Czech Republic v Greece FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

Czech Republic v Greece FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

there’s Janice now sitting steel goes
behind the back going all the way straight out he would swap his NBA MVP
award and that was the nieces with the rebound
there’s collapses oh just what a way to change speed substitutions coming back
into the game up a woman broke down that was pretty follows it beautifully absolutely was no way gonna get posted
very low chance that he was going to end up on a Gooch of each post and that’s
for sure as well big head meeting at the ring finish this that’s a huge poster taller ovitch is
gonna feature on and it’s not the best of the game I can imagine though that those puffy honest give a player the
game alright he’s flat-out come to play today and coochie on the floor for the first
time for Japan of the 15 and white for pull-on dancing inside and the bow
yeah he’s strong he’s gonna take the contact and finish off the glass on that
one and he’s that’s what he does inside but see just fall away that’s short row
pull up picks it up he’s plenty of time to get one off hold up to the round
right before the buzzer that ends the third period shoot five to shoot yes and
Iliana still looking for help Odom floater got it Wow good sign though for Turkey is Austin
budgeted line and knock all bring this down of course remember now being a buff
everybody and punches it oh he was close to a horseman like embarrassing pelvis
class made a point is the first happen fall
little bit off of the ball has been terrific in the Czech Republic and
Turkey s finger down low loses a hand on it
coughs it up and here comes Greece Calathes gets it to center and ski tend
to work with satyr at ski had it poked from behind pocket picked and here goes
yo go down on the floor behind the fat Barbosa get out of here says beau hacci
kilesas fires it in straight hi I’m Colby don’t miss the FIBA Basketball
World Cup here you want more click on these videos and hit the subscribe
button world’s got game

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