
do so much research on your past your family there’s a family tree builder
tool there’s all sorts of stuff going on on the site and one of the big products
that they offer is the MyHeritage DNA kit where you can do DNA testing to
figure out more about your ethnicity so your genetic makeup where are you from
and they kind of cross-check it with all of the billions of records that they
have on their site and they’ll actually let you know who you are related to
they’ll let you find family members cousins second cousins and so on so as
you guys can imagine I was so excited when they said yes they’re going to send
me a DNA kit so I can figure out more about my genetic makeup but they haven’t
just sent me one kit they sent me two kits so they have one for me and one for you
guys so if you’re interested in getting your own MyHeritage DNA kit keep
watching the video I’ll show how it’s all done what the process is like in the
second part of the video you’ll see me receiving my results online and
if you’re interested in winning the kit let me know in a comment down below why
you would love to have one of these kits what you’d use it for what’s your story
why would it be interesting for you to figure out more about your genetic
makeup more about your DNA and more about your past okay so I’ve just unwrapped the parcel
and this is what the box looks like okay so the instructions what do we have here
open the test kit and lay out the unopened swabs and vials on a clean
surface okay so inside the box you’ve got these
kind of little swab things and these little vials to put the swabs into okay
so the cool thing is that there’s no blood or urine samples or anything like
that involved I’m just gonna use the swab and I need to take a sample from
inside my cheek okay so here we go break that off screw the top okay so that’s
the first one done now you’ve got to do the same with the other side there we go
there’s my DNA okay sealed it up and it’s ready to be
sent away biohazard I didn’t know that my DNA could be a biohazard but there
you go cool guys I’m gonna go mail this bad boy off time we see each other we’ll
find out more about my background and importantly do I have any French in me?
oh I can’t wait to find out! I’m so excited I just got the email from
MyHeritage saying that my results are ready the DNA results have come back
from the lab so I’m gonna go check them out right now you guys are gonna check
them out with me and you’re gonna see my real-time reaction I have no idea what
they’re gonna be I’m assuming that I’m gonna have a decent chunk English but
yeah let’s see What?? 53% Scandinavian and I’m too short to be scandanavian?! 53.1% Scandinavian so it’s got denmark
norway sweden 37.4% Irish Scottish and Welsh only four percent English what and
2.8 percent Ashkenazi Jewish and 2.6 percent
Finnish what this is I mean I’m just super surprised because I have no
markers of being Scandinavian you know like you imagine straight away blond
hair blue eyes tall and I’m none of those things so I’m just processing this
I’m a little bit gutted to have zero French
but my French boyfriend I guess is definitely bringing a hundred percent of
the Frenchness to the table well I would have never ever guessed that and
the cool thing is that now that I have my ethnicity estimate I can actually go
and find my DNA matches and on the MyHeritage website alone just from their
database I have four thousand one hundred and fifty eight matches so I can
actually go now exploring to see who comes across it as close family first
cousins and then the next layer second cousins and so on and I can actually
find family members on the site which is just kind of mind-blowing .Wow
zero percent French no wonder I struggle so much with my accent. I’m gonna go and
process that a bit I’m gonna go and do some investigation to see who my DNA
matches are I already see that it’s got my Uncle Jeff on this so they’ve
identified him. Just a reminder that if you guys want to go into the draw to win
the extra MyHeritage DNA kit that I received just comment down
below let me know who you are and why you’d like to see more about your DNA
your ethnicity and where you come from like what’s your story?
You’ll get notified because I will heart and pin your comment so look at via
YouTube notifications anyways guys that’s it for this video I’ll leave the
links down in my description box of course to the MyHeritage site and the
my heritage DNA kit until the next video I’ll see you guys next time
à bientôt!

100 thoughts on “DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

  1. Hi rose! I am I interested by the extra dna test, not really for me actually but for my mum. I am French and live next to Paris. My mum is Arabic, we often wondering why I am so white and not looking a bit Arabic (I look more like an Irish person). Her theory is that she has European dna. We talk about doing the test in order to discover if it is true or not and since it is soon her birthday it will be a really cool present.

  2. I would like to supplement my daughter's family history research with a personal genetic test before I die. Thank you For your consideration. Sean

  3. Roseann, if I went solely by your accent I would think you were a high society Londoner. You don't sound like a Zeke at all.
    And my family tree is a mystery on my mother's father's side. All I have ever been told by relatives on my mother's side is that her grandfather was an orphan at birth in Lancashire county England ended up in Scotland, and that he became a sailor and immigrated to Canada. I know everything about his CDN lineage but absolutely nothing about his English lineage. My aunt, who passed away a few years told me there is a genealogy for my great grandfather but that family is hiding it from me.

  4. Well Im swedish ( or so i think) so welcome to Sweden its a lovely place, you should should absolutly wisit my country and i would love to win that kit to see what my dna is so fingers cross that it it Will be me and maby we are relatives 😊

  5. tbh I'd be interested to use such a kit because in my family my mom and I are basically the only ones with blond hair and blue eyes. Some of my cousins are even sometimes confused to have a Latin heritage because of their black hair and darker skin (I'm basically pasty white). that'd be really interesting 🙂

  6. In northern Norway, Sweden and Finland there are living Saami people. They are often shorter and with darker features.

    Here is one Saami singer:

  7. On MyHeritage, it misses a bunch of things. On there, I'm just African, English, Finnish, Italian, and Native American. The African countries are limited, so it says I'm way more Nigerian than I'm supposed to be and way more English. It's missing: like five more African countries, Irish / Scottish, Scandinavian, Eastern and Western European, Spanish, Balkan, and Asian. I've tested on a lot of sites.

  8. Not all Nordic are blue eyed and blond and tall , jeez lmao, some have dark hair and brown eyes. How much does it cost btw? I live in New-Caledonia.

  9. Denise vh, my dad is 75% irish and 25 % german, my mom is 75 % german and 25% irish. So you would think i would be 50/50. Well, my lil sister had hers done and. It was a ton BRITISH!!!! Whoa! Who knew? I was in shock.

  10. My mom is mixed (a little bit of black, white, indigenous) She is latin american mestizo, and my dad is white mediterranean (spain origins both parents) I got everything from my dad, I got the spanish girl look in his family: nose, eyes, eyebrows, body type (flat, skinny, tall, pale) while my mom is curvy and has gorgeous brown skin. Her eyes are indigenous ( my eyes are big and light brown). On the other side, I got her smile! If I had to choose a thing from her to have in my structure that would be the smile, and I have it!
    Genes are incredible.
    My hair is very wavy, the only thing I got from my great-grandmother, but a light brunette as my dad.

    My brother is PALE white, beautiful indigenous eyes and super staight shiny black hair. His face distribution is european.

    My little sister got my mom's pretty color, her eyes are huge and hazel. She's got my hair color but straight as a line. It is funny, how two sisters can vary so much in hair texture. Mine like a lion and hers like a line! She is gorgeous. She's got mixed features. And she got curves. I think our hair texture is what brings attention to us, genetically brown skins tend to have curly hair and whites tend to have straight hair. But on us it switched 😂

    We are SO different yet they are genes of the same pool… It would be interesting if the three of us take this test!

  11. I would love to get dna tested, because non of my family knows who my greatgrandmom's dad was. And for some odd reason, we have a genegic trait mostly found in Greenlandic and nativeamerican people… and we dont know of any family members from Greenland or of native american blood

  12. Hello Not even French, Im a french guy I love yout work.
    I'd really like to get one of these kit because I know my mother's family is spanish but there is a bit of a legend in my family saying that my fathers side is frome denmark & scandinavian country and I have one unknown grandfather on this side.
    Keep doing your amazing work

  13. I've always thought that I am 50% German and 50% french but now I I understood that it can't be true because my grandmas birth name from my mothers side is Czech or polish or something like that and I can't even write it down correctly and the name of my fathers mother is Martinez so i think its Latin american. I'm just so confused and want to know who I really am.

  14. Were your French ancestors from Normandy? If so, that may explain your largely Scandinavia ancestry, as Normandy was founded and settled by Norwegian Vikings. Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy, was a Norwegian Viking.

  15. My dad is a purebred swedish, so I know I'm 50% scandinavian. But my mom is a mixture of all European origins. It would be interesting to know what my other half is.

  16. Hey! I am Australian, but my mother’s side of the family is from Macedonia and Greece. Usually Macedonians have blonde hair and blue eyes, but me and my mum’s family all have darker features. This is likely because of the Turkish invasion of Macedonia a long time ago, so I’d be interested to see if my DNA will come back as Middle Eastern as opposed to European even though I have no Turkish relatives <3

  17. I took the same DNA test but I strongly believe that it is not accurate. I perfectly know who my ancestors were and the results did not match. I suggest you to try with other companies like 23and me ..

  18. Not all Scandinavians are tall and blue eyes lol, that's just stereotype.

    Also many people from England will have scandanavian DNA due to the Vikings and Norse people etc who invaded England many years ago…….
    So your family could be from England, but they're not ethnically 'English' as such

  19. According to these people I'm multiracial, I don't believe it, I look in the mirror I see one thing so I no longer take this serious, but I'm glad that you are getting your answers

  20. In reality there should not be a distinction of English admixture and Western Europe or Scandinavian admixture depending on what they actually consider English because the English are themselves a mix of essentially 3 waves of indo-european people: the celtic branch who came first, then the Anglo-Saxons who genetically were extremely similar to the Germans and Dutch, and last Vikinkgs(Norsemen)

  21. Blonde hair and blue eyes can be found all around Europe, it's not limited to Scandinavia. People from Scandinavia can have any eye/hair color, same with people from other parts of Europe. It's just the incidence that varies.

  22. Home DNA tests are in fact rubbish and in no way accurate.Please do some research befor throwing your money away. These firms are collecting DNA for "RE-SALE" its all a total con!

  23. My DNA is boring I'm 96% Welsh or ancient British I'm related to king Arthur st Patrick king Hywel DDA Oliver Cromwell Abraham Lincoln and 50 other ancient British king's

  24. fellow kiwi here I have only recently read up on our family tree , having learnt our family was nearly massacred in the french religious wars, I have my DNA kit in the mail,and also have a uncommon french surname, so am looking forward to the results seeing if it matches the family history…expecting, English from both sides, french on one side , and Scandinavian on the other, anything else will be a surprise, it's gonna be interesting… ..wouldn't mind getting a kit for my brother or my parents for their birthdays coming up. 😉 wink wink

  25. it is very interesting that your tests have removed the Russian General,before it was Northern Russia

  26. People are so stereo typical not all Scandinavians have to be tall and have blue eyes and blond hair.

  27. There is no french DNA , french is not a ethnic group, there is a french citizenship like Greek or roman citizenship but way less restrictive on evidence ( god 20 years in the army to get roman citizenship). My DNA Is more welsh/scott=celtic than french (french brittanny) with a bit of galician DNA (part of portugal/spain that looks like 95% of brittany, maybe some marine men who travelled to brittany and were please to see an exactly same landscape) also in french foreign legion you get french citizenship by blood or service ,5 years i think (wound etc). A friend on mine discover he has more northern european DNA (finland estonia) than west european. Europe is a mixed bag since almost 2000 years.

  28. Hi! Great video- always fascinating to see people’s reactions to their genealogy. I did 23andme and apparently I’m a whopping 98.8% Ashkenazi Jewish and 1.2% Yakut. Since Ashkenazi Jews in particular are such a diasporic population, the website wasn’t able to pinpoint any specific region within central or eastern Europe. My family is largely from northern France and Germany (the Rhine & Alsace-Lorraine), but the test obviously didn’t pick that up in my spit😂 Intriguing to think about how learning about our DNA/ancestry can intermingle with and even contradict our oral histories, and to think about how arbitrary all of these borders are in the first place. Anyways- I just love genealogy, so thanks so much for sharing :~) 💕

  29. Now that you've mentioned it, you look very scandinavian ! Not all scandinavians are blonde, but your face look very north of europe.

  30. Your spirit is definitely French Rose! I am American (why do I have the urge to apologize for that?), but my grandparents came from England. My DNA results said mostly British, but also “Western Europe” 21%. I want to find French in my blood as well. I visited France in 2015 and loved it there.

  31. Oh you’d be suprised how few French are of « French » Ethnicity. An uncle of mine made a family tree that has no other nationality than french to 5 generations removed, and my ethnic ancestry comes across as 46% Danish. Go wonder ! ^^

  32. Hi guys! I got the results back. So my mum is 75,1% North African which makes sense since her both parents are Algerian, she is also 14% Iberian (Spain/Portugal), 10,1% Sardinian (it regroups both Corsica and Sardinia apparently) and finally 0,8% Askhenazi Jew. My mum was actually a little bit disappointed not to have Irish DNA haha but it was really a great birthday present she really loved it, she found it really super fun to do so Thanks a lot Rosie <3.

  33. My grandpa is Danish and grandma is German from my dad's side, Swedish grandfather and English grandma from my mum's side. I was born and raised in Switzerland(I'm 16). Whenever people ask what am i!?! My response is – I'm a European mongrel!
    I'm gonna order the DNA kit, who knows maybe i have some Irish or French DNA.

  34. Bonjour Rosie, après avoir regardé ta vidéo, j'ai voulu essayer ce test et vérifier ainsi mes origines.
    J'étais alors certain de trouver du français (normal) et vu mon nom de famille et mes arrières grands-parents paternels, de l'allemand et là c'est la cata :

    – Europe du Nord et de l'ouest = 56% partagé comme suit :

    Anglais 31.9%
    Scandinave 14.9%
    Irlandais, Ecossais et Galois 9.2%

    – Europe de l'Est = 29.1% partagé comme suit :

    Peuples des Balkans 29.1%

    – Europe du sud 14.9% partagé comme suit :

    Ibère 9.2%
    Italien 5.7%

    On peut ici remarquer que le français et l'allemand sont ??? (point semblant positif, je suis 100% europeen).
    Donc demain je vais écrire à la reine pour demander ma nationalité anglaise, boire du thé à 17h00 et pourquoi pas porter le kilt.
    Une seule question me trotte dans la tête "Maman, qui est mon père ?"

  35. My half sister is half Norwegian(from N.Z. too),she is 5ft 3, white skin, brown hair and brown eyes. I agree with comment down below, I would bet Norwegian.Heard a story a few weeks back, a man in his 60s did DNA and his Dad wasn't!

  36. Hi lady. I am French but my parents were born in Spain and I have a grand-mother coming from Cuba. ALso my name is very common in the South-west of .. France. Si I am very curious. Hope I win the Pack . Love from Paris.

  37. Well, I have realized a dna test few months ago and I would like to do my part. My results : 41.3% Irish, Scotish, Welsh, 21% English, 4.3% Scandinavian, 2.6% Finnish, 18.4% Italian and 12.4% Spanish. So, not same a little French percent. But not surprising by the 42% Celtics part because my father is Breton (en Français dans le text) and it's the same genotype as Irish, Scotish and Welsh. So, I have convinced my mother to do the test too. And surprise, the results are: 42.7% french, 22% Irish, Scotish and Welsh, 11.6% Scandinavian, 18.4% Spanish, 1.9% Italian and 3.4% Ashkenaz Jewish. So my mother has 42.7% of french dna and I didn't herit of them… Seems that dna makes selections and take the common genotype of each parent and ignore the lonely genotype present among one of the parents. So, by filiation I have french origin but my dna doesn't show it. Keep hope, may be you have french ancestors 😉 A last things, the vikings made a lot of ravage and slavery, that explain some of the scandinavian genotype, more particularly among the Celtic natives .

  38. Hi Rosie, Thought you might be interested in this thread I found. This does not mean that you do not have ancestors from France. Check it out https://www.quora.com/Why-do-my-DNA-results-show-absolutely-no-French-ancestry-yet-my-father-was-100-French-and-my-mother-was-half-French-Canadian-Can-I-actually-be-related-to-these-people-when-my-DNA-is-mostly-Scandinavian

  39. Bonjour Rosie,

    I must say that the 53% Scandinavian does not surprise me so much: Had I just seen your picture (Without hearing your accent or knowing that you were from New-Zealand), my bet, in guessing where you might be from, would have been Iceland as you do have many Icelandic traits to your face (primarily in the eyes, cheekbones, slim upper lip and a bit in the jawline/overall head shape). Since Island has much of ancestral genetic heritage from Scandinavian countries, I would guess you inherited many of those same traits (perhaps from a branch much further back in time than the more modern Scandinavian gene pool; maybe some Viking blood in ya’! 😉).

    The part that is the most surprising is the Ashkenazi Jew line: even if it is not a high percentage, they were not a people that mixed much outside of their own kind for a long time, until the last century more or less; so that is an interesting quirk if it is not a very recent addition to your family tree.

    En tous cas… Thank you for sharing this experience with us as I myself, like some of your grand-parents, was adopted and have zero family history knowledge and this is making me think even more about getting my genetic history charted. 😄👍 Merci!

  40. I took two DNA tests- My Heritage and 23andMe. Both tests were shocking. Long story short, I discovered that I wasn’t some nationalities that my family expected.

    Also, my results were about 20% different from each tests. So My Heritage showed I had about 15% Scandinavian; however, 23 and me showed I had only 2% Scandinavian and 16% French and German. Maybe if you took 23 and Me, it might might show less Scandinavian and possibly some French/German?….
    I’d hate to see you spend money on another DNA test. Maybe research and ask others who took both these tests and see if they got different results. If you decide to do a second DNA test with 23 and me, and you get the same results, I’m sorry in advance. I hope this info helps. Peace.

  41. The kit might be gone, nonetheless, I'd like to tell you why I would be interested in doing such a test. I am, as far as I know 100% german. Really, for centuries my family lived in Germany. However, my father's father is unknown. Not even my grandmother knows who it is. Not because she used to be a jolie laide but because she became pregnant during a trip to Poland without even being conscious about the fact that she must have had some sort of sexual relationship or intercourse. The official version that my father and my siblings were told is that she was probably raped by several men while she was being unconscious due to a drug they put in her drink. According to this story she woke up at a place she did not know and went straight back to Germany where, nine months later, my father was born.
    This may not be a very funny story but for me it is the only "chance" for non-german ancestors. And I would just like to find out maybe who my mysterious grandfather was. Even though I have probably a quarter of a rapist's DNA… Well, it might be a chance to find out where he came from and complete my own DNA-identity

  42. This is good. Are you RH negative blood? I am almost the same as you. It is possible that you are a royal bloodline.i tie in by Rollo or the Walker

  43. You have alot of the same dna that i do. Finnish roots could be kings of kievland.because the movement through the Scandinavian country's with scotch Irish. Welsh and english.question 1,do you have RHneg. Blood.? Do you know if you are related to Rollo the walker? Your French connection may be norman. If so it makes perfect sense that you are in France. You my dear have a real possibility of having royal blood. Your dna is just like mine and i am a genealogist. You may come from French royality english royality
    And finnish and Scandinavian royalty. Its shows in your D NA. The Fact you are in France is interesting.

  44. Just to let you know, that kind of test is illegal in France, one can get a fine up to 3.750 €. I'm not sure about advertising it…

  45. I wonder how far back they go. When I did AncestryDNA, it first came back 20% Scandinavian and 8% Great Britain; however, they recently redid their algorithms and now I’m only 2% Scandinavian but about 35% British. It makes me think their new calculations reflect the time after the Viking invasions.

  46. Most people don't know those DNA tests are only with 50% confidence, so they're speculative. If you demand 90% confidence the only thing they can tell you is that you're European. Seriously. There's a news show where two identical twins (same DNA) did the same test and got different results. The results are an educated guess, but don't put too much stock in them.

  47. Hi, Rosie 👋
    I’m not sure if it’s too late to enter the contest but I would really be interested in having the test myself. Like you I have a few blanks in my family tree. I’m enjoying your channel. Have a great day👩🏻‍🍳

  48. Hi Rosie, I did a DNA test with 23andMe months ago and it turns out that I am 92.5% British and Irish along with 5.7% French and German (I have French ancestors but 23andMe can't pinpoint in France were they are from, so that's a bit disappointing), I have a great grandmother who was Acadian as she was born in Wedgeport, Nova Scotia, Canada, meaning I'm a small percentage of Acadian and French, my mum's DNA kit is on its way to the lab so meaning she'll hopefully get her results in a few weeks or a month.

  49. But you are still beautifull and wonderfull looking wow i get attracted to you😍 i want to try my dna result soon…

  50. I definitely have strong French Canadian roots and no French came up on My Heritage, but definitely did on Ancestry. I would try that. Ancestry percentages matched all the surnames in my tree.

  51. I got 56.6% Scandinavian even though there is no history of anyone from there in my known family history. I’m going to do it with ancestry DNA to compare. The thing you have to remember is northwestern Europeans are mostly all descended from Germanic tribes, so people from Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia are all essentially one ethnicity which is why they throw up results like this.

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