Did The Cowboys Just Drafted 2nd To Last For 2019 | Law VS Law

Did The Cowboys Just Drafted 2nd To Last For 2019 | Law VS Law

Can you just pick a town man no, no, this is never nothing on TV Always Nothing on TV We give a little nothing in the challenge. You just got a picture Good Gets a shot. It’s something on TV. You just not make myself Some chili-cheese don’t follow – You know your boy days Trash right? So that’s on Twitter and Google Earth, Google Earth Google Earth Day. Thank the man for that day. Yeah Yeah He got the cowboys Drafted one Bob 31st. What about the two teams? Nothing, it’s Sam from lads basically in his article on the yeah medic Sounds about right the issue for national boy. That is your boy Bobby you aren’t maybe Maybe you’re right. Right the boy know it’s tough 31st is is is horrible It is to measure our man. I mean how I heard laughs I hate that man Tristan, that’s bad Let me see what the people are saying Basically they’re saying that why you think that about you he didn’t keep that energy when people are saying They in rapture Could be part of their salty about something, you know a lot of time to get Ippo because you try to keep that buddish Gonna be dance motion child. You just want to keep that money coming makeup. So he said oh, Not employer Right. He stood after by scholar. He got out to Talk to sanding this thing here wasn’t reached Alright that he might suggest a really thoughtful actually you could have got him in the late some promises are nice and tasty promises tape by doing on the film and What he had mass shooter six back down zero turnovers, but zero interception things like that. Yeah, I can feel them on that But remember, I’ll talk about this Sounds by right now. I’m doing trying to play a place they hear and it to the NFL Level has changed The coaching philosophy change the I don’t have to study for the passed my test But I have to stay just two turnovers in the playbook type of stuff Excuses excuses. It’s unusually same with me, right? so Right, right. My thing is we drafted in every situation. I’m with you for what we need you on that Last year, we had any issues with the wide receiver play Listen to me. Yeah issues with the wire receiver play and got any wide receiver Marty Cooper Am is spinning you in strap capital for that So and then last year Really look at it from these parameters. The hero kid truth is it wasn’t on this team? So we need we live in Anita’s Hills in the insights what we trapped it in that yellow I’ve been preaching all people out there to let you know it’s not gonna Help we need to speak you a heavy not 1080p air that came on about yourself But you don’t want to run them into the ground per se You see so you don’t want to really run them into the ground you want to be able to extend? Extend meet you better and even another quarterback time in college of the world Maybe I challenge the dad whatever to make this thing about thinking I think you got fresh eyes In every category Cowboys drafted Bases then it’s not big PA they drafted based on needs So that’s what they did. They did. Good baby. Yeah Yeah, so they don’t need I don’t think that You’re so they wrapped it on disease too soon you mean? This matters go ahead just take time anymore. Like do you do takes take time? About You’ll see right training KMJ. But what are your thoughts about after looking at it’s taken thing. What are your thoughts in? Glass AMJ I’m talking about Michael Jackson. Well, joe jackson dolfe boys MJ you My man, Adam D Jackson firebase Nothing, if you can plate up close to the lol. This is your team of the play out of space Yes around that’s not to work Christmas George do With that Prescott do you Pick up some things See I do anything if he’s gonna be the end-all be-all guy you can you read with me. Um, yes, but but Okay. Well, see now we’re getting somewhere. We are what you get is somewhere, baby Yamaneika management getting some women and black dress like that Mm-hmm And is all Yeah Come on but Remember this a lot of people think these arrays man But my thing is even a lot of times that you already know that three four years To be aa beyond you know, huh? Mm-hmm touch my boobs Right me come on man Well, I would say this year talk will be another unit alive But my thing is we can’t reliably play out who used to gotta have a coaching aspect We don’t have to have play of quarterback and you don’t talk with that. You got him sick you oh, yeah Do your thing? But I’m telling you right now this team got a long way to go and it’s wrapped it and moved to deal with zombie danger I Believe that we did do horrible job this whole entire process Starting to plate, of course Right in this draft deal next to the last and then it’s not gonna work Try the ignore me, but it’s all good cowboy pitch one way or another you got right Let’s continue to grind. But at the same time I’m not here to change your mind. I’m just here to tell you God that This trap didn’t do good for me. It didn’t. Move me today for

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  1. Will mcclay wont hire him thats why. If you watch the video with bryan,david,dane& will. You could tell it. He would hardly look at will.

  2. Man, words don't adequately paint the picture as to how good this shit is. I can't do nothing but laugh…good damn job Law!!!

  3. You mean the way way too early draft grade. As they say in the Draft Show flavors of ice cream when it comes to what people wanted to draft that is reflective in draft grades .

  4. Another great law production!!! No when you Boyz done arguing with yourselves. Get up stairs and clean your room! Or no Sunday football!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊ

  5. Hey Law just like last year we most of CowboyNation had their reservations about LVE until they saw what he can do. Let's let them prove it on the field. No way we can judge much of anything right now. Cowboys have been drafting well over the last few years. Let it play out.

  6. Keep up the great work Law! do Law vs Law videos on Wether we should pay Dak and Zeke. Pros vs Cons. Shoot, you can keep doing these Law vs Law videos throughout the season based on our game performances and what we did good and what we need to improve upon. Over and out

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