Cyclo-cross Game Of B.I.K.E With Thibau Nys | Who Has The Best CX Bike Handling Skills?


– Okay, so you might
remember back in the day, before I was with GCN, I was challenged to a game of BIKE with Blake from GMBN, so I thought while we were
here at the first World Cup in Iowa, that I would challenge
an up and coming rider Thibau Nys to a game of
BIKE while we were here. You may have seen Thibau’s
videos where he’s riding up the stairs infamously, over
some crazy drops and well, you put out a lot of cool stuff. – Yeah, thank you. I try to do my best and I
when I do something nice, I try to post it. – Are you ready for a challenge
today here in Iowa City? (upbeat music) Thibau Nys is part of
the newest generation of Belgian cyclo-cross
riders making their mark in the sport of cyclo-cross. If you think the name sounds familiar, it’s because his father is
cyclo-cross superstar Sven Nys, regarded as one of the most
iconic cross racers of all time. Thibau’s no slouch. His personality and style
have garnered attention with his own documentary
style TV show in Belgium called DNA Nys, as well as a
massive social media following. At 16 years old, his
results are at the top of the leaderboard consistently and as we’re about to find out here, he’s a pretty good bike handler as well. Stop the tape, stop the tape! What is a game of BIKE exactly? Well, a big old tip of
the hat to my friends at GMBN for showing me the game of BIKE, and if you can imagine what it is, it’s basically like that
basketball game that you play when you’re younger. I make a shot, then you have
to come up and make a shot, but when you’re on the bike, it’s I do a wheelie one
handed with my eyes closed and then you have to
do a wheelie one handed with your eyes closed and if you don’t, well then you get your first letter, and then if you don’t
do it the second time when I try something or
I don’t do what you do, then I get a letter and so
we’re playing a game of BIKE and once you get all the letters, B I K E, ’cause you weren’t able to match the other competitor’s skills, then your game’s over and you lose. So let’s tuck into this
episode with Mr. Thibau Nys. (upbeat music) All right Thi, what are you thinking? – Yeah it’s like a real,
little trial section. – Okay.
– Yeah, maybe we can ride it. – Let’s see it.
– Okay. (Jeremy laughing) (upbeat elevator music) (bike creaking) (Jeremy laughing) Not really good for my scenery. (grunting) Yeah, yeah, you got it. (clapping) (gasping) Great. – What do you think?
– Good one. – That was a tie. Maybe, I don’t know
we’ll have to go to that. Carlo? (upbeat music) All right Thibau, you’re
going to go in here, I’m going to get onto that log, I’m going to get my rear wheel on there, and I’m going to go up and I’m
going to go down that rock. – [Thibau] Okay, perfect. (gentle elevator music) – Oh God! (grunting) (body thudding) (laughing) – Oh, (laughing). Almost, I touched it with my rear wheel. – All right, so I got B, that was good. That was a good win. That was a really good win,
you’re up, let’s see it. (upbeat music) – Okay, next one. Factor up, upside a slide
with your two wheels, ride backwards and yeah. – Okay (laughing). – Okay, yeah? – Yeah I’m ready. (bike creaking) (laughing) Positive, you can do this. Oh! (laughing) – [Thibau] Almost. (groaning) (upbeat music) – All right Thi, this
is what I’m thinking. It’s going to be onto this log here. Both wheels, doesn’t
matter how you get on, just got to get both wheels to touch. (gentle elevator music) Off, then you’ve got to do a U-turn, into the sand pit, (grunting). – [Thibau] Okay, great. – [Jeremy] What do you think?
– Hmm, it’s a hard one. – All right, all right. I’ve got to do the hard
stuff with this guy. He’s tough to beat. (bike creaking) – Ah, (beep). – Yes! Oh finally! Finally one victory! (laughing) – Good one. – Yay, okay so, it’s
technically I think it’s, B, I’ve got B I, and you’ve got B now. – B, yeah. (upbeat music) – So, it’s up here (grunting), and then up (grunting). (gentle elevator music) Okay, up over here, and then down (sighing). – [Thibau] That was really a fast one. (upbeat music) – Okay, so this is the deal. The other person, based on trust, times the other person. – Okay.
– Okay. So stop watch is here. This is for you. You just press start and then stop. All right, Thibau. – Okay, when the cross the
line I push the button. – You press the stop. When I cross it you start, stop. Okay, three, two, one. (grunting) Little crooked at the start. (grunting) (grunting) – [Thibau] 13.6. (Jeremy sighing) – [Jeremy] Eight, nine, 10. – [Thibau] Whoa! – Ohh! (upbeat music) So it’s B I, B I. – I think so. – Okay (laughing). – But I did cross the line
on my front wheel so maybe. – That’s some style points. Hey man, you do, you know, it’s a, I’ll give you a little advantage. It’s like home court advantage for me. – Yeah, yeah. – So I feel like you
get a little bit there, so if we have one that’s
maybe in the middle, I’m going to give it to you. (laughing) – Ride up on the log. – Okay. – And doing 180 degrees
turn on your front wheel and riding back, back off on this side. (intense music) (grunting) (record scratching) – [Thibau] Almost. – Oh no!
– Almost. (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] All right so up here, no touch, (grunting). (gentle elevator music) (Jeremy groaning) – What is with this guy? (laughing) You put up a tough fight man. You put up a tough fight (laughing). (upbeat music) All right Thi, so we’ve run out of options at the playground that we were at. Now we’re going over to a sandpit that neither of us have seen. I’m going to ask you, what do you, where do you think all this came from? Obviously your pops was
a very good bike handler. I considered him like
someone that I looked up to ’cause he would always jump the barriers and I also love jumping the barriers, but I’m just curious like, your, you watched a lot
of cyclo-cross growing up, so have you always been
tinkering around on your bike? ‘Cause you’re obviously
technically, you’re pretty good. – Yeah, always. I can’t imagine. Yeah every week we were going
to the cyclo-cross races and from a young kid I was riding, yeah around the course
and just everywhere. And, yeah, it’s just a
way of lifestyle I think. (upbeat music) Maybe the last one? – I hope not. – We going to ride down toward the river. We’re going to make a
180 turn and then ride as far as possible to the top. – Okay. (intense music) (heavy breathing) (upbeat music) Thibau, I want to congratulate
you on an amazing game of BIKE. – Thank you very much. It was a pleasure. – But I want to try for one more. – Okay. – A bonus round. That way I can help my ego
come back a little bit. – Mine also. (laughing) – One more shot.
– Okay. I love it.
– Over here. (upbeat music) So, Thibau, this is what I’m thinking. We’re going to go down this, right, left, and then the person that
makes it the farthest, just like last time, but
this is the downhill sand. – Okay. – ‘Kay, hopefully I can
redeem myself a little bit. All right, let’s go. So it’s down like this,
around the turn, boom, no feet out, down here to the turn, and then now as far as you can go here. (grunting) To Thibau’s mark, oh! – [Thibau] Oh, good one! – I may redeem myself! Okay, I’m going to stand here. (gentle elevator music) – [Thibau] Ahh, you won this one. – Yay! You are a strong competitor man. (laughing) – Thanks man.
– You are a strong competitor. So that was a serious game of BIKE with the new champ of
game of BIKE, Thibau. If you like this video,
please give it a thumbs up. If you want to leave a
comment down below, please do. Let us know what you think of the skills that happened here. If you want to check
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