Czech Republic v Greece FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019


to spin away from satyr at ski trapped
on the baseline by the double team Yanni’s free on the perimeter steps
inside skips to the left and running creates a good scoring option in for the
big bar that is beautiful beau hatch it takes on the outside shot and hits it
Mohan shoot gently from D just you know I was moving the wrong way squeezes the
pass to the far side of the depth and they can’t make the shot clock good a
PEZ turning quarterback and in sires Larenz a kiss for the touchdown
six seconds to go and levin colitis hits up wide the satyr on skis first score as
well his collate there’s locked and loaded for another Dre’s got a hat-trick
of triples in the first half it will carry in but take the odds to him
shooting the three-ball as long as is contestant and might need to rethink
that three-pointer to answer right back from Martine Pataki
SATA wraps kid has done well not to pick up his third foul after too early on
through banned for three again lightning from downtown and 7 to 1 on the
offensive glass as well practices to slew casts wide open for three and he
makes it count Bruce back within a whisker beau magic
just coming straight back at Greece 8 to it with on the shot clock
Yanis rolls inside Calathes taking the ring road around the defense
picks it out to third Sosa knows the three final seconds of the third lay
tha’s the Nexus comes out falls back inside some taifas country to find the
high flyer to pick the buzzer what a pass this long way to go yet and
that is a force on the basis the United States are gonna just beat Brazil let’s
not forget that bow action got the hop the bats bats back to order can he
readjusted air against the sizable frame of answer to come over here comes
callate they’re slicing right through the defense and scoring Nick relator twisting and turning
finding a pass the turkey to try and foot one over enter to cut Botwin does
the get close to 7 slow cats printers it’s again gonna go
to work on the inside kicks out of the near quadric 14k fares nails the three
and grace a lot depends of sting just jab the first Miss from the line on
their 20th attempt Calathes takes the deep three that’s it
Achilles heel bathed in the river styx for him ashin game Greece three points
off the magic mark as their magic man stops and pops hi I’m Cody don’t miss
the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more click on these videos and hit
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