Decorate Soccer Ball Cake with Fondant | Birthday Cakes

Decorate Soccer Ball Cake with Fondant | Birthday Cakes

We’ve taken our soccer ball cake and we’ve
covered it with fondant and now we are ready to decorate it. So a cool little trick that I like is this
soccer ball pan. You can actually use this to bake your cake
in; however, I don’t really like it much because it takes too long to bake, but I do use for
the decorating purposes which makes it a whole lot easier. So what I do is, once I’ve covered my cake
in the fondant, I basically just push the pan over it and give it a little squeeze and
it gives me the starting point of my lines. What I like to do is actually use the top
of the pan to cut out my cut-outs for the soccer cake, so I’m just going to use black
and what I’m going to do is roll a piece of black fondant, and what I’m going to do is
basically use this as my impression so I can start off my center. I’m just going to take my hand and I’m going
to rub the fondant in. Now if you can see, what you get is the actual
outline for the top square and I’m just going to take my cutter, or you can use a regular
knife and I’m just going to cut that out. It may take one or more tries, but let’s see
what we get. All right and you just want to smoothen out
the edges and what you want to do is just find the base
of how this cake is running, so if I start it on this edge, I know that this is here,
and then the shorter piece is next to it, so I know that I have to line my cake up to
one of the corners. So if I put it right about here, I’m not going
to stick it on yet, just in case it doesn’t line up, and what I’m going to do is take
this tool and I’m going to use this to make all the indents in the case, so we’re going
to take this and just indent the lines that are already here. All right, now that we’ve done that, you can
see that based on this, for every corner, it’s going to meet a tip, so we just want
to move it over just a little bit so that it lines up evenly with all five of the tips,
and then we’re just going to bring that line down here, and this one here, this one here,
and this is your last one. Then what I usually like to do is I usually
like to put some more black on alternating spaces. So if you’re going to pick this one that comes
up, you’re going to put them on all of those spaces. I’m going to roll out my fondant again and
you have to do this more than once in order to get all of the sides covered. What I like to do is just basically again
use the pan as my guide. I’m going to pick the shorter one and I’m
just going to mark it out and I’m going to cut it. Then we’ll smooth it out just a little and
then we’re going to stick it right here. Now you don’t have to worry that it doesn’t
meet the bottom because I have another little trick for covering that. Now that’s done, we’re ready to complete our
soccer cake.”

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  1. I knew their was something weird about the ball. She picked the wrong spots for the black sides. It was suppose to be the triangle ones…. Just a suggestion for next time.. The one on top is good. Good job.

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