David Beckham Plays Blind Football | Paralympics | Sainsbury’s

David Beckham Plays Blind Football | Paralympics | Sainsbury’s

At least I know
what the posts sound like. Yeah, that’s right. Remember your numbers ones
and twos for the last time. Number one. Good, come on, good,
good, come on, good. You play good. Number two. Come and touch us. Okay, ready, David?
Just cop on the blindfold. I’ll try. Right, you
take mine– If you take my bicep,
we’re gonna have a little jog. Ready? Let’s go. Okay. Just coming down the hill now. There we go. Ready for the return journey? Yes, sir. All right. Let’s go. Middle. There you go. Amazing.
All right? Thank you very much. My word. You’ve done superbly. Thanks for that. Great guide. How was that? How did it feel? Hopefully, it gives
some kind of idea. It’s that feeling, obviously. Yeah. You’re very trusting
is that I would say. Coming to you. Stand still, it will come to you.
Stand still, stand still, good. That’s it, good. Come into my voice. A pass me if you can. Well Done.
Yes, David. I bet you go.
– Here we come.[] Well, done. Yeah. Nobody there.
– I’m here.[] Yes. Yes. Come on. Come straight, [] shoot. Leave it. Yeah, come out, come out. Come in. Come in, come in.
Same shoot, same shoot, yes. Good goal. Really important to listen to the guy
behind the goal where the posts are. Okay. And then you just keep
on kicking for bang. Okay.
– Let’s go.[] Ball is down here. Put your left hand on the ball. And listen to Jeff. This is your right post. Okay, centre. Centre. Oh, not bad. Centre. Oh! Third one.
One for luck, one for luck. Centre. Centre. Oh, yeah, tremendous. Lovely. Brilliant stuff, brilliant stuff. Well, done. How did you find it? I thought the goal keepers were []. You guys at the back. It’s a big shoulder
you got hold of it. You got a bigger head. Cheers, guys, well done.
Thank you, David. Not thinking of losing of your
eyesight anytime soon, are you? Well, I’m not sure about that. I always get a lot of [] for not
really having a celebration. But we’re both too
old for celebration. Exactly. We’ re just delighted []. I know.

99 thoughts on “David Beckham Plays Blind Football | Paralympics | Sainsbury’s

  1. Funny enough, I had to do an assembly on the Olympics and paralympics and we had a demonstration of blind football; needless to say hilarity ensued.

  2. I know beckham probably has his advisors telling him that this sort of thing is good for his brand and PR but I honestly think the bloke is a legend and true gent!

  3. Как же здорово что есть такие люди, которые будучи инвалидами не ставят на своей жизни крест, а продолжают бороться и радоваться жизни. МОЛОДЦЫ!

  4. lots of respect for beckhams humility. more respect for the british team. Im genuinely looking forward to the paralympics more than the olympics, we are going to own it

  5. Everytime I'm in a bad mood I watch this video and say to myself: thank God for my way of life. What to say except a deep bow for those people .

  6. 1:35 … great finish! really is amazing…huge respect to Becks and all these boys doing something that the vast majority us would struggle to

  7. There's no need to feel sad. You should feel glad they can do what they like the most, despite their disability.

  8. I thought David Beckham only appeared on tv adverts and football fields. Good for him. And I was here complaining that I haven't got clean clothing. Those guys are pure inspiration. Well, I'd better wash that clothing.

  9. watching this put a huge smile on my face. very happy to see such iconic athletes like David Beckham involved in supporting such wonderful projects : )

  10. Unlike a lot of stars who do charity stuff like this and look bored and superior, Beckham always gets into it and looks like he's enjoying himself. Excellent bloke.

  11. What an idiotic thing to say, like who? Who looks bored and superior? You're just blurting out bullshit – slagging off good people who give their time to charity because you moronically idolise Beckham. If you must sing his praises please do so withot slagging off other good people who do their thing for charity too.

  12. Wow… Sorry about that, I obviously expressed myself REALLY badly there. I have no-one in mind. I am not even a huge Beckham fan really. I should just have said he looks like he's having a really good time here and left it at that.

  13. Im no beckham fan but i have to agree with you he doz put alot effort into charity and he is great sportsman…..2nd only to gary lineker 😛

  14. This is amazing. Huge respect.
    But I kinda wonder, these blind people must had the ability to see in the past, right? I mean, they must had seen football before they can actually play it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to offend them or anyone, I'm just curious.

  15. been thier and trained with the England blind team in 2006 with Mr Tony Larkins great time will never forget that weekend thankyou Tony and the team for allowing my wife Lisa and myself to be a part of the training weekend !!!!!! from ric and lisa ( ex halifax town afc commuinty officers)

  16. The goalkeeper's not even close to being blind. I bet he's like, 15% impaired at worst. Sooner or later you need someone who can see.

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