Everyone can shoot these freekicks with helium You can’t do this with a normal ball Konzi is shooting with helium! Hey & welcome to a new video! We are the freekickerz We get relatively frequent news from you claiming that we inflate our balls with helium. That’s why today we filled a football with helium and one with air (oxygen). Let’s see if there are differences when it comes to free kicks and other disciplines. I am really excited to see how the footballs behave with helium and I would say we’ll just get started Let’s go! The first test with helium is the “drop test” We will drop 2 similar footballs One football is filled with helium, the other with air Let’s see if there will be any differences I’m really excited Here is the ball with helium (left side) – the other is the normal ball with air Let’s start! The helium ball bounces a little higher the second time And it rotated less.. Let’s change the footballs helium (left) – normal air (right-) I don’t see any differences here Agree. I’d say the difference is less than 1%. Maybe we have minimal differences in inflation. Where both footballs are inflated to exactly one bar (we checked it before) Conclusion of the drop test: There is no significant difference for us Even we used different footballs with the exact same pressure Let’s do some free kicks! I’ll come down someday. Jan, are you coming? Easy.. Oh, shit.. I don’t know if you can hear it on the camera, but if I take a free kick with helium the football sounds brighter with helium. But it can also be a delusion. Don’t see any real differences yet Let us now come to our conclusion about free kicks How was it for you as a goalkeeper I had the same impression you had. I didn’t see any significant difference. The only difference was in the sound – in my opinion it sounded a bit brighter But otherwise no difference As a free kick taker – I agree Jan. I couldn’t see any differences between the knuckleballs and the curveballs. In the beginning I paid attention to which football I used, but after half an hour I completely forgotten it. Sometimes I wondered that it was a ball with helium, even though it flew normally. The flight behaviour was exactly the same for me. I went into this test with completely different expectations. If you put helium in a balloon, it goes up. With normal air it falls to the ground. And in football, nothing changes at all I expected the footballs to wobble/knuckle more or be more unpredictable. Let’s start our pass/cross test with the official champions league football The 1st football is filled with helium The 2nd one will be a normal one with air. No differnce I couldn’t tell any difference during the first touch When the football came towards me, I couldn’t see which ball was filled with helium and which with air. I have seen zero difference I can agree with you on that. The footballs are flying exactly the same way Once the ball’s in the air, you focus on the receive/touch And if the ball does not wobble or do something unpredictable You make the same receive/touch as with normal balls (filled with air) I have not noticed any differences So I was able to fully concentrate on the ball receive & first touch This was our experiment with helium footballs We hope, you enjoyed this video! Write in the comments how your expectations about helium in football were? Maybe you have already tried it yourself? But so that you also understand why helium hardly matters in a football, here’s the scientific explanation The volume of a football is approximately 5.78 litres. Helium is seven times lighter than air And has a buoyancy of 1.046 kg/m² In our case 1.046 kg per litre. A full football with helium thus weighs 6 grams less at the end than a football with air. Unlike a balloon in which the weight force is less than the buoyancy force, why it rises A football weighs between 420-445 grams, So the 6 grams less would hardly attract attention Not to mention they wouldn’t change the flight behaviour of football. So the mystery of helium in football should be cleared for all times. Thanks for watching – stay sporty! Don’t forget your daily dose of helium. See you next time! Mum, i’m fine..

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  2. Просто долбаебы думают, что мячи различаются, но нихуя, это уже проверяли

  3. Jaaaaa dann ist halt flüssigstickstoff drinne ist doch logisch 🤦🏽‍♂️Hahahaha woher sich die Leute die Theorie mit Helium nehmen

  4. Liter ist ein Volumen und m² ist eine Fläche. Für mich macht die Umrechnung und damit die Formulierung nich sinnvoll. Aber bin offen für Korrekturen, falls mein Denkansatz falsch ist.

  5. 0:26 ахахаха! кто русский? Поставьте субтитры. Надуваем свои яйца гелием😂😂

  6. Va a ser casi lo mismo porque si, el Helio es mas ligero, pero tienen la misma presión, chingada madre

    Pd traduscanlo alv si no saben español

  7. Konzi und die anderen Jungs sind halt so gut und haben Technik mann! Die können halt schießen! Das ist nur Neid!

  8. Normale Luft…
    naja die „Luft“ besteht aus etwa 80% Stickstoff (Nitrogen im englischen) also das „Oxygen“ (Sauerstoff) oben rechts im Video ist nicht wirklich realitätsgetreu, es sei denn ihr habt den Ball mit „purem“ Sauerstoff aufgepumpt.

  9. Ich so : guter vergleich
    Mein Kumpel : können die es nachweisen ob in den Bällen wirklich helium und luft ist oder in beiden helium

  10. Öhm ich hatte gestern ein Date und hab die Person über Tantan kennengelernt

    Diese fucking Werbung geht mir so auf den Sack

  11. Hopefully after watching this the ‘helium haters’ will quieten down… 🙄😑😂 Quality video though lads, very clear and descriptive! 👏😀🙌 #teamfk #Knuckleit 👊

  12. Im pretty certain that the Non-Helium ball isn't an Oxygen Ball… Its just regular air right? So it isn't Oxygen. Like JUST oxygen.

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