Dancing Line – The Basketball [OFFICIAL]

Dancing Line – The Basketball [OFFICIAL]

Dancing Line – The Basketball [OFFICIAL] by Tuan Nguyen

79 thoughts on “Dancing Line – The Basketball [OFFICIAL]

  1. i know why they did this

    to celebrate the victory of the Toronto raptors

    BTW,there's a secret way if u don't follow the ball at 20%

  2. there are objects of de level of alone and in the end there are hawei nike and coca cola and cheeta tedy and in the time 0:31 there is a frase of Michael Jordan

  3. I don’t know why,but part of it sounds like boss music to me🤔

    Besides that,I like the level design and how it becomes more intense near the end,like how basketball games does this in real life,as well as the line switching sides of the orange and blue teams.
    I even love the Cheetah Teddy Easter egg at the end too XD

    Edit: Also,the ending of the level reminds me of a scene in the movie ”Uncle Drew” (you guys might know what I mean if you watch it till the end)

  4. Upcoming Level Come and get in selena gomez i found it here https://dancingline.fandom.com/wiki/Come_%26_Get_It

  5. Am I the only one who remembers how the game used to be and feels like now they have gone EXTREME with the ads and the payment required levels?

  6. "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them"
    -Michael Jordan

    The quote was put somewhere around the start, I'm surprised not much people have commented

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